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Our Season (Girls Planet 999) Members Profile

Our Season (Girls Planet 999) Members Profile

Our Season is a temporary group formed by Girls Planet 999 during it’s first mission the Connect Mission. This group consisted Bora, Hana, Luofei, Sion, Chang Ching, Manami, Jiao, Hina and Hyewon, they performed The Fifth Season (SSFWL). They won against the other team (Oh My God!).

Bora (Eliminated Episode 12)

Birth Name: Kim Bo Ra (김보라/金紫萝/キム・ボラ)
Birthday: March 3, 1999
Nationality: South Korean
Position:  Leader, Main Vocal
Agency: FNC Entertainment
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Hana (Eliminated Episode 8)

Birth Name: Hayase Hana (早瀬 華/하야세 하나)
Birthday February 27, 2000
Nationality: Japanese
Position: Vocal 4
Agency: FCENM
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Luofei (Elimnated Episode 8)

Birth Name: Zhang Luofei (张洛菲/장루오페이/ヂャン·ルォフェイ)
Birthday: January 26th, 2001
Nationality: Chinese
Position: Vocal 2
Agency: Gramarie Entertainment
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Sion (Eliminated Episode 5)

Birth Name: Ryu Si On (류시온/柳始溫/リュ・シオン)
Birthday: March 7, 2001
Nationality: South Korean
Position: Vocal 5
Agency: Blockberry Creative
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Chang Ching (Eliminated Episode 5)

Birth Name: Zhāng Jìng (张竞)
Birthday: June 5, 2002
Nationality: Chinese
Position: Vocal 7, Killing Part
Agency: FCENM
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Manami (Eliminated Episode 11)

Birth Name: Nagai Manami (永井 愛実/나가이 마나미)
Birthday: September 21, 2002
Nationality: Japanese
Position: Vocal 1
Agency: ND Studio
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Jiao (Eliminated Episode 8)

Birth Name: Liang Jiao (梁娇)
Birthday: November 1, 2003
Nationality: Chinese
Position: Vocal 6
Agency: Individual
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Hina (Eliminated Episode 5)

Birth Name: Terasaki Hina (寺崎 日菜/테라사키 히나)
Birthday: December 29, 2003
Nationality: Japanese
Position: Main Rapper
Agency: Individual

Hyewon (Eliminated Episode 8)

Birth Name: Lee Hye Won (이혜원)
Birthday: October 28, 2004
Nationality: South Korean
Position: Vocal 3
Agency: BeatMedia Entertainment
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