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LOANN Profile and Facts

LOANN Profile: LOANN Facts, LOANN’s Ideal Type

LOANN (로안)
is a Korean R&B soloist. He debuted October 28th, 2018 with ‘Scene’. He and Tone8do Entertainment mutually agreed to terminate LOANN’s contract.

LOANN Fandom Name:
LOANN Official Colors:

Stage Name: LOANN (로안)
Birth Name: Kim Chaeyoon (김채윤)
Birthday: November 3rd, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 177 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 61 kg (134 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: @loann.wntrf
SoundCloud: LOANN

LOANN Facts:
– He immigrated to Australia when he was in second grade.
– He has studied in Australia, Germany, South Korea and in Boston, Massachusettes, USA.
– He went to Boston Berklee College of Music at the age of 18, he studied arranging, mixing, and majored in electronic production and design – a major that was highly competitve for the slected few, and he studied various genres of music: EDM, Country and Jazz (NAVER).
– He has a lot of favorite colors, but if he had to pick, his favorite color is purple because he thinks it’s unique and stands out.
– Recently on a Instagram live, he said he likes black as well.
– His biggest inspirations are Ty Dolla$ign, Kehlani, and Bryson Tiller – mostly hip-hop musicians.
– He also likes Phony PPL.
– After returning to South Korea, he became a producer for Tone8do and was referred and recommended by the main producer on Tone8do ‘Melody9’ to become a singer (Melody 9 is a K-Pop composer who has composed and produced music for Shinhwa, After School, Teen Top, and Psy).
– LOANN has proved himself to be a producer of Tone8do (NAVER).
– He is the first artist to debut under Tone8do.
– He started off doing covers.
– He speaks both Korean, English, and Chinese.
– When he’s not working hard, he says that he likes to work out or playing video games.
– He is left handed (Insta Story Question).
– He prefers dogs over cats (Insta Story Question).

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    He seems adorable, hopefully I don’t get bias wrecked again

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  • Love, Always, Kpop

    He is HANDSOME and So talented!! I LOVE HIM

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    his voice makes me feel so relaxed and its so soothing aaa i love him

  • Love, Always, Kpop

    yes, it is the very same for me! He quickly became my ULTIMATE bias in all of K-Pop. He has such an amazing personality!

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    Who said he was overrated?????? He deserves so much more❤️ I love this guy, his accent, his voice, he’s so talented