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December 2020 Comebacks/Debuts/Releases

❄If there’s any songs I’m missing please comment so I can add it to the list! 🙂 Any song releases from (V-pop/J-pop/K-Pop/C-pop/T-Pop etc.) (OST’s Not Included)❄Merry Christmas :3


November 20th
•BTS |〚Life Goes On〛[Comeback]
•Kim Eunji |〚가득〛[Comeback]
•Dreamcatcher |〚NO MORE〛[Japanese Release]

November 22nd
•Lucia |〚Lunar Phase〛[Release]
•LXX |〚BLACK〛[Release]
•Kim A Hyun (김아현) |〚Firework (불꽃놀이)〛[Release]

November 23rd
•NCT 2020 |〚90’s love〛[Comeback]
•WH3N |〚Only One〛[Release]
•CHEEZE |〚Good Night〛[Release]
•KEEMBO |〚Scene〛[Comeback]
•GOT7 |〚Breath (넌 날 숨 쉬게 해)〛[Pre-Release]

November 24th
•Woo!ah! |〚Bad Girl〛[Comeback]
•CN19 |〚BLANK〛[Release]
•Suran |〚The Door (feat. Car The Garden)〛[Release]
•Onestar |〚This Song (이 노래가 뭐라고)〛[Release]

November 25th
•Jung Daehyun |〚AMAZING〛[Japanese Release]
•NiziU |〚Step and a Step〛[Debut]
•Frisat (프라이셋) |〚Fine〛[Release]

November 26th
•Oh Saebom |〚Understand〛[Comeback]
•PURPLE KISS |〚My Heart Skip A Beat〛[Pre-Debut Release]

November 27th
•NCT 2020 |〚Work it〛[Comeback]
•Fishingirls |〚Fishing King〛[Release]
•Sunye & Jo Kwon |〚First Page〛[Collab Release]
•DPR LIVE |〚Jam & Butterfly (Ft. Crush, eaJ)〛[Release]
•Chungha |〚Dream of You〛[Pre-Release]

November 28th
•NTX |〚유비무환 (有備無患)〛[Pre-Release]
•JUNE |〚10cm〛[Release]

November 29th
•BAE173 |〚모두너야 (Every Little Thing Is)〛[Release]

November 30th
•Kai [EXO] |〚음 (Mmmh)〛[Solo Debut]
•ENHYPEN |〚Given-Taken〛[Debut]
•GOT7 |〚LAST PIECE〛[Comeback]
•TWICE |〚I CAN’T STOP ME (English Ver.)〛[Release]


December 1st
❅Park Soyeon |〘Flower〙[Debut]
❅BoA |〘Better〙[Comeback]
❅Gunho(전건호), Taeyeon(방태연) |〘2528, 3544 (My phone number is still the same(내 번호 아직 그대로야))〙[Release]
❅ONEUS |〘뿌셔(BBUSYEO)〙[Release]
❅VANNER  |〘폼 (FORM)〙[Comeback]
❅NeD |〘TMI〙[Release]
❅Lanalogue |〘묻다 (Asking)〙[Release]

December 2nd
❅Standing Egg |〘reminiscence (어제의 우리들)〙[Comeback]
❅Kid Milli, Dress |〘Bankroll (Ft. Okasian)〙[Release]
❅Gunho |〘My Vacant Days(보통의 불행)〙[Release]
❅Lee Sieun |〘Sometimes〙[Release]
❅BM x Lee Junhyuk (이준혁), Lee Sangmin (이상민) |〘BAD MANNERS〙[Release]

December 3rd
❅MA55IVE THE RAMPAGE |〘No.1〙[Sub-Unit Comeback]
❅UNVS |〘소설 (The Prologue)〙[Release]
❅joif |〘Love is My All〙[Release]
❅Pursean |〘Hash Tag〙[Release]
❅jojo |〘Let Me〙[Release]
❅SKY-HI [AAA] & CHANMINA |〘Holy Moly Holy Night〙[Collab Release]
❅Lee Yejoon |〘On That Day (그날에 나는 맘이 편했을까)〙[Release]

December 4th
❅KATIE |〘Our Time〙[Comeback]
❅Stephanie Kim |〘Love Pain〙[Comeback]
❅NCT |〘RESONANCE〙[Comeback]
❅GAVY NJ |〘Last Christmas〙[Release]
❅Ravi [VIXX] |〘Pause〙[Release]
❅WUZOCIRCLE |〘Drawing Paper (도화지)〙[Pre-Release]
❅Goonight |〘Don’t Fly Away (놓지마)〙[Release]

December 5th
❅Lee Hye |〘Erase You〙[Release]
❅B.O |〘Starlight〙[Release]
❅Day6 |〘Hey (있잖아)〙[Release]

December 6th
❅API |〘Hello World〙[Comeback]
❅Hangyeom [Seven O’Clock] |〘Blow Up〙[Release]
❅Poetic Narrator |〘We Need To Be Careful To Love (우린 조심스러울 필요가 있죠)〙[Comeback]

