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KISS OF LIFE Coverography

KISS OF LIFE Coverography Here is the complete list of vocal and dance covers made by KISS OF LIFE.

Vocal Covers
[June 5, 2023] West Coast Love by Emotional Oranges – Natty (Short)
[June 6, 2023] Honeymoon Avenue by Ariana Grande – Belle (Short)
[June 7, 2023] Armani White by Billie Eilish – Julie (Short)
[June 8, 2023] Pretender by Official髭男dism – Haneul (Short)
[August 4, 2023] MY BAG by (G)-IDLE – KISS OF LIFE
[August 4, 2023] Gone by Rosé – KISS OF LIFE
[August 27, 2023] Whistle by BLACKPINK – KISS OF LIFE
[August 28, 2023] Black by G-DRAGON – KISS OF LIFE
[August 28, 2023] Confetti by Tori Kelly – KISS OF LIFE
[August 29, 2023] Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj – KISS OF LIFE
[September 6, 2023] Kill Bill by SZA – Natty
[September 9, 2023] People Pt. 2 by Agust D (ft. IU) – Julie
[September 13, 2023] Allergy by (G)-IDLE – Haneul
[September 17, 2023] Seven by Jung Kook – Belle
[October 14, 2023] Ain’t Been Done by Jessie J – KISS OF LIFE
[November 24, 2023] Almost is never enough by Ariana Grande – Belle
[December 19, 2023] Leemujin Service (통화 연결음 by LYn; PLASTIC OFF THE SOFA by Beyoncé; Like I’m Gonna Lose You by Meghan Trainor & John Legend) – Belle
[December 24, 2023] Christmas Carol Medley (This Christmas by Chris Brown; I’ll Be Home for Christmas by Camila Cabello; Dear Santa by Girls’ Generation; Santa Baby by Ariana Grande & Liz Gillies) – KISS OF LIFE
[January 8, 2024] West Coast Love by Emotional Oranges – Natty (Full)
[January 13, 2024] Honeymoon Avenue by Ariana Grande – Belle (Full)
[January 17, 2024] Pretender by Official髭男dism – Haneul (Full)
[January 20, 2024] damn Right by Audrey Nuna – Julie (Full)

[May 13, 2023] If I ain’t got you by Alicia Keys – Belle (ft. Adora)

Dance Covers
[January 2, 2024] Guilty by Taemin – KISS OF LIFE
[February 13, 2024] Freaky Deaky by Doja Cat, Tyga – KISS OF LIFE
[February 23, 2024] Freak by Ciara (ft. Tekno – KISS OF LIFE

Vocal & Dance Covers
[November 5, 2023] FIRE by 2NE1 – KISS OF LIFE
[February 18, 2024] Standing Next to You by Jung Kook – KISS OF LIFE

Made by: Amaryllis

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