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October 2020 Comebacks/Debuts/Releases

🎃If there’s any songs I’m missing please comment so I can add it to the list! 🙂 Any song releases from (V-pop/J-pop/K-Pop/C-pop/T-Pop etc.)🎃

September 20th
•CORBYN |〚ALL MINE〛[Comeback]

September 21st
•The Boyz |〚The Stealer〛[Comeback]

September 22nd
•Cignature |〚ARISONG〛[Comeback]
•Xydo |〚DOLL (Feat. YUNHWAY)〛[Comeback]
•10CM |〚Tight〛[Release]
•XUM |〚Ddalala〛[Debut]
•SuperM |〚One (Monster & Infinity)〛[Release]
•NTX |〚SURVIVE (Drama Ver.)〛[Release]

September 23rd
•Pentagon |〚Dr. BeBe〛[Japanese Release]
•H&D |〚우산 (Umbrella)〛[Special Release]
•BDC |〚Shoot The Moon〛[Comeback]
•GHOST9 |〚Think of Dawn〛[Debut]
•UNVS |〚Sand Castle〛[Comeback]
•eaJ X Seori |〚It just is〛[Collab Release]
•If Enough |〚8:01〛[Release]
•Q6IX |〚Hello Summer〛[Debut]
•ZELO |〚티 내줘 (Fault)〛[Release]
•Chungha x Christopher |〚Bad Boy〛[Collab Release]

September 24th
•Up10tion |〚Light〛[Comeback]
•Wiz N |〚Between Us〛[Debut]
•ONEWE |〚소행성 (Parting)〛[Release]

September 25th
•SuperM |〚One (Monster & Infinity)〛[Comeback]
•Bae Jinyoung [CIX] and Kim Yohan [WEi] |〚I Believe〛[Special Collab Release]

September 26th
•Young and Wild |〚Thirsty Now〛[Release]
•YONGYONG |〚Don’t think about it (그런 생각은 하지마) (With. Ash Island)〛[Release]

September 27th
•Narachan [MONT] |〚SEPTEMBER HILLS〛[Solo Release]
•Stray Kids |〚아니 (Any)〛[Release]

September 28th
•Super Junior D&E |〚No Love〛[Special Release]
•Primary |〚Cloud (Ft. ChoA)〛[Release]
•Vitamin |〚학교 가는길’ (The Way To School)〛[Comeback]

September 29th
•NECTA |〚Hourglass〛[Debut]

September 30th
•OWV |〚UBA UBA〛[Debut]
•The Savage |〚SunLight Yellow〛[Debut]

October 1st
•Ninety One |〚Señorita〛[Comeback]

October 2nd
•Blackpink |〚Lovesick Girls〛[Comeback]
•O.V [D-Crunch] |〚JUKEBOX (With Jungseung & Dylan)〛[Release]
•Hyunseong |〚바람길 (WINDROAD)〛[Release]
•BTS x Jason Derulo x Jawsh 685 |〚Savage Love〛[Remix Release]

October 3rd
•Wooks |〚Movie Star〛[Release]

October 5th
•WEi |〚TWILIGHT〛[Debut]
•Classmate |〚찬란〛[Comeback]
•NU’EST |〚Drive〛[Japanese Release]
•SF9 |〚손잡아 줄게 (Shine Together)〛[Special Comeback]

October 6th
•Ailee |〚우리 사랑한 동안 (When We Were In Love)〛[Comeback]
•Mad Clown |〚용기내지 마세요〛[Release]
•ICU |〚Ice Cream〛[Release]
•Kim YoungWon 〚ALWAYS〛[Release]
•Lee EunSang |〚Mirage〛[Release]
•Sunday Off (썬데이오프) |〚나 아닌 누구를 (Someone Who Isn’t Me)〛[Release]
•Sogumm (소금) & OHHYUK (오혁) |〚야유회 (yayou hoi)〛[Release]

October 7th
•Goldenchild |〚Pump It Up〛[Comeback]
•WJSN Chocome |〚Hmph!〛[Sub-Unit Debut]
•Hayeon |〚Eyes on you 〛[Debut]
•CrazyBoy x SHOKICHI |〚After Party〛[Release]
•IZ*ONE |〚Beware〛[Japanese Comeback]

October 8th
•Kyuhyun [Super Junior] |〚내 마음을 누르는 일 (Daystar)〛[Project Release]
•Weki Meki |〚COOL〛[Comeback]
•Stray Kids |〚Gods Menu〛[Japanese Release]
•Nine [OnlyOneOf] |〚Daisy〛[Mixtape]
•Lee Junyoung |〚AMEN〛[Release]
•Diskey (Dong Sunho) |〚나에게 기대 (Stay with U)〛[Comeback]
•NCT 2020 [NCT DREAM] |〚Déjà Vu〛[Release]
•Joohoney [Monsta X] |〚INTRO: AMBITION〛[Mixtape]

October 9th
•DAWN |〚DAWNDIDIDAWN (Ft.Jessi)〛[Comeback]
•TAEMIN |〚Criminal (Minit Remix)〛[Remix Release]
•Joohoney [Monsta X] |〚SMOKY〛[Mixtape]
•NCT 2020 [NCT U] |〚Misfit〛[Release]
•Dynamic Duo, HA : TFELT, snzae, THAMA, SOLE |〚나 오늘〛[Release]

October 10th
•Refund Expedition |〚Don’t Touch Me〛[Debut]
•Dahye |〚Poison〛[Debut]
•VOID |〚담홍 (淡虹)〛[Release]
•NEXT |〚My Love〛[Release]
•LEEWOO |〚blind date (소개팅 날)〛[Release]

