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Kyungil x Yijeong of HISTORY (Kyungjeong) Ship

Kyungil x Yijeong of HISTORY (Kyungjeong) Ship:

[The pictures above are well known for all Kyungjeong shippers]
During their debut era, before their properly debuted, all the members were giving a task to go to High Schools and Universities while carrying a “Do we know each other?” sign. Kyungil and Yijeong along with their manager were in the same team for this task.

During their debut stage and their first fan-meet event, at that time they were not so close, since Yijeong was still reluctant around Kyungil. On the other hand, Kyungil seemed already comfortable around Yijeong.

With time, Yijeong seemed more comfortable around Kyungil and not mind about being always hugged closely. And Kyungil himself was just looking so comfortable when Yijeong hugged him back.

More often, Yijeong felt that he could rely on Kyungil and felt closer to him. (You can see their bro-relationship towards their short skit called “History’s Tory Tory Bang Bang”). They even don’t mind doing the “heart” pose together or being close together when taking their photos.

VIDEO (fanmade)

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  • Thank you so much for telling us the context to some of these clips and pictures. Some of that information is so hard to find, it’s amazing you compiled it.

  • Your welcome 🙂
    It’s a pleasure for me too for share information about this boys

  • Since they are a NUGU group, guess there’s only little few who know about this.

    Thank you anyway for your interest on this ship ^^

  • I….didn’t knew Yijeong became so emotional on stage when Kyungil is going to enlist in the military. My heart aches even though this was more than a year ago. I can’t wait to see Kyungil finish his military service. I’m sure these two will be unseparable when they reunite. I feel teary eyed now. T_T