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Kpop Groups: Meaning behind their Names

Kpop Groups: Meaning behind their Names
Kpop groups names meaning
Kpop Groups bring out uniqueness and charm through their names, though some may sound new or even weird like Momoland or Weki Meki, some may even come up from acronyms like BTS, NCT, AOA or scientific inspired like Cross Gene and f(x).

Let us look into the following bands and check out the meaning behind their names.

1NB1 New Best

1PS – 1 Piece Score

1TYM- 1 Time for Your Mind

15& – 15 was their age of debut while the “&” means that they can achieve success in the future

24K- the group consists of 2 dancing machines and 4 main vocalists

2AM – is when people get emotional as they reflect alone upon the things that happened during the day. The group’s aim is to feature songs which express such emotional depth and sensitivity.

2Eyes – the idea of the members; communicating with people through their eyes

2NE1- To any one; New Generation of the 21st Century

2PM – 2pm is the most active and pumped time of the day. The group’s aim is to make such energetic and passionate music

2YOON- the group is composed of Gayoon and Jiyoon (4MINUTE subunit)

4L–  4 Ladies

4MINUTE– means that the girls will captivate the fans with their charms within 4 minutes. It also signifies ‘for minute,’ that they will always try their best for every minute.

After School – signifies the sense of freedom that students feel ‘after school’ and how they show off their talents and have a fun time while enjoying such freedom

Akdong Musician – literally meaning ‘mischievous child musician’

AOAAce of Angels

A Pink- portmanteau of A (to be the best) and Pink (image of innocence )

April – it means, “the girl you can’t help but love”, because ‘A’ means the best, while ‘Pril“ means a lovable girl

AST’1- A STar 1

Astro – means star in Spanish

ATEEZ- A TEENagers Z. Where teenagers from A-Z (everyone) can be fans.

AZM – This girl group makes music from A to Z

A-Jax – it is in reference to the mythological Greek hero that helped bring victory to the Greeks during the Trojan War

A.C.EAdventure Calling Emotions, meaning that the group wants to cause emotions that urge people to go on adventures and make the dreams come true.

A.cian – Asia of Ace & Musician

B1A4 – 1 member (Baro) has the blood type B, while his 4 other bandmates (Jinyoung, Sandeul, Gongchan, and CNU) have blood type A

B2Y- Babyboys 2 Yearninggirls

Baby V.OX – Baby  Voices Of Xpression

Baby V.OX Re.V- Baby  Voices Of Xpression Renaissance Voices

BB.BOYS- Best of Best Boys

BBde Girl – Beauty Blessed de Girl

BEAST/ B2ST- Boys of East Standing Tall / Boys 2 Search for Top

Berry Good – the name indicates that the groups is formed to fullfill good fruition

Bestie –short for bestfriend. They also wanted to use the name as a way of being closer to their fans

Be. A- Be an Artist or Be Artist

BgA- Boys Generally Asian

BIG BANG-  the group’s name was inspired by the Big Bang Theory, thus the group will make a big impact in the music industry.

BLACK6IX – Six boys of infinite possibilities

BlackPink-  The color pink is often used as a shorthand for prettiness, while the color black often connotes sophistication and skill. It symbolizes that that the group is not only pretty, but has great talent as well.

BLK- Beyond Limit Key

Block B- short for BLOCKBuster , aiming their desire to become blockbusters of the korean music industry

BoM – Blooming of Our Music

Boys Republic- Onejunn:“From the beginning we were told to choose our group name, Boys Republic become the final name after a few names and the meaning behind it, I would say is to fulfill the dreams, as when we get older we try to get it right, we have to keep up our dream, within our national republic everything can be donelike performance to show our color as a group or individually and we finally pursue it under Boys Republic name“

BP RaNia- Black Pearl RegulAtioN of Idol in Asia

BPOP- Bright Playful POP

BtoB- Born to Beat

BtL- Beyond the Limit

BTS – short for “Bangtan Sonyeondan” which means bulletproof boy scouts. Their English name is Beyond The Scene

B.A.P- Best Absolute Perfect

B.dolls – Bustling Dolls

B.I.G- Boys In Groove

CHI CHI- Creative electronic House Idol

Chocolat  – French word for chocolate, the name also stems of the idea that each member is reminiscent of different flavors of chocolate.

CLC – CrystaL Clear

CN Blue – Code Name Blue. The “Blue” signifies the image of each member. Burning represents Jonghyun. Lovely represents Minhyuk. Untouchable represents Jungshin. Emotional represents Yonghwa

Crayon Pop- the group’s members have unique individuality like the colors of  crayon. Pop means to hang-out and they have catchy songs.

C-Clown – Crown-Clown

C-REAL –  Chemi Redee Effie AnnJ Lenny       

Dal Shabet – literally meaning moon sherbet. The name was inspired by a legend about a grandmother who makes sherbet out of a moon.

