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[List] Kpop Idols Born in 1998

Here are all the Kpop Idols that are born in 1998!

Jinhong from 24K

Gaeul from SIS

Yeonwoo from Baikal

Kyeongheon from We In The Zone

A Young from ATT

Hongseob from 24K

Chibin from MASC

Juyeon from The Boyz

Sogeum from Hint/Turan

Seungkwan from Seventeen

Yuto from Pentagon

Jingyu from Astin and AWEEK

Ha Hyunsang (Soloist)

Chanwoo from iKON

Moonbin from Astro

Soeun from Maywish

Seora from ACE

Kino from Pentagon

Seoyeon from Sha Sha

Wooseok from Pentagon

Yuji from 3YE and Apple.B

Junseop from MYTEEN

Hyunjoo from APRIL

Hoyeon from NOIR

Vernon from Seventeen

Seoryeong from HUB

Joha from Like A Movie

Seoyeon from AZM

Jungwoo from NCT U

Saeyan from VIVIDIVA

Royeon from ANS

Jinwoo from 1TEAM

Kevin from The Boyz

Seoryn from LipBubble

Daye from Berry Good

Sam Kim (Soloist)

Gon from ARGON

Vivian from GeeGu

BomB from Be.A

Riho from VARSITY

BX from CIX

Siha from NOIR

Soojin from (G)I-DLE

Minhyuk from NOIR

Sakura from IZ*ONE

Hyunho from D-CRUNCH

Halla from The Ark

Layeon from Purple Beck

Woojin from Target

Jiwon from fromis_9

Mirae from Cherry Bullet

Harin from Onewe

Ahyoung from A Train to Autumn

Seonghwa from ATEEZ

Junji from OnlyOneOf

TAG from Golden Child

Seyeon from ATT

New from The Boyz

Yuvin from MYTEEN

Hwanhee from UP10TION

Shihyeon from We In The Zone

Soobin from A Train to Autunm

E:U from Everglow

Yeowool from Purple Beck

Eunjin from Highteen

Eunseo from Cosmic Girls

Ungjae from Imfact

Mirae from LipBubble

Yurim from 3YE and Apple.B

Dahyun from Twice

Eddie from First Bite and Lalary

SinB from GFriend

Sina from Now United

Taeha from Momoland

Dongyoon from SPECTRUM

Yein from Lovelyz

Keonhee from Oneus

Eunwoo from Pristin and Hinapia

Jihoo from IZ

Donghan from JBJ

Gyeo UI from Girls’ Alert

Moonbong from MASC

Sowon from AZM

Haeyoung from A.DE

Chaesol from GOOD DAY

Wondae from DONGKIZ

Jihoon from ZPZG

Cheng Xiao from Cosmic Girls and Sunny Girls

Villain from SPECTRUM

Suhyun from AZM

Parkhe from LUCENTE

Elly from Weki Meki

Youngbin from DS BOYS

Yoonji from Lusty

Suji from The Ark and UNI.T

Nayun from Momoland

Kyeongha from TST

Gwanghyun from YDPP

Hyosun from HUB

Hojin from N.CUS

Yeeun from CLC

Hoyoung from VERIVERY

L.Y from ATEEN

Umji from GFriend

Rano from EBOYZ

Riwoon from Monogram

Hwanwoong from Oneus

Soyeon from (G)I-DLE

Hyunkyung from Romeo

Hope from First Bite and Lalary

Minchan from VERIVERY

Changhyun from TREI

Donghyun from MXM and AB6IX

Roda from M.O.N.T

BiBi (Soloist)

Seungmin from Golden Child

Junon from Vermuda

Choyoon from A.DE

Seeun from SeeArt

Mei Qi from Cosmic Girls

Junwoo from MBK Boys

Rena from Pristin and Hinapia

Naye from Cherry on Top

Minho from Stray Kids

Elkie from CLC

Seungjun from Astin

Terry from Neon Punch

Q from The Boyz

Hongjoong from ATEEZ

Hayoon from Bonusbaby and MyB

Seungji from AQUA and Limesoda

Jisun from fromis_9

Mind from UHSN

Kanghyun from Onewe

Anthony from VARSITY

Xiao from UP10TION

Sehyung from Berry Good

Janey from GP Basic and D-UNIT

King from ATEEN

Jinam from INX

Hyunwook from D-CRUNCH

Ji Jinseok (Soloist)


Kyulkyung from Pristin and IOI

Shannon (Soloist)

Seunghyun from BZ Boys

Gowoon by Berry Good

Songhee from BVNDIT

Segye from Rose Finger

Kriesha Tiu (Soloist)

Dohyuk from 14U

Ryua from LipBubble and Saturday

Sandy from Apple.B

Subin from Hashtag

Hyunwoong from 14U

Sihyeon from ARIAZ

Lina from Awe5someBaby

Yuseol (Soloist)

Lingyi from Rendezvous

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Which 98' liner is your favorite? (Pick 10)

Who’s your favorite among the ’98 liners? Feel free to comment below. 🙂

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