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NCT 127: Who is Who?

Nct 127: Who is Who?

[July 6, 2016] Firetruck

[July 28, 2016] Taste the feeling

[December 20, 2016] Switch (feat.SR15B)


[January 4, 2017] Limitless (rough ver)

[January 4, 2017] Limitless (performance ver)

[June 14, 2017] Cherry Bomb

[November 4, 2017] Limitless (Japanese)

[March 13, 2018] Touch

[May 8, 2018] Chain

[October 8, 2018] Regular (English ver)-[October 11, 2018] Regular (Korean ver)

[November 22, 2018] Simon Says

[March 18, 2019] Wakey Wakey

[May 24, 2019] Superhuman

[July 22, 2019] Highway to Heaven (English ver)

[January 26, 2020] Dreams come true

[March 4, 2020] Kick it -[May 7, 2020] Kick it (Valentino Khan remix)

[May 19, 2020] Punch

[February 15, 2021] Gimme Gimme

[June 4, 2021] Save

[September 16, 2021] Sticker

[October 25, 2021] Favorite

[September 16, 2022] 2 Baddies

[January 26, 2023] 1,2,7 (Time Stops) Self-Filmed MV

[January 30, 2023] Ay-Yo

[February 17, 2023] 2 Baddies (No Identity Remix)

[October 9, 2023] Fact Check

[December 22, 2023] Be There For Me

Note 1: Some of the screenshots don’t have the best quality some were hard to get, For the Mv Switch I couldn’t get screenshots of each NCT 127 member and this Mv includes other NCT members not only Nct 127.

Note 2: Just in case you don’t understand the member changes, NCT 127 debuted with seven members including Winwin who is now a part of the Subunit WayV. And didn’t have Johnny, Doyoung, or Jungwoo as yet, You will see when each of them joins in different Mv’s and You will see when there is no more Winwin.

Note 3: In January 2023, Haechan went on a temporary hiatus from activities due to his health, so he was not in ” 1,2,7 (Time Stops) Self-Filmed MV “.

Note 4: The same picture for 2 Baddies was used for the 2 Baddies (No Identity Remix)

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