December 7th
❅IZ*ONE |〘Panorama〙[Comeback]
❅The Boyz |〘Christmassy!〙[Release]
❅daehan |〘Complex (뭐라고해?) (Ft. woOnim)〙[Release]

December 8th
❅Jung Seunghwan |〘Winter Again〙[Release]
❅Kim Jongkook |〘forget-me-not (지우고 아플 사랑은..)〙[Release]
❅E-Girls |〘So Many Star〙[Final Comeback]
❅Han Donggeun |〘10년 전의 나에게 (Letter To Myself 10 Years Ago)〙[Release]

December 9th
❅SF9 |〘Summer Breeze〙[Japanese Release]
❅Jun.K [2PM] |〘30분은 거절할까 봐 (30 Minutes Might Be Too Long)〙[Comeback]
❅JAMIE |〘5가지 Christmas〙[Release]

December 10th
❅Baek Yerin |〘Hate You | 0415〙[Comeback]
❅Ghost9 |〘W.ALL〙[Comeback]
❅Lee Seunggi |〘I Will〙[Comeback]
❅Yezi |〘Raining All Night〙[Release]
❅Kassy |〘Dizzy〙[Release]
❅Yubin |〘Wave〙[Release]
❅SLEEPY |〘TYPE (Ft. 기린〙[Release]
❅Haeun [3YE] |〘첫눈 오는 날 (Be there) (Ft. Din Din)〙[Release]

December 11th
❅ONEWE |〘기억 속 한 권의 책 (A Book in Memory)〙[Comeback]
❅Xydo, Bumkey |〘첫눈이 와〙[Release]
❅BTS |〘Dynamite – Holiday Remix〙[Remix Release]

December 13th
❅NECTA |〘By your neck (Ft. Mckdaddy)〙[Solo Comeback]

December 14th
❅Kim Sungkyu [INFINITE] |〘Inside Me〙[Solo Comeback]
❅Sonnet |〘Ready〙[Release]
❅Seongri |〘If It Wasn’t You〙[Release]

December 15th
❅Taeyeon [SNSD] |〘What Do I Call You〙[Solo Comeback]

December 16th
❅LeeHi |〘For You (Ft. CRUSH)〙[Comeback]
❅SWAY |〘What can I do | Merry You-ristmas〙[Comeback]
❅SUPER JUNIOR |〘Burn The Floor〙[Release]

December 17th
❅NCT |〘Make A Wish (Birthday Song) | 90’s Love〙[Remix Release]
❅Jang Hyunseung |〘I Want to Warmly Enfold Your Cold Hands〙[Comeback]

December 18th
❅TWICE |〘CRY FOR ME〙[Release]
❅PENTAGON |〘불꽃 (Eternal Flame)〙[Release]
❅DPR IAN |〘No Blueberries (Ft. DPR LIVE, CL)〙[Release]

December 19th
❅Jamie |〘Invitation〙[Release]

December 20th
❅GRAY, 함유주 |〘주르륵 나 Tears All Over〙[Release]
❅Hanhae |〘Sick〙[Comeback]

December 21st
❅Enhypen |〘Let Me in (20 Cube)〙[Release]
❅Sohlhee |〘SUPERSiNGLE〙[Comeback]
❅HYENE |〘상상여행〙[Release]
❅Hyunjin [Stray Kids] |〘Baby Star〙[Release]
❅Moonbyul [MAMAMOO] |〘크리스마스이니까 (A miracle 3days ago)〙[Release]
❅Baekhyun [EXO]|〘놀이공원 (Amusement Park)〙[Solo Comeback]

December 22nd
❅Uhm Junghwa |〘호피무늬 (Hop In) Ft. Hwasa〙[Comeback]
❅HYUK [VIXX] x Jukjae |〘Camellia (동백꽃)〙[Release]
❅Golden |〘Another Sad Love Song〙[Release]

December 23rd
❅youra |〘하양 (RAL 9002) (Ft. Heize)〙[Comeback]

December 24th
❅Baek A Yeon |〘I Need You〙[Comeback]
❅Laboum |〘Cheese〙[Release]
❅Babysoul & Sujeong [LOVELYZ], TAG & Joochan [GoldenChild]  |〘순천의 하늘 아래에서〙[Release]

December 25th
❅V [BTS] |〘Snow Flower (Ft. Peakboy)〙[Release]

December 27th
❅Lee Haein |〘Santa Lullaby (We Used To Sing)〙[Release]
❅VERIVERY |〘소중력 (DIY M/V)〙[Release]

December 28th
❅Huh Gak |〘우린 어쩌다 헤어진 걸까〙[Release]

December 29th
❅P1Harmony |〘틀 (Breakthrough)〙[Release]

December 30th
❅EDEN X ATEEZ X Maddox X Eden-ary |〘Call Me Anytime〙[Release]

December 31st
❅RAIN X JYP |〘나로 바꾸자 (Switch to Me)〙[Collab Release]
❅ASTRO |〘We Still (Be With U)〙[Release]


Credit: R.O.S.E (STARL1GHT)

Are you excited about any of the December Comebacks/Releases?

Are you excited for any December comebacks? Any releases missed? Feel free to comment below! 🙂