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Nagai Ryutarou Profile and Facts

Nagai Ryutarou Profile: Nagai Ryutarou Facts and Ideal Type

Nagai Ryutarou (永井龍太郎) is a Japanese model. He has modeled for LIPPS, JTS, MTRL, and more.

Stage Name: Nagai Ryutarou (永井龍太郎)
Birth Name: Nagai Ryutarou (永井龍太郎)
Birthday: April 27th. 1996
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 178 cm (5’10”)
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Japanese
Instagram: @rn252504
TikTok: @rei00427

Ryutarou Facts:
– He was born in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan (JTS Profile).
– He doesn’t read very much.
– His charming point is being able to make friends with anyone (JTS Profile).
– When he was a child, his dream job was to be a professional basketball player (JTS Profile).
– His current dream job is to be a hairdresser (JTS Profile).
– When asked what he fetishizes, he said scents/smells (JTS Profile).
– He had his first crush in elementary school and she was a student as his school (JTS Profile).
– He doesn’t have any wishes to get married at the moment (JTS Profile).
– His favorite male celebrity is Shohei Miura (JTS Profile).
– His favorite female celebrity is Aoi Miyazaki (JTS Profile).
– His nickname is Lyctarou (MTRL Profile).

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