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Kang Nam Gil Profile and Facts

Kang Nam Gil Profile: Kang Nam Gil Facts

Kang Nam Gil (강남길) 
is a South Korean actor under Live Code Entertainment.

Stage Name: Kang Nam Gil (강남길)
Birth Name: Kang Nam Gil (강남길)
Birthday: August 27th, 1958
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Nationality: Korean
Height: 178cm (5’10”)
Weight: 63kg (139 lbs)
Blood Type: O

Kang Nam Gil Facts:
-He was born in Seoul, South Korea.
-He made his acting debut at 9 years old.
-He has published several instructional books for beginner computer users.
-He published his memoir “Oh! My God” in 2004.
-He dropped out of Hanyang University’s English Language and Literature department.
-He has both a son and a daughter.
-He divorced his wife in 2000, claiming she committed adulterous behavior.
-Shortly after his divorce Kang Nam Gil suffered a heart attack.
-He took a hiatus after his hospitalization and moved with his children to Birmingham, England.
-He returned to South Korea 4 years after moving to England.
-He is best known for playing Dal-soo in “The Trial of Dal-soo”.
-He has acted as the main role in the movies: “Hero Flash” (1990), “The Memo Of A 21-Year-Old” (1983), and “K&J” (1977).
-He has acted as a supporting role in the movies: “Longing for Love” (1991), “Sunshine at Present” (1988), “Don Quixote on Asphalt” (1988), and “Gorgeous Transformation” (1987), “Our World” (1977), “Good Bye, Sir!” (1977), “Prayer of a Girl” (1976), “Graduating School Girls” (1975), and “School Excursion” (1969).
-He has acted in the main role in the dramas “Sweet Bride” (1999) and “Miss and Mister” (1997).
-He has acted in a supporting role in the dramas: “Hope Lodge” (1998), “Drama Game
‘With a Daughter, Without a Daughter'” (1994), “Drama Game: Mom’s New Semester”, “Drama Game: 어데 갔다 인제 왔노”, and “Ya-deung” (1993), “검생이의 달” (1990), “A Star is Born” (1989), “Human Market” (1988), “Portrait of the Days of Youth” (1986), “Eldest Daughter” (1983), “Yesterday and Tomorrow”, “Long Live Ttok-soon”, and “부실록 – Lee Yong-ik” (1982), “X Search Party” (1978), “Children from the Colonel’s House” (1972), and “New Lady in Palpan-dong” (1966).
-He has been featured on many episodes of MBC’s satirical series “Best Theatre”.
-On “MBC Best Theatre” he played the reoccurring role of Dal-soo in various episodes.

Kang Nam Gil Movies:
Chasing (잡아야 산다) | 2016-Police Commissioner 
Jenny & Juno (제니, 주노) 
| 2005-Juno’s Father
His Excellency of Sae-al City (청소년 관람불가) 
| 1992-Jo Jin-sang
The Night Full of Stars (별이 빛나는 밤에)
 | 1991-Woo Dong Shik
Shinsa-dong Gigolo (신사동 제비) | 1989-Dong-joon
My Love, Don Quixote (내 사랑 동키호테) | 1989-Min-ho

