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Kim Ki Du Profile and Facts

Kim Ki Du Profile: Kim Ki Du Facts and Ideal Type

Kim Ki Du (김기두)
is an actor under Kims Entertainment who made his debut in 2009. He is mostly known for his roles in  I Am Not a Robot (2017), Perfume (2019), and My Boss Girlfriend (2019).

Birth Name: Kim Ki Du (김기두)
Birthdate: Oct 25, 1982
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: @rlarlen0909

Kim Ki Du Facts:
– He attended Suwon Science College Broadcasting Entertainment.
– He has appeared in several small parts in other dramas such as; Wang’s Family (2012), High-end Crush (2015), Magic Cell Phone (2016), Goblin (2016), Introverted Boss (2017), Go Back Couple (2017), Meloholic (2017), Player (2018), and The Beauty Inside (2018)

Kim Ki Du Dramas:
TV Novel: Glory of Youth (TV소설 청춘예찬) | KBS1 / as Cheon Man (2009)
The Great King’s Dream (대왕의 꿈) | KBS1 / as Yeom Jang [Young] (2012)
Jeong Do Jeon (정도전) | KBS1 / as Yeong Choon (2014)
Another Miss Oh (또! 오해영) | tvN / as Ki Tae (2016)
Spark (스파크) | Naver TV Cast / as Bong Soo (2016)
One More Time (헤어진 다음날) | Netflix, BS Japan / as Jin Kook (2016)
Duel (듀얼) | OCN / as Kim Ik Hong  (2017)
Strongest Deliveryman (최강 배달꾼) | KBS2 / as Baek Gong Gi (year)
Revolutionary Love (변혁의 사랑) | tvN / as Chief Yang (year)
I’m Not a Robot (로봇이 아니야) | MBC / as Miami (2017)
Mysterious Personal Shopper (인형의 집) | KBS2 / as Hong Cheol Soo (2018)
100 Days My Prince (백일의 낭군님) | tvN / as Seo Goo Dol (2018)
God’s Quiz: Reboot (신의 퀴즈:리부트) | OCN / as Nam Sang Bok (2018)
The Secret Life of My Secretary (초면에 사랑합니다) | SBS / as Goo Seok Chan (2019)
Perfume (퍼퓸) | KBS2 / as Park Joon Yong  (2019)
Psychopath Diary (싸이코패스 다이어리) | tvN / as Park Jae Ho (2019)
Memorist (메모리스트) | tvN / as Yoon Young (2020)

 Kim Ki Du Movies:
Lost Flower: Eo Woo Dong (주인없는 꽃: 어우동) as Kim Sang Sun (2015)
Folktale (신(新)전래동화) as Choi Maeng Ja (2018)
My Bossy Girl (너의 여자친구) as Chang Gil (2019)
Killed My Wife (아내를 죽였다) as Gi Doo (2019)

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