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[List] Kpop Idols Born In 1997

Here are all the Kpop Idols that are born in 1997!

Donghyuk from iKON

Sewoon from YDPP (Soloist)

Hyun from Seven O’Clock

Minju from ICE

Queen from Z-Girls

Hajeong from 4TEN and Neon Punch

Hyebin from Rose Finger

Jinseo from N.TIC


Roel from ARGON

Yeongsang from MBK Boys

U-Jin from ICE

Chaewon from Midnight

Yoohyeon from Dreamcatcher

Hyeonah from Icia

Genie from GOOD DAY

Sarah from Ho1iday

Hyeri from IBI

Saerom from fromis_9

Aurora from Nature

Kyle from Romeo

Seungyeon from Maxxam

Yehin from HUB

Jun from U-Kiss and UNB

Kibin from ATEEN

Saebom from Nature

Miyeon from (G)I-DLE

Yoo Seungwoo (Soloist)

Jihyo from Twice

Rosé from Blackpink

Ye Eun from Blady

Jaebin from VARSITY

Jaehyun from NCT U and NCT 127

DK from Seventeen

Taeyang from SF9

Jangjun from Golden Child

Eunsu from Myteen

Seol from POP

Hyunbin from JBJ and Temporary Idols (Soloist)

Yuju from Cherry Bullet

Luda from Cosmic Girls

MingMing from BLK

Dami from Dreamcatcher

Chanhee from GBB

Seungbo from VARSITY

Dojin from ENOi

Doyool from 14U

Tia from Chocolat

Joah from BLITY

Taedong from Gidongdae

Mina from Twice

Kogun from LUCENTE

Lisa from Blackpink

Z.Hoo from LUCENTE

Youkyung from AZM

Cha Eunwoo from Astro

Junhoe from iKON

Yo-Na from Girl Crush

Sung Sub from N.CUS

Jiho from Oh My Girl

Jihoon from Fallanc

Mingyu from Seventeen

Yeonjoo from POP

Woojin former member of Stray Kids (Soloist)

Deesee from UHSN

Winy from LipBubble

Dawon from Cosmic Girls

Double.D from BZ Boys

Yeon from DAN

Woonsub from Platinum

Suyeon from Weki Meki

Moonhee from Bonusbaby and MyB

Yoonseul from Cherry on Top

Isol from Lusty

Bambam from GOT7

Giseok from IM

Melanie from CHOCOLAT

Jiyoung from O21

Yves from LOONA

Yoojung from OnlyOneOf

Kwon Jinah (Soloist)

Eunha from GFriend and Sunny Girls

LOANN (Soloist)

Chehee from HUB

Jacob from The Boyz

Yulhee from Laboum

Jeong Sewoon (Soloist)

Jinyoung from D1CE

Heeseok from Limitless

Jangmi from Limesoda

JinSoul from LOONA

Ziu from VAV

Gahyeon from ALiKE

Newsun from SONAMOO

Yerin from 15&

Jimin from 15& (Soloist)

Seungyeop from E’LAST

Cherry from GOOD DAY

Yongjin from AWEEK

Yeji from VIVA

Yebin from DIA and UNI.T

Bill from ATEEN

EOS from N.CUS

Eunjin from Playback

Leedo from Oneus

Lina from ANS

Roa from Pristin and Hinapia

Yibo from UNIQ

Yey from Black6ix

Yerim from Purple Beck

Younghoon from The Boyz

Juntae from TREI

Sunghyun from CICI

Haseul from LOONA

Solbin from Laboum

Hyun from Seven O’Clock

G-won from MyB

Eunjin from DIA

Villain from PLT

Jungkook from BTS

Binnie from Oh My Girl

Younghoon from Seven O’Clock

Haru from Ho1iday and MyB

Hyunjae from The Boyz

Priyanka from Z-Girls

Lia from LipBubble

Kemy from A.KOR

Baekgyeol from GreatGuys

Gaho from PLT (Soloist)

Haeri from POP

Yeoun from ARGON

Maru from C-Crown and TREI

Hanse from Victon

Jieun from Purple Kiss, former RBW Girls

Josh from Z-Boys

Hayoung from fromis_9

Bang Chan from Stray Kids

2Soul from Seven O’Clock

Juri from Rocket Punch

Yuju from GFriend

Livia from UHSN

Myungji from Tiny-G

Woong from AB6IX

Min from We In The Zone

Minnie from (G)I-DLE

Kookheon from Myteen and Kookheon & Yuvin

Minzy from SIS

Hamin from ENOi

Jookyung from MyB

Win Win from NCT 127

Yejoo from YJIG

Haesol from AQUA

Haegie from Platinum

Yuha from Pristin and Hinapia

Jeonggyu from Seven O’Clock

Nina from We Girls

The8 from Seventeen

Byungchan from Victon

Yoon from GeeGu

Chaeni from YJIG

Yugyeom from GOT7

Soojung from Lovelyz

Joha from YJIG

Gyujin from UP10TION

Seoyul from Berry Good

Jeongyou from The Man BLK

Chabin from Platinum

Yoo Hwa from Year 7 Class 1

Kain from ARGON

Sua from AQUA, DAN, and SeeArt

Punchnello (Soloist)

Chaeyeon from DIA and IOI

Lu from Nature

Jelly from Maywish

Eunki from RAINZ (Soloist)

Haneul from CICI

Jane from Momoland

Ari from Pritz

Siheon from NOIR

Gyuri from fromis_9

Chan from A.C.E and UNB

Chaewon from APRIL

Daehyeon from RAINZ (Soloist)

Sihyun from Hot Place

Emily from Live High

Yungkwang from VANNER

HaL from We Girls

Hyeona from Marmello

Wooah from CRAXY

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Which 97' liner is your favorite? (Pick 10)

Who’s your favorite among the ’97 liners? Feel free to comment below. 🙂

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