Kang Nam Gil Drama Series:
Left-Handed Wife (뷰티 인사이드) | 2019- Oh Chang Soo
The Beauty Inside (뷰티 인사이드) 
| 2018- Kang Dae Shik
Rich Family’s Son (부잣집 아들) 
| 2018- Lee Kye Dong
Return (리턴) 
| 2018- Judge
You’re Too Much (당신은 너무합니다) 
| 2017- Jung Kang Shik
Introverted Boss (내성적인 보스) 
| 2017- Brain Security
First Love Again (다시, 첫사랑)
 | 2016- Park Sa Jang
One More Time (헤어진 다음날) 
| 2016- Yoo Tan’s Father
Another Miss Oh (또! 오해영) 
| 2016- CEO Jang
Local Hero (동네의 영웅) 
| 2016- Seo Joon Suk
Super Daddy Yeol (슈퍼대디 열) 
| 2015- Han Man Ho
You Are The Only One (당신만이 내사랑) 
| 2014- Song Deok Gu
Trot Lovers (트로트의 연인) 
| 2014-Choi Myeong Shik
Glorious Day (기분 좋은날)
 | 2014-Jung Ho Jang
Gap Dong (갑동이) 
| 2014-Han Sang Hoon
Basketball (빠스껫 볼) 
| 2013-Byeo Ri’s father
Secret (비밀) 
| 2013-Kang Woo Cheol
Wonderful Mama (원더풀 마마) 
| 2013-Oh Da Jung’s Father
Potato Star 2013QR3 (감자별 2013QR3) | 2013-Na Se-dol
Take Care of Us, Captain (부탁해요 캡틴) 
| 2012-Choi Dal Ho
Come, Come, Absolutely Come (왔어 왔어 제대로 왔어) 
| 2011-Kim Gool Jong
Women In Our House (우리집 여자들) 
| 2011-Hong Kyu Man
War of the Roses (장미의 전쟁)
 | 2011-Bang Je Soo
Drama Special Series Season 1: Special Task Force MSS (드라마 스페셜 연작시리즈 – 특별수사대 MSS) | 2011-Kim Jung-soo
Once Upon a Time in Saengchori (원스 어폰 어 타임 인 생초리) 
| 2010-Lee Man Soo
Your Heaven (당신의 천국) 
| 2010-President Yang
Playful Kiss (장난스런 키스)
 | 2010-Oh Ki Dong
Jejoongwon (제중원) 
| 2010-Wantanabe
Creating Destiny (인연 만들기) 
| 2009-Han Kyung Tae
The Return of Iljimae (돌아온 일지매)
 | 2009-Bae Seon Dal
Innocent You (순결한 당신) 
| 2008-Kang Jung Yong
Gourmet (식객) 
| 2008-Director Han Jung Shik
Chun Ja’s Happy Events (춘자네 경사났네) 
| 2008-Lee Dae Pil
Who Are You? (누구세요?) 
| 2008-Son Il Gun
The King and I (왕과 나) 
| 2007-Choi Cham Bong
Capital Scandal (경성스캔들) 
| 2007-Kim Tak Goo
My Beloved Sister (누나)
| 2006-Gun Woo
Hearts of Nineteen (열아홉 순정)
 | 2006-Hong Moon Gu
Bad Family (불량가족)
 | 2006-Jo Gi Dong
Can We Love Again (우리 다시 사랑할까요) 
| 2006-Park Do Sang
Goong (궁)
| 2006-Chae Kyung’s Father
Sad Goodbye (슬픔이여 안녕)
| 2005-Han Sung Jae
Sad Love Story (슬픈연가) |
 2005-Taxi driver; Hwa Jung’s Father
Love Story in Harvard (러브스토리 인 하버드)
| 2004-Oh Yung Jae
Magic (매직)
| 2004-Cha Poong Hoo
War of The Roses (장미의 전쟁)
| 2004-Bang Je Soo
People of the Water Flower Village (물꽃마을 사람들)
| 2004-Han Se Young
Last War (마지막 전쟁)
| 1999-Kim Tae Kyung
Barefoot Run (맨발로 뛰어라) |
1998-Na Seol Chan
Love (사랑)
| 1998-Team Captain Hwang
Star in My Heart (별은 내가슴에) |
1997-Han Jae Bong
Hero’s Uprising | 1997-Department Head Lee
Apartment (아파트) | 1995-Mr. Park
Asphalt Man (아스팔트 사나이) | 1995-Bae Jong-ok’s Older Brother
Hotel (호텔) |
The Little Prince| 1995-Dad
Heavenly Wayfarers (천국의 나그네) | 1994-In Sook’s Husband
General Hospital | 1994-Nam Poong-cheon
Love is in Your Embrace | 1994-Jo Choong-bok
Always a Blue Heart | 1994-Homeroom Teacher
Stranger in Paradise | 1994-Seok-beom’s Uncle
Man and Woman | 1994-Woo Dong-beom
New The Art of War | 1993-Park Dong-tak
Letters from Heaven | 1993-Maternal Uncle
Han River Cuckoo (한강 뻐꾸기) | 1993-Park Hong Tae
Haengchon Apartments (행촌아파트)
 | 1992-Chan Soo
Maekrang Era | 1991-Teacher Ki-hak
각시방에 사랑 열렸네 | 1990-Hong-beom
Detectives at the 25th Hour | 1990-Youngest Detective
Whoa Hey Whoa Hey | 1988-Hong Gil-dong
Let Us Love | 1981-Hyung-gi
Adventures of Chul | 1976-Kkeo-beong
Reed | 1975-Jin-pal

Kang Nam Gil “MBC Best Theater” Episodes:
Dal-soo, Catching the Special Laws on Sex Trade | 2005-Kang Dal-soo
Dal-soo, Son’s Extracurricular Work
| 2004-Kang Dal-soo
Husband’s Ugly Lover
| 1999-Kim Jung-do
Dal-soo, Yes, The Boomerang | 1999-Kang Dal-soo
Mr. Gong Choon-taek’s Contract Marriage 
| 1998-Mr. Jang
How to Divorce | 1998-Shin-joong
A Father Who Does Everything He Can for His Daughter | 1997-Shin-joong
Our 쪼그라진 Young-woong | 1997-Han Young-woong
Dal-soo, Outrage over Filial Piety Law | 1997-Kang Dal-soo
Dal-soo’s Solo Airing | 1997-Kang Dal-soo
Dal-soo’s Son Goes to School | 1996-Kang Dal-soo
Dal-soo’s Cha Cha Cha | 1996-Kang Dal-soo
The Trial of Dal-soo | 1995-Kang Dal-soo
Seoul Blues
| 1995-Newsagent
Dal-soo’s Habitat 
| 1995-Kang Dal-soo
The Last War 
| 1994
Man in Dark Gray Pants
| 1993-Dal-chae
For The Apartment | 1993
Life of a Valet | 1992-Heo Gong-soo
Nongae | 1991
A Midsummer Night’s Dream | 1991-Deputy Kim
The Night Before | 1987
Paper Umbrella | 1986
Winter Row
 | 1985

Kang Nam Gil Variety and Radio Shows:
Good Morning (좋은 아침) | 1999-Host
Wonderful Tonight (멋진 오늘 밤) 
| 1999
The Pursuit of Happiness (행복의 추구) 
| 1995-DJ
Short Talk at Midnight (자정에 짧은 토크) 
| 1992-DJ
Spirit 11 (스피릿 11)
 | 1982-Host

Kang Nam Gil Awards:
2009 MBC Drama Awards | Golden Acting Award, Veteran Actor (“Creating Destiny”)
1999 MBC Drama Awards | Talent of The Year
1999 MBC Drama Awards | Popularity Award
1972 TBC Broadcasting Awards | Special Award

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