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Kevin (THE BOYZ) Profile

Kevin (THE BOYZ) Profile and Facts:

Kevin (케빈) is a member of the boy group, THE BOYZ under IST Entertainment.

Stage Name: Kevin (케빈)
Birth Name: Kevin Moon (캐빈문)
Korean Name: Moon Hyungseo (문형서)
Birthday: February 23, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 176cm (5’9″)
Weight: 56 kg (123 lbs)
Blood Type: AB
Nationality: Korean-Canadian
Representative Number: 16

Kevin Facts:
– Kevin was born in Gwangju, South Korea, but moved to Canada, when he was 4. (Eric Nam’s show)
– He was raised in Vancouver, Canada.
– Kevin’s parents named him after watching “Home Alone”. (from “Open The Boyz”)
– He has an older sister, named Stella (who was born in 1996).
– His ethnicity is Korean.
– His nickname is Keb.
– Kevin does not like being called by his Korean name.
– Kevin was in the same elementary school as Michael Bublé (a jazz singer) and won the Michael Bublé Prize in Grade 7 (for showing talent in music) (Pops in Seoul)
– He attended Burnaby Mountain Secondary School.
– Kevin only went to college for four days before dropping out to join The Boyz. He was studying fine arts and psychology.
– Kevin was in the same singing class and friends with youtube’s ‘Suggi’, a Canadian singer/cover artist.
– Kevin thinks his charm point is his eyebrows. (Open The Boyz)
– Kevin is fluent in English.
– His representative number is 16.
– He was on Kpop Star 6.
– His hobbies include playing the piano, guitar, and singing.
– He is good at drawing.
– Kevin said that he dislikes eating liquorice. (vLive)
– He likes Mint Chocolate Ice Cream (it’s his favorite flavor). (vLive)
– Kevin’s favorite colour is Olive.
– Kevin likes sourdough bread.
-He’s a Christian
-He is a good cook
– Specialties: drawing, calligraphy, piano & English
– He started to play piano in middle school.
– He learned tap dancing when he was a kid.
– He hates spiders.
– His favorite genre of movies is Pixar/Disney movies.
– Kevin’s favorite movie is “Up”.
– Kevin loves cats but is allergic to them. (vLive)
– He knows how to play the saxophone.
– Kevin composed the song he played on the piano in his DAZED profile video.
– Kevin wrote the lyrics for Younghoon’s DAZED profile video.
– Kevin sang ‘Half’, Saimdang Light’s Diary OST Part 10
– Kevin and Jacob were chosen as hosts/MCs in the music show “Simply K-POP”.
– Kevin is a huge fan of Beyonce. (V app)
– Kevin is a huge fan of Sam Kim. (Flower Snack)
– Kevin is a fan of GOT7’s Mark.
– Kevin likes to listen to R&B.
– He and Jacob speak 98% English to each other because it’s really awkward to speak Korean to each other, but speaks 50-50 English and Korean with Eric.
– Kevin had a youtube channel called F L O S S with a friend of his.
– He designed the group’s logo.
– He said he wouldn’t erase his past of his predebut pictures as they’re already out there for the world to see.
Kevin’s ideal type: Someone similar to his mother.

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