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November 2020 Comebacks/Debuts/Releases

🍂If there’s any songs I’m missing please comment so I can add it to the list! 🙂 Any song releases from (V-pop/J-pop/K-Pop/C-pop/T-Pop etc.) (OST’s Not Included)🍂

October 20th
•MAMAMOO |〚딩가딩가 (Dingga)〛[Pre-Release]
•Crush |〚Let Me Go (Ft. Taeyeon [SNSD])〛[Comeback]
•D-Crunch |〚비상(飛上) – Across The Universe〛[Comeback]
•Stray Kids |〚ALL IN〛[Japanese Release]
•Handong [DREAMCATCHER] |〚曙光(서광) (First Light of Dawn)〛[Release]

October 21st
•G-Friend |〚回:Song of the Sirens: Apple | Tarot Cards〛[Japanese Release]
•AleXa |〚REVOLUTION〛[Comeback]
•Samuel Seo |〚굴레 (Cycle) |운 (Cloud)〛[Comeback]
•CRAVITY |〚Ohh Ahh〛[Release]
•MOON |〚Walk in the night (Ft. Zion.T)〛[Release]

October 22nd
•NKO |〚I’m not a BADBOY〛[Debut]
•Jieun |〚피어나:開花〛[Release]
•MVP |〚Every Day〛[Comeback]
•Yezi |〚미묘(迷猫) (Subtlety)〛[Comeback]
•Park Won |〚짐〛[Release]

October 23rd
•A-FLOW |〚YOU (Choerry [LOONA])〛[Release]
•Rakiyah |〚Like You〛[Release]
•MC Sniper |〚벌써겨울〛[Release]

October 25th
•Monika |〚THEODORE〛[Comeback]

October 26th
•DPR IAN |〚So Beautiful〛[Release]
•DKB |〚난 일해 (Work Hard)〛[Comeback]
•TXT |〚5시 53분의 하늘에서 발견한 너와 나〛[Comeback]
•TWICE |〚I CAN’T STOP ME〛[Comeback]
•Kassy |〚행복하니 (Are You Happy)〛[Comeback]

October 27th
•TEEN1419 |〚Dracula〛[Pre-Debut Release]
•Paul Kim |〚너도 아는〛[Comeback]
•CIX |〚정글 (Jungle)[Comeback]
•Koyote |〚Delete (Ft. Rinda G) 〛[Comeback]

October 28th
•P1Harmony |〚SIREN〛[Debut]
•DRIPPIN |〚Nostalgia〛[Debut]
•Super Junior K.R.Y |〚Traveler〛[Release]
•K/DA |〚MORE〛[Release]
•Pentagon |〚Daisy (Chinese & Japanese Ver.)〛[Release]
•JBJ95 |〚JASMIN〛[Comeback]

October 29th
•CL |〚5Star | +H₩A+〛[Comeback]
•SWAY |〚Lonely Night | Without You〛[Debut]
•Sweet Sorrow |〚도망가 (Run away)〛[Solo Comeback]

October 30th
•HyunA |〚Wishing The Best, Twenty〛[Release]
•Mino [Winner] |〚도망가 (Run away)〛[Solo Comeback]
•DJ HYO x DJ Raiden |〚Think about Me〛[Collab Release]

🎃October 31st🎃
•NTX |〚Magic Shoes〛[Pre-Debut Release]


November 1st
•Jung Daehyun |〚AMAZING〛[Japanese Release]

November 2nd
•Jung Jinwoo [PLT] |〚Movie (Ft. Rohann)〛[Release]
•Monsta X |〚Love Killa〛[Comeback]
•BABY BLUE |〚Remember that time? (그때 생각나?)〛[Debut]
•AB6IX |〚SALUTE〛[Comeback]
•Hong Jinyoung |〚Never Ever〛[Comeback]
•BXK |〚FLY HIGH(플라이하이) | 내버려둬 (NOYB)〛[Debut]

November 3rd
•MAMAMOO |〚AYA〛[Comeback]
•Jeonguk |〚I need you. Period.〛[Release]
•VERIVERY |〚G.B.T.B. (Strong Dragon Remix)〛[Remix Release]
•Dynamic Duo |〚Soon (Ft. BewhY)〛[Release]
•PiLO |〚Hey My Baby (Feat. Sohee)〛[Release]
•Acoustic Collabo |〚Good to be with You (Ft. Kim Kookheon [B.O.Y])〛[Release]

