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MOAMETAL (BABYMETAL) Profile and Facts

MOAMETAL Profile and Facts

is a Japanese idol, vocalist, dancer, actress, model, and songwriter under Amuse Inc. She is a former member of Sakura Gakuin and is currently a member of kawaii metal girl group BABYMETAL in charge of scream and dance.

Stage Name: MOAMETAL (モアメタル)
Birth Name: Moa Kikuchi (菊地最愛)
Birthday: July 4, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 129 cm (4’3) [Debut] / 154.5 cm (5’1) [Now]
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Japanese
Ameblo Blog: 菊地最愛 (Inactive since 2015)

— MOAMETAL was born in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.
— She began her career as a child model and commercial actress.
— As a child, she attended classes for ballet, tennis, gymnastics, and swimming.
— When she was 8, she won the semi-Grand Prix at the “Ciao Girl Audition 2007” out of thousands of competitors, and was signed to Amuse Inc.
— In 2010, she joined Sakura Gakuin as a transfer student, alongside Yui Mizuno.
— Yui and Moa were already friends before 2010 and auditioned for SG together. Their audition song was “Over the Future” by Karen Girl’s, a group future bandmate SU-METAL was part of.
— Her first name (最愛) means “Most loved.”
— In Sakura Gakuin, she was part of Twinklestars (baton club), BABYMETAL (heavy metal club), and the 2nd generation of Mini-Pati (cooking club).
— She and Yui form the subunit BLACK BABYMETAL, and have songwriting credits on “Song 4.”
— She was Sakura Gakuin’s Student Council President (Leader) in the 2014 Nendo.
— In 2015, she graduated from SG.
— The same year, a Funko Pop of her was released.
— She loves idols; her favorite group is °C-ute and her oshimen is Airi Suzuki.
— The first CD she bought was “Chance!” by Koharu Kusumi (ex-Morning Musume).
— Her favorite Sakura Gakuin songs are “Yume ni Mukatte” “Marshmallow-iro no Kimi to,” and “Mikansei Silhouette.”
— Her blood type is listed as A, but doesn’t actually know what it is.
— She was once featured in a McDonald’s commercial.
— She never feels nervous while performing.
— Although she loves the crowds’ smiles, her favorite part of performing is the food her team prepares afterwards.
— If she wasn’t an idol, she would be a pharmacist.
— Her favorite color is white, but she likes all of them.
— The main thing that has changed since becoming an idol at 10 is getting a lot more sore after performances now that she’s in her 20s.
— She describes herself as “someone who takes responsibility to heart. I’m not one to drop everything and do what I desire.”
— The artists she wants to collaborate with are the Backstreet Boys and Måneskin.
— She can play guitar, and has been learning since 2007. She has played during BABYMETAL concerts a few times.
— Her main fear is her mom when she’s mad.
— On days off, she likes drawing and trying new foods.
— Although not entirely fluent, she can speak English well and occasionally does so in interviews.
— Her charm points are her large, round, dark eyes and dimples.
— She likes anime/cartoons; her favorites are Love Live!, Frozen, and Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. She also likes Disney movies.
— Her favorite hairstyle is twintails with loose curls.
— Summer is her favorite season.
— Her favorite military commander is Oda Nobunaga because they’re both from Aichi.
— She is close with fellow Sakura Gakuin member Hana Taguchi, and she would talk to her on the phone for hours.
— The first award she received was in kindergarten; it was the “Prize for eating a lot.”
— Her favorite music artists, besides °C-ute, are Bring Me the Horizon, Limp Bizkit, and Metallica. She is also a fan of Billie Eilish, and she was excited to meet her at Summer Sonic.
— Moa was possibly the one most affected by Yui’s departure. They frequently hung out outside of the band, and stated in an interview that they would be friends forever, even if they went separate ways. In 2023, she confessed in an interview that she was scared of how the crowd looked at her after Yui left.

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