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Naevis Profile and Facts

Naevis Profile and Facts
Naevis (also stylized as NÆVIS or 나이비스) is an AI who is known for being in aespa’s storyline who helps the avators of Aespa. It is said that she will make her musical debut in 2023.

Species: AI System

– She was first revealed in MY, KARINA Teaser video.
– As if now, she has appeared in Aespa’s title track MVs except for Black Mamba.
– Fans have stated that she looks like ALICE‘s Do-A and Seventeen‘s Joshua.
– Naevis helps aespa’s AI avators appear in the real world.
– She also helps aespa connect with their avatars with their real life counterparts.
– NAEVIS is pronounced similar to butterfly in Korean ‘Nabi’
– It has been announced that Naevis will be making her official solo debut soon in 2023.

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