November 4th
•BOL4 (Bolbbalgan4) |〚Dancing Cartoon〛[Comeback]
•Secret Number |〚Got That BOOM〛[Comeback]
•BoA |〚I Believe〛[Japanese Release]
•Primary |〚Bless You (Ft. Sam Kim, WOODZ, pH-1)〛[Release]
•Park Jihoon |〚GOTCHA〛[Comeback]
•Girlkind |〚Psycho4u〛[Comeback]
•KAACHI |〚Photo Magic〛[Pre-Release]
•Yerim Sohn |〚November July〛[Release]
•Lim Youngwoong |〚Hero〛[Release]
•CHANCELLOR |〚AUTOMATIC (Remix Ver.)〛[Collab Release]

November 5th
•Dahye |〚Bad Blood〛[Comeback]
•Jang Woohyuk |〚럽 (SHE)〛[Comeback]
•Berry Good |〚함께떠나요 (ACCIO)〛[Comeback]
•flor_us |〚Because of You〛[Release]
•DoPaMine |〚Happy Birthday〛[Release]

November 6th
•K/DA |〚ALL OUT〛[Comeback]
•TREASURE |〚음 (MMM)〛[Comeback]
•RAVI [VIXX] |〚낙엽(Ft.10CM)〛[Release]
•JANNABI |〚가을밤에 든 생각 (A thought on an Autumn Night)〛[Release]
•Super Junior |〚The Melody〛[Pre-Release]

November 7th
•WUZO CIRCLE |〚Blitz〛[Release]
•Kyuhyun [Super Junior] |〚비처럼 음악처럼 (Like Rain, Like Music)〛[Release]
•UNVS |〚Sand Castle (Midnight Remix)〛[Remix Release]

November 8th
•V.O.S |〚Call Your Name〛[Comeback]

November 9th
•G-Friend |〚MAGO〛[Comeback]
•1set |〚To〛[Release]
•Classy |〚I Know But〛[Release]
•Jung Jinwoo [PLT] |〚철부지 (Ft. Gaho, JUNE, Moti)〛[Special Release]
•Taemin [SHINee] |〚IDEA:理想 (Ft. BoA)〛[Comeback]
•Seunghoon [NOIR] |〚Don’t Touch Me〛[Solo Release]
•Ha Sungwoon [HOTSHOT] |〚그 섬 (Forbidden Island)〛[Solo Comeback]

November 10th
•JO1 |〚Shine A Light〛[Comeback]
•Jae Jung Parc |〚When I’m With You (너라는 위로)〛[Release]
•Kyung Jehwan |〚bye (마지막으로)〛[Release]
•TWICE |〚BETTER〛[Japanese Release]
•Kim Junsu (XIA Junsu) |〚Pit A Pat〛[Solo Comeback]
•Ha Hyunsang [Hoppipolla] |〚3108〛[Solo Comeback]
•LEE WOO, High.D [SONAMOO] |〚We Broke Up Anyway〛[Collab Release]

November 11th
•E’Last |〚눈물자국 (Tears of Chaos)〛[Comeback]
•Lee Juck |〚돌팔매 (feat. 김진표)〛[Comeback]
•Nam Seungmin |〚Twist King (트위스트 킹)〛[Release]
•Coco |〚Be Quiet〛[Comeback]
•JAMIE |〚APOLLO 11 (Ft. Jay Park)〛[Comeback]

November 12th
•STAYC |〚SO BAD〛[Debut]
•LUCY |〚선잠 (Snooze)〛[Comeback]
•NATTY |〚Teddy Bear〛[Comeback]
•Jukjae |〚반짝 빛나던, 나의 2006년〛[Comeback]
•SPAX |〚My Rose〛[Release]
•TXT |〚We Lost The Summer〛[Release]
•O.V [D-Crunch] x CY (Chanyoung) [D-Crunch] |〚NIKE〛[Mixtape Release]

November 13th
•Changmin [TVXQ] |〚All That Love〛[Release]
•Kim Na Young |〚Farewell Poem〛[Release]