Davichi – Korean word which means “the light”

DAY6- there were originally six members representing the first six days of the week with their fans representing the seventh day; after a member left, they changed the meaning: 5 of the days represent the 5 members, and the 6th day represent the fans (it’s only 6 days because the Sunday is a rest day)

DIADo It Amazing , short for DIAmond

DMTN Desire Motivation Timing Now

ELRISExcellent Lovely Rainbow Innocent Sisters, it also means Alice (as in Alice In Wonderland)

EvoL- Effective  Voice of Ladies

EXID- EXceed In Dreaming

EXO – short for EXOplanet

Fin K.L – Fin Killing Liberty

Fiestar – The name was derived from the Spanish  word ‘’fiesta”which means festival – aiming to give excitement and energy to its listeners

Fromis_9 – From Idol School; the 9 represents the number of members.

FT Island – Five Treasure Island

f(x)- Flower : Double  X Chromosome

F.Cuz-  For Century Ultimate Zest

F.I.X- Four Immaculate Xtraordinaries

(G)I-dle(G) = Girl, I = Represents each individual member, DLE = represents the Korean word ‘deul’, which is used to make plural forms of noun words, so (G)I-dle means “A group of six individuals” – Minnie [(G)I-dle member]

GFriend– They want to be sweet girlfriends to boys and a good friend  to girls.

GI Global Icons

Girl Friends – the idea came from true-life bestfriends

Girls’ Generation – The name signifies “the time (generation) has come for the girls to take over the world

GLAMGirLs be AMbitious

GP BasicGirl  Power Basic

Golden Child-  refers to a perfect child who is born once in 100 years and they are named so to lead the K-pop industry for next 100 years as well as the future trend of music. We’ve named them so for that”-CEO Lee Jungyeop

Great Guys – Each member has his individual trait, and when you combine all the members you get one Great Guy

GOT7- They have 7 members and 7 is considered a lucky number.

g.o.d- Groove OverDose

HALOHexagon of Absolute Light and Organization

HAM- Heart And Mind

HITT- Here Is The Top

Hotshot – someone who does really well in the world of music

H.O.T – High-five Of Teenager

H.U.BHope U Bounce

iKON- they will be the icons who will represent Korea worldwide. The C was replaced with K to present that the icon were from Korea.

Imfact – I’m Fact  + Impact .

INFINITE- “Our name, INFINITE, means ‘limitless’. We never put a restriction on our possibilities, and we will always improve.” – leader Sunggyu

IN2IT- intuit/into it ; “the boys will make fans fall into their intuitive charms”

I.B.I –comes from the Korean word 일반인 [il-ban-in], meaning “normal people”. It also stands for I Believe It

I.O.IIdeal  Of Idol

I.M.U- Inspire. Music . Unite

IZ*ONE- 12 (IZ) girls as ONE

JeVice – JEwelry  VoICE

JBJJust Be Joyful

JJCCJackie Chan Joint Cultures

JJ Project- members names are JB and Jinyoung

JQTJ– common letter in the members’name, QT – Quality or Quartet

jtL- Jang Woohyuk, Tony, Lee Jaewon

Kara- Sweet Melody

K.A.R.D – (K)ing = BM, (A)ce = J.Seph, Colored/B&W Joke(R) = Jiwoo and Somin, Hi(D)den KARD = fans

KISSKorea International Super Star

KNK- stands for K-pop kNocK. It means “to knock on the door of K-pop with their music.”

Laboum – French word meaning “the party”

LC9League Competition #9

LPG- Lovely Pretty Girls

LOOΠΔ – – 이달의소녀, the literally meaning “ girl of the month”. The vowels were removed and scramble the letters that form the word LOOΠΔ

Lovelyz – they named the girls, Lovelyz because they are lovely

MAIN – Music Aspire Impressive Narrative

Mamamoo – “It signifies the sound that babies make. ‘MAMA’ means mother. So it means that we want to approach our listeners organically and instinctively with our music.”

MASC– short for MASCuline

MaskOT- Mask Of Thetis

MBLAQMusic Boys  Living in Absolute Quality

Miss A -It signifies that the girls will cultivate A-class talents in everything they do and become the best in Asia.

