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LOONA Lookalikes

LOONA Lookalikes
These are a few people of who fans or netizens think look similar to LOONA members. If you don’t think so, please still stay respectful to others opinions. 🙂 If you know any others, please comment below!

LOONA Lookalikes:

Yeojin of LOONA (On the Right)

Cai Bing from Girls Planet 999 (On the Right)

Mingi from ATEEZ (On the Right)

Wonwoo (Bottom Left Corner) and DK (Top Right Corner) from Seventeen


Gu YizHou from Girls Planet 999 (On the Right)

Namie Amuro (On the Left)

Eunji of Brave Girls (On the Bottom)

Wu Tammy from Girls Planet 999 (On the Bottom)


Sulli (Ex-F(x))(On the Left)

Sunmi (Soloist, Ex-Wonder Girls) (On the Left)

Nayeon of TWICE (On the Right)

Yukyung of ELRIS (On the Bottom)


Sung Ziyoung
(Actress & Model) (On the Right)

Kim Lip
(Sololist, Ex-Girls Generation)
BoA (Soloist)
Somin (KARD, Ex-April)


(Ex-IOI, Ex-Gugudan) (On the Right)

Naeun of APRIL (On the Left)

Yena (Ex-IZ*ONE) (On the Bottom)

Hiyajo Nagomi from Girls Planet 999 (On the Bottom)

Kishida Ririka (Ex-Orange Latte, NiziU Project, Girls Planet 999) (On the Bottom)


Eunha (VIVIZ, Ex-GFRIEND) (Right Top Corner)
Jungkook of BTS (Left Top Corner)
Soobin of TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) (Left Bottom Corner)


Naeun of APINK (Left)
Tzuyu of TWICE (Right)

Minju (Actress, Ex-Iz*One) (Middle)
Chaeyeon of DIA (Left)

Choerry of LOONA (Bottom)
Olivia Hye of LOONA (Middle)

Go Won
and Cheng Xiao of WJSN


HyunJin of LOONA (Top)
Olivia Hye of LOONA (Middle)

Olivia Hye

of TWICE (On the Left)

HyunJin of LOONA (Top)
Choerry of LOONA (Bottom)


of LOONA (On the Left)

Minzy (Soloist, Ex-2NE1) (On the Right)

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Who do you think looks the most like a LOONA Member?

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