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Girl’s World Coverography

Girl’s World Coverography

Here is a list of every Girl’s World official/unofficial cover (links are provided).

Dance Covers
[May 2, 2022] Aing♡ by Orange Caramel – Girl’s World
[May 5, 2022] Way to go by Girls’ Generation – Girl’s World, Naye & Chae-i (ICU)
[May 16, 2022] YooHoo by Secret – Girl’s World
[May 27, 2022] NoNoNo by Apink – Girl’s World
[June 1, 2022] Peek-A-Boo by Red Velvet – A-ra
[June 6, 2022] Shanghai Romance by Orange Caramel – Girl’s World
[June 24, 2022] Red Flavor by Red Velvet – Girl’s World, Naye & Chae-i (ICU)
[October 9, 2022] Navillera, Time for the moon night, Rough by Gfriend – Girl’s World
[November 11, 2022] Into the New World, Kissing You, Gee, Way to go, Oh! by Girls’ Generation – Girl’s World
[January 28, 2023] Pretty Girl by Kara – Girl’s World
[February 14, 2023] Hey. Bae. Like. It. by IZONE – Girl’s World
[February 22, 2023] Bing Bing by Crayon Pop – Girl’s World
[May 4, 2023] Teddy Bear by STAYC – HARi
[June 9, 2023] WANNABE by Itzy – A-ra, HARi
[November 27, 2023] O’ My! by IZONE – A-ra, HARi
[December 17, 2023] Pretty Savage by Blackpink – A-ra, HARi
[January 9, 2024] Selfmade Orange by Changmo – A-ra

Note 1: *means covers that were not posted to the official Girl’s World YouTube channel.
Note 2: If you know of any more unofficial covers or official covers I missed, please comment down below to tell me where I can find them!

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