Monsta X- they are the monsters who will dominate the kpop scene. And ‘mon’ meaning ‘my’ in French, thus ‘My Star’

MYTEEN – short for MYTEENager

MXM- More X More; Mix & Match

M4M – Mystical Formula; M– passion, mystery and infinite possibilities, 4– number of members

M.I.B- Most Incredible Busterz (originally known as Bastardz)

M.I.L.K- Made In Lovely Kin

M.I.S.O- MagIc Souls of Oriental

M.Pire- combination of music and vampire

NCTNeo Culture Technology

Ne-P- New Passion

Nine Muses– the group’s name was derived from Nine Muses in the Greek Mythology

New F.O- New Five Order

N.E.X.TNew EXperiment Team

N.Flying- means New Flying

N.O.MNo Other  Man

N-Sonic – Neo Sonic

N.TiC – New Trend Icon

NCT U – The “United” team where songs are assigned to any NCT member or members based on who is the best fit

NCT 127 – NCT 127 is based in Seoul, South Korea with the number “127” representing the longitude coordinate of Seoul

NCT Dream – “We want teenagers to have dream and hope through our songs.” – Mark (NCT Dream Member)

NRG- New Radiancy Group

NTB – New Town Boyz

NTB – Naughty Boys

NU’EST- New Established Style Tempo

O-24 – Means the group is thinking about Hip Hop songs all day long (from 0 to 24 hours)


PascolPastel Color

Pentagon – It means that all members excel in five areas (Vocal/Rap, Dance, Mind, Talent and Team Work)

Pristin – portmanteau of prismatic (bright and clear) and elastin (flawless strength)

PRITZPretty Rangers In Terrible Zone

Puretty – portmanteau of pure and pretty

P.O.PPuzzle Of POP

Rainz – RApturously INspiriting BoyZ

Re.F- Ruff Easy Flava

Red Velvet – the group’s name represent their different concepts and image. Red signifies their fierce and bold image. While Velvet shows their smooth and calm image.

Roo’Ra- Roots of Reggae

Rubber  Soul-  inspired by Beatles album, “rubber soul”

SeeYA- See You Always / See You Again

SEVENTEEN – 13 members + 3  Units + 1 Team = 17

SG Wannabe – Simon Garfunkel Wannabe

SF9Sensational Feeling 9

SHINee – A combination of shine meaning light, and the suffix ee, therefore meaning “one who receives the light”

Shinhwa- Shinhwa is the Korean word for myth or legend

SHU-I- So Hot Union of Idols

Sistar –  portmanteau of sister and star

Skarf- the name came from the word scarf ; S means Singapore while K means Korea. Since they both promote in Singapore and Korea

Snuper – Higher than Super

Sonamoo – literally meaning, pine trees

Spica – named after Virgo’s brightest star

SS501 – Super  Star: 5 United As 1

Stray Kids – Their group name is sort of a play on the phrase “children out of the house” which means lost kids. Their concept is wild and carefree teens.

Super Junior- the name represents the time when the members were young as SM trainees and were considered the best (‘super’) in every field

S.E.S – Sea (Bada), Eugene , Shoo [named after the members’ names ]

S.I.S – Serependity In Stars

S.L.I.M-  SunLight In the Morning

TEEN TOP- Teenager Emoboy Emotion Next Generation Talent Object Praise

The BossThe Boys Of Super Space

Tiny-G- Tiny Giant

Touch- The Original Undeniable Charismatic Homme

TRAX- Typhoon of the Rose Attack on XMas

TRCNG- Teen Rising Champion in a New Generation

Twice – The group wants to capture people’s attention twice: through their eyes (with their looks) and ears (with their music)

Two X – The members’ name are Top, Win and One, the X stands for multiplication

TVXQ- Tong Vfang Xien Qi

TXT- Tomorrow X Together

T.G.U.S- The Guys Using Sound

T.O.A- Top Of Asia


T-ara – The name connotes their aim to emerge as the queen in the music industry and wear a beautiful jeweled ‘tiara’

UN- United N-generation

UNB – You  and  Unit B

UNI.T – Unity

UNIQ- unique + unicorn

UP10TION- Unbelievable Perfect 10 members Teenagers Idol Open Now

U-Kiss – Ubiquitous Korean International Idol Super Star


VAV – Very Awesome Voice

VIXX- Voice, Visual, Value in Excelsis

VNT- Voice of Ninety-Two

VOISPER- portmanteau of voice and whisper

VOS- Voice Of Soul

W24- World 24 Hours. Hoping their music would be heard all of the world for 24 hours.

Wanna One – Wanna One sounds like ‘101’ and they chose that name because the band was formed through the show Produce 101

Weki Meki-Fantagio states that in one meaning of the name “WekiMeki,” “MeKi” refers to eight unique girls who each hold keys that identify one another and “WeKi” refers to the girls as a group once they meet and come to possess another key that opens a new world.

The name is twofold, with another meaning for the name taking the “we” and “me” from the two words to form “WEME,” signifying the eight members coming together

Winner – The name “Winner“ was given to them (‘Team A’) after they won all three rounds of public voting

WINGS – inspired by Little Mix’s song, “Wings”

XENO-T (Formerly known as Topp Dogg) – Xenogenic and ToppKlass (their fandom name)

XING- Crossing(X) in New Genre

X-5- Xenos 5

YMGA- Young Men’s Gangsta Association

ZPZG – Zest Play Zest Grow

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