October 11th
•Kiara |〚TOM BOY〛[Comeback]

October 12th
•NCT 2020 |〚Make A Wish (Birthday Song)〛[Release]
•Pentagon |〚데이지 (Daisy)〛[Comeback]

October 13th
•Weeekly |〚Zig Zag〛[Comeback]
•VERIVERY |〚G.B.T.B. (Go Beyond The Barrier)〛[Comeback]

October 14th
•G-Friend |〚回:LABYRINTH :Crossroads〛[Japanese Release]
•HINT |〚Eh-Oh〛[Comeback]
•Okay Girl Group |〚You don’t know my mind (몰라 몰라)〛[Debut]
•Loco |〚잠이 들어야 (Feat. Heize)〛[Release]
•Kim Wooseok [UP10TION] & Lee Eunsang |〚Memories〛[Collab Release]
•Bibi, Chancellor, twlv, Babylon, Moon, Jiselle |〚AUTOMATIC〛[Collab Release]

October 15th
•Chen [EXO] |〚안녕 (Hello)〛[Release]
•Gary |〚Outer Ring Road (외곽순환도로)〛[Release]
•Punch |〚너의 목소리〛[Pre-Release]
•FEMM |〚Chewing Gum Cleaner〛[Comeback]

October 16th
•MONT |〚ANTI-HERO〛[Comeback]
•Black Swan |〚Tonight〛[Debut]
•Park Jeonghyeon |〚CROWN〛[Debut]
•Ryeowook [Super Junior] |〚Calender〛[Release]
•YOURS |〚My Memory Is YOURS〛[Release]
•Suhyun [AKMU] |〚ALIEN〛[Solo Debut]

October 18th
•LANA |〚Talk Talk〛[Chinese Debut]

October 19th
•Im Changjung |〚힘든 건 사랑이 아니다  (Love should not be harsh on you)〛[Comeback]
•B1A4 |〚영화처럼 (Like A Movie)〛[Comeback]
•Min Seyoung |〚LIKE A BOSS〛[Comeback]
•Asome.D|〚Funny Gotcha〛[Debut]
•Youkyung |〚Connect〛[Release]
•Seventeen |〚HOME;RUN〛[Special Comeback]
•Kim Hyunjoong |〚A Bell of Blessing〛[Comeback]
•LOONA |〚Why Not?〛[Comeback]
•NCT 2020 |〚From Home〛[Release]

October 20th
•MAMAMOO |〚딩가딩가 (Dingga)〛[Pre-Release]
•Crush |〚Let Me Go (Ft. Taeyeon [SNSD])〛[Comeback]
•D-Crunch |〚비상(飛上) – Across The Universe〛[Comeback]
•Stray Kids |〚ALL IN〛[Japanese Release]
•Handong [DREAMCATCHER] |〚曙光(서광) (First Light of Dawn)〛[Release]

October 21st
•G-Friend |〚回:Song of the Sirens: Apple | Tarot Cards〛[Japanese Release]
•AleXa |〚REVOLUTION〛[Comeback]
•Samuel Seo |〚굴레 (Cycle) |운 (Cloud)〛[Comeback]
•CRAVITY |〚Ohh Ahh〛[Release]
•MOON |〚Walk in the night (Ft. Zion.T)〛[Release]

October 22nd
•NKO |〚I’m not a BADBOY〛[Debut]
•Jieun |〚피어나:開花〛[Release]
•MVP |〚Every Day〛[Comeback]
•Yezi |〚미묘(迷猫) (Subtlety)〛[Comeback]
•Park Won |〚짐〛[Release]

October 23rd
•A-FLOW |〚YOU (Choerry [LOONA])〛[Release]
•Rakiyah |〚Like You〛[Release]
•MC Sniper |〚벌써겨울〛[Release]

October 25th
•Monika |〚THEODORE〛[Comeback]

October 26th
•DPR IAN |〚So Beautiful〛[Release]
•DKB |〚난 일해 (Work Hard)〛[Comeback]
•TXT |〚5시 53분의 하늘에서 발견한 너와 나〛[Comeback]
•TWICE |〚I CAN’T STOP ME〛[Comeback]
•Kassy |〚행복하니 (Are You Happy)〛[Comeback]

October 27th
•TEEN1419 |〚Dracula〛[Pre-Debut Release]
•Paul Kim |〚너도 아는〛[Comeback]
•CIX |〚정글 (Jungle)[Comeback]
•Koyote |〚Delete (Ft. Rinda G) 〛[Comeback]

October 28th
•P1Harmony |〚SIREN〛[Debut]
•DRIPPIN |〚Nostalgia〛[Debut]
•Super Junior K.R.Y |〚Traveler〛[Release]
•K/DA |〚MORE〛[Release]
•Pentagon |〚Daisy (Chinese & Japanese Ver.)〛[Release]
•JBJ95 |〚JASMIN〛[Comeback]

October 29th
•CL |〚5Star | +H₩A+〛[Comeback]
•SWAY |〚Lonely Night | Without You〛[Debut]
•Sweet Sorrow |〚도망가 (Run away)〛[Solo Comeback]

October 30th
•HyunA |〚Wishing The Best, Twenty〛[Release]
•Mino [Winner] |〚도망가 (Run away)〛[Solo Comeback]
•DJ HYO x DJ Raiden |〚Think about Me〛[Collab Release]

🎃October 31st🎃
•NTX |〚Magic Shoes〛[Pre-Debut Release]

Credit: R.O.S.E (STARL1GHT)

Are you excited about any of the October Comebacks/Releases?

Are you excited for any October comebacks? Any releases missed? Feel free to comment below! 🙂