November 14th
•Hyunseong |〚몇 밤 (NIGHTS)〛[Comeback]
•GREE |〚LOOK〛[Comeback]
•GXXD |〚Desire (Ft.Vince, Jung Jinhyeong)〛[Release]

November 15th
•Lee Seung Gi |〚뻔한 남자 (Cliché Man)〛[Comeback]
•5tion |〚Final Destination〛[Comeback]
•GB9 |〚If I knew (알았다면)〛[Release]

November 16th
•AKMU |〚HAPPENING〛[Comeback]
•DRIPPIN |〚Shine〛[Release]
•Park Jungmin [SS501] |〚찰떡궁합 (Love So Sweet) (Ft. Ella [PIXY])〛[Release]
•BTOB 4U |〚Show Your Love〛[Sub-Unit Debut]
•MAIL (Jeong Yujin) |〚The Day After〛[Comeback]

November 17th
•BlingBling |〚G.G.B〛[Debut]
•Withus |〚도깨비 (DOGAEBI)〛[Debut]
•aespa |〚Black Mamba〛[Debut]
•Youth Library |〚너를 그린 밤 (Ft. Yaebin)〛[Release]
•CN BLUE |〚과거 현재 미래 (Then, Now and Forever)〛[Comeback]
•WOODZ |〚BUMP BUMP〛[Comeback]
•MOMOLAND |〚Ready or Not (prod. PSY)〛[Comeback]

November 18th
•LOONA |〚Star〛[Release]
•Henry |〚Radio〛[Comeback]
•Brown Tigger |〚Boosta mode (Ft. Skull, Koonta)〛[Release]
•WOOGIE |〚PARADISE (Ft. ROMderful & punchnello)〛[Release]
•Jung Daehyun |〚AMAZING〛[Japanese Release]

November 19th
•BAE173  |〚반하겠어(Crush on U)〛[Debut]
•H:CODE |〚A night full of you (Feat. Jeon Sangkeun)〛[Release]

November 20th
•BTS |〚Life Goes On〛[Comeback]
•Kim Eunji |〚가득〛[Comeback]
•Dreamcatcher |〚NO MORE〛[Japanese Release]

November 22nd
•Lucia |〚Lunar Phase〛[Release]
•LXX |〚BLACK〛[Release]
•Kim A Hyun (김아현) |〚Firework (불꽃놀이)〛[Release]

November 23rd
•NCT 2020 |〚90’s love〛[Comeback]
•WH3N |〚Only One〛[Release]
•CHEEZE |〚Good Night〛[Release]
•KEEMBO |〚Scene〛[Comeback]
•GOT7 |〚Breath (넌 날 숨 쉬게 해)〛[Pre-Release]

November 24th
•Woo!ah! |〚Bad Girl〛[Comeback]
•CN19 |〚BLANK〛[Release]
•Suran |〚The Door (feat. Car The Garden)〛[Release]
•Onestar |〚This Song (이 노래가 뭐라고)〛[Release]

November 25th
•Jung Daehyun |〚AMAZING〛[Japanese Release]
•NiziU |〚Step and a Step〛[Debut]
•Frisat (프라이셋) |〚Fine〛[Release]

November 26th
•Oh Saebom |〚Understand〛[Comeback]
•PURPLE KISS |〚My Heart Skip A Beat〛[Pre-Debut Release]

November 27th
•NCT 2020 |〚Work it〛[Comeback]
•Fishingirls |〚Fishing King〛[Release]
•Sunye & Jo Kwon |〚First Page〛[Collab Release]
•DPR LIVE |〚Jam & Butterfly (Ft. Crush, eaJ)〛[Release]
•Chungha |〚Dream of You〛[Pre-Release]

November 28th
•NTX |〚유비무환 (有備無患)〛[Pre-Release]
•JUNE |〚10cm〛[Release]

November 30th
•Kai [EXO] |〚음 (Mmmh)〛[Solo Debut]
•ENHYPEN |〚Given-Taken〛[Debut]
•GOT7 |〚LAST PIECE〛[Comeback]
•TWICE |〚I CAN’T STOP ME (English Ver.)〛[Release]


Credit: R.O.S.E (STARL1GHT)

Are you excited about any of the November Comebacks/Releases?

Are you excited for any November comebacks? Any releases missed? Feel free to comment below! 🙂