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Siyana Profile and Facts

Siyana (formerly Lyu Si) Profile and Facts

Siyana is an independent Sakha singer-songwriter. She debuted on November 20, 2020 with the single “Күһүҥҥү Jazz” (“Jazz in Fall”) as Lyu Si.

Siyana Official Media:
Instagram: siyana_shines
YouTube: СИЯНА

Stage Name: Siyana (Сияна)
Real Name: Siyana Gavriliyevna Gryaznukhina (Сияна Гаврильевна Грязнухина)
Birthday: December 31, 1995
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Pig
Height: 156 cm (5’1″)
MBTI Type: I—

Siyana Facts:
– She is from Bolugur village, Amginski district, Sakha Republic.
– She has a child.
– She is from a poor family: her father is a coal heaver, her mother is a security at a community center.
– She has many younger siblings.
– With her siblings, she visited her neighbors to show them mini-concerts for little money. She did it for some years.
– She wanted to become a singer since childhood.
– Due to it, she did not have firm friendships and did not play with her peers.
– Like other Sakha singers, her father did not approve her singing, but later he even began to sing her songs.
– She thinks that she is active, naughty and emotional.
– Graduated from Yakutsk Arts & Culture College, Department of Variety Music, Vocals branch.
– She also graduated from Arctic State Institute of Culture and Arts, Theater & Cinema branch.
– She also studied to be a vocal coach.
– She is also a theater actress and vocalist in Yakutsk Variety Theater, she has been working there since 2011.
– She was part of several vocal ensembles.
– She was a winner in several major singing and acting competitions.
– She has tattoos on her right arm.
– She was the winner in the dance survival show Үҥкүүлээ (Dance With Us) on regional TV.
– Her favorite song is Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love”.
– She likes watching Japanese cartoons and movies and wants to visit Japan.
– She changed her first name from Lyudmila to Siyana on March 13, 2024, thus her stage name is also changed.

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