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LYSON Profile and Facts

LYSON Profile and Facts
LYSON (리슨) is a South Korean soloist under CREPE SOUND. He made his debut with his first digital single, “Marigold“, on August 17, 2021. He is a former member of SIGNAL.

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Stage Name: LYSON (리슨)
Birth Name: Lee Kyu Hwan (이규환)
Birthday: September 18, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 187 cm (6’1″)
Weight: 68 kg (149 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: @lysonnlee
YouTube: LYSON 리슨
Twitter: @lysonnlee

LYSON Facts:
Hobbies: Playing soccer, drinking coffee
— He is a former member of SIGNAL under his birth name, Kyuhwan. The group went their separate ways in June of 2021, after being formed in June of 2018.
— He shares a birthday with Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea, f(x)’s Amber and GreatGuys’ Hwalchan.
— He has been living in Seoul since he was 19.
— Previously, he was under J Star Entertainment and Elmusix.
— LYSON has a YouTube channel, where he regularly uploads covers.
— LYSON was announced as CREPE SOUND’s new artist on June 8, 2021.
— He chose ‘Marigold’ as the name of his first single, due to it being a beautiful flower and having a beautiful meaning. It means ‘happiness must come’, so it could be a message to him on a fresh start. He talked about his wish to start a new career as a solo singer. (LYSON Marigold Interview)
— He became interested in music after going to sing karaoke every holiday with his family. He downloads singers’ songs and listens to them. (Kpopwise Interview)
– LYSON says his musical genre is R&B.
— He wants to release a season song, and would like LYSON to be thought of when season songs are thought of. (Kpopwise Interview)
— He likes pork belly and ramen.
— LYSON’s favorite musician is Justin Bieber.
— He listens to J-Pop, K-Pop and pop a lot.
— When he was younger, he took part in a talent show at a festival. His friends told him he was a good singer and he believed them. He then decided to pursue a career in music. (DayOne ART;in Interview)
— LYSON attended a singing academy when he was in middle and high school.
— LYSON’s habit is humming while he walks around.
— He wants to live in Jeju Island for a month.
— To him, music is healing. Regardless of emotion, music can heal.

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