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Poll: Who is the most handsome GUITARIST in Korea (TOP10)?

Who is the most handsome Korean GUITARIST? (TOP 10)
Note: This top will only include active guitarists / band members.


Name: Park Jae Hyung (박제형)
Band: Day6 (데이식스)
Position: Main Vocalist,Lead Guitarist

Cha Hun

Name: Cha Hoon (차훈)
Band: N.Flying (엔플라잉)
Position: Lead Guitarist, Vocalist

Hyun Jun

Name: Lee Hyun Jun (이현준)
Band: IZ (아이즈)
Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist, Guitarist, Main Rapper


Name: Kim WooSung (김우성)
Band: The Rose (더로즈)
Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist, Guitarist


Name: Kang Hyun Gu (강현구)
Band: ONEWE (원위)
Position: Guitarist

Young So

Name: Kim Young So (김영소)
Band: HOPPIPOLLA (호피폴라)
Position: Guitarist, Maknae

Ji Seob

Name: Jung Ji Seob (정지섭)
Band: 2Z (투지)
Position: Guitarist, Vocalist


Name: Jo Hyukjin (조혁진)
Band: D.COY (디코이)
Position: Guitarist

Hyun Bin

Name: Shin Hyunbin (신현빈)
Band: Bandage (밴디지)
Position: Guitarist

Hyun Woo

Name: Ju Hyun Woo(주현우)
Band: FISTBUMP (피스트범프)
Position: Guitarist

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Who is the most handsome Guitarist? (Top10)

Who is the most handsome GUITARIST in Korea? Feel free to comment down below!

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