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Minzy Discography

Minzy Discography

Please Don’t Go
Release date: November 20, 2009

First Collaboration Single

  • Please Don’t Go (with CL)

I Wanted To Love
Release date: March 7, 2017


Minzy Work 1: Uno
Release date: April 17, 2017

Debut Mini Album

  1. Ninano (니나노) (feat. Flowsik)
  2. Superwoman
  3. Ing (알쏭달쏭)
  4. Flashlight (feat. Jay Park)
  5. Beautiful Lie
  6. Ninano (니나노) (English Rap ver.) (feat. Flowsik)

Release date: June 4, 2018


  1. Walking (걸어가)
  2. Walking (걸어가) (Inst.)

All of You Say
Release date: December 3, 2018

Single / USA Debut

Release date: May 24, 2020


Lovely (Tagalog Ver.)
Release date: November 20, 2020


You Are Not Alone
Release date: January 29, 2021


  • You Are Not Alone (with Meredith O’Connor, Reekado Banks, RUGGERO, Iuliana Beregoi, Di Ferrero, Kwaw Kese, Kodie Shane, Mary Wilson, Asees Kaur)

Release date: July 11, 2020


더 플레이리스트 Part.2
Release date: July 22, 2021


Release date: December 12, 2021


Watcha Original <DOUBLE TROUBLE> 2nd EP Crown ‘Must Have Love’
Release date: May 5, 2022

Collaboration Single

  • Must Have Love (With Inseong)
  • Must Have Love (Inst.)

Watcha Original <DOUBLE TROUBLE> 3rd EP Conceptual – Sportv ‘Energetic’
Release date: May 19, 2022

Collaboration Single

  • Energetic (With Inseong)
  • Energetic (Inst.)

Watcha Original <DOUBLE TROUBLE> 4th EP LEGEND DUET- ‘When We Disco’
Release date: June 2, 2022

Collaboration Single

  • When We Disco (With  Jang Hyun Seung)
  • When We Disco (Inst.)

Watcha Original <DOUBLE TROUBLE> 5th EP History – ‘Me gustas tu
Release date: June 16, 2022

Collaboration Single

  • Me gustas tu (With  TEAIL (Block B))
  • Me gustas tu (Inst.)

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