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Kimura Keito (FANTASTICS) Profile & Facts

Kimura Keito Profile & Facts

Kimura Keito is a Japanese actor and performer, and a member of
FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE (ファンタスティックス・フロム・エグザイル・トライブ).

Name: Kimura Keito (木村慧人)
Birthday: August 16, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 175cm (5’9″)
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Japanese
Instagram: @keitokimura_official
Profile on EXILE TRIBE mobile: Kimura Keito

Kimura Keito Facts:
He was born in Tokyo Prefecture, Japan.
– He is the youngest member of FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE which debuted on December 5th, 2018.
FANTASTICS was formed in 2016. After a vocal competition at the end of 2017, two winners were added as new members in the beginning of 2018 before their debut. Those members were Yagi Yusei and Nakajima Sota.
– Before the addition of Nakajima Sota who was 2 days younger than him, he was the youngest member of the group during their predebut period.
– He was part of the EXPG performance team EXILE GENERATIONS.
He began taking dance lessons at the age of 7, inspired by his mother who owned a dance studio. (Oct. 6, 2020, Real Sound)
– He began acting classes after his debut with the group, with the goal of becoming an actor in mind.
– He gained a supporting role in the Japanese drama Romance and Bullets (恋と弾丸/Koi to Dangan) which began airing in October of 2022.
– He then went on to become the main lead alongside Yamanaka Jyutaro in the Japanese BL drama Candy Color Paradox (飴色パラドックス/Ameiro Paradox)
which began airing in December of 2022. Yamanaka had also been part of the supporting cast in his previous drama, Romance and Bullets.

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