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July 2021 Comebacks/Debuts/Releases

If there’s any songs I’m missing please comment so I can add it to the list! 🙂 Any song releases from (V-pop/J-pop/K-Pop/C-pop/T-Pop etc.) (OST’s Not Included) (Always listed by Title Track & not album name).

June 20th
HuhGak & 2F (Shin YongJae & Kim WonJoo) ║〘RAIN〙 [Release]

June 21st
Pink Fantasy ║〘독 (Poison)〙 [Comeback]
Xydo ║〘Paradigm〙[Comeback]

June 22nd
BananaLemon ║〘Stand up! | Precious Love〙 [Comeback]
Huh Chanmi ║〘Haeundae Beach〙[Comeback]
MONA ║〘Pizza〙[Comeback]
KROM ║〘STEP (ft. EK)〙[Comeback]
Kim Ahyun ║〘A Letter At The End Of May〙[Comeback]

June 23rd
Pentagon ║〘DO or NOT〙 [Japanese Release]
CN Blue ║〘ZOOM〙[Japanese Release]
A.C.E ║〘Higher〙[Comeback]
Yezi ║〘시크릿토 (Secreto)〙[Comeback]
KittiB ║〘Let’s Get Lost〙[Comeback]
AR3NA ║〘Move On〙[Comeback]
bobae ║〘baby, i miss〙[Comeback]
Sam Kim ║〘The Juice〙[Comeback]
Sole ║〘Why (ft. Gaeko)〙[Comeback]
LEE2SUN ║〘TOY〙[Comeback]

June 24th
Woosung [The Rose] ║〘Lazy〙[Solo Release]
Jeongmin [Boyfriend] ║〘Africa〙[Release]

June 25th
TXT ║〘0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) ft. pH-1, Woodie Gochild, Seori〙 [Release]
J SOUL BROTHERS from EXILE Tribe ║〘TONIGHT (R&BTrap Remix)〙[Release]
Jukjae ║〘Warm〙[Comeback]
Han Donggeun ║〘Rain Falls〙[Comeback]
Stray Kids ║〘애〙[Release]

June 26th
Han Leeseul [Rockit Girl] ║〘My Love〙 [Solo Release]
ARIAZ ║〘I Really Like U〙 [Release]

June 27th
NOH SAYEON ║〘잘될거야 (You Will Be Alright)〙 [Comeback]
MUSM ║〘IN BLUE (Feat. meenji) (Prod. HAH)〙[Comeback]
OUTLET ║〘You make me crazy (돌아버리겠네)〙[Comeback]

June 28th
LOONA ║〘PTT (Paint The Town)〙 [Comeback]
2PM ║〘Make It〙[Comeback]
NCT DREAM ║〘Hello Future〙[Comeback]
Seungwoo [VICTON] ║〘다시 만나 (See you again)〙[Solo Comeback]
Tzuyu [TWICE] ║〘Me〙[Project Release]
GHOST9 ║〘Double Click (Self Cam Ver.)〙[Release]
Onewe ║〘Veronica〙[Release]

June 29th
DRIPPIN ║〘Free Pass〙 [Comeback]
Min!n ║〘AlockDalock〙[Release]
Kik5o ║〘54 reasons〙[Comeback]
SHINee ║〘SUPERSTAR〙[Japanese Release]
TWICE ║〘Perfect World〙[Japanese Release]
Epik High ║〘비 오는 날 듣기 좋은 노래(Rain Song) (with.Colde)〙[Release]

June 30th
JUST B ║〘Damage〙[Debut]
Majors ║〘OBVIOUS〙[Release]
BDC ║〘Moonlight〙[Comeback]
O.V [D-Crunch] ║〘Ready〙[Solo Release]
Ken [VIXX] ║〘Just for a moment (10분이라도 더 보려고)〙[Solo Release]
N.O.M ║〘MEGA PUNCH〙[Solo Release]


☼July 1st☼
JeongUk ║〘Rendezvous〙[Comeback]
Perfume ║〘Polygon Wave〙[Release]
Jun.H [UNVS] ║〘Butterfly Effect〙[Solo Release]
Moon Jongup ║〘Find (ft. Moon Sujin)〙[Pre-Release]
Yukika & Pat Lok ║〘그라데이션 (The Moment)〙[Release]
AleXa ║〘Xtra (ft. BM [KARD])〙[Comeback]
DONGKIZ ║〘Crazy Night〙[Comeback]
KINGDOM ║〘KARMA〙[Comeback]
CIX ║〘TESSERACT (prod. Hui and Minit)〙[Release]
Brave Girls ║〘Pool Party (ft. DKB’s E-Chan)〙[Release]
ITZY x Second Aunt Kim Davi (Kim Shinyoung) ║〘얼음깨 (Break Ice)〙[Collab Release]

☼July 2nd☼
LIVIN ║〘Next to you〙[Debut]
OWV ║〘Get Away〙[Comeback]
GOLD ║〘Tonight〙[Comeback]
BM [KARD] ║〘13IVI〙[Solo Release]
Ra.D and Hong Ji Eun ║〘YOU〙[Collab Release]
Bang Chan & Lee Know [Stray Kids] ║〘Drive〙[Release]
DPR LIVE ║〘Yellow Cab〙[Release]
JVEH ║〘it’s sugo (ㅅㄱ)〙[Release]
WOODZ ║〘SUN OR SUCK〙 [Release]
Pinkray [Oner] ║〘To The Moon〙[Solo Comeback]
Park Soyeon ║〘Beautiful Night (아름다운 밤)〙[Comeback]
Beomham [M.O.N.T Arena] x Roda [M.O.N.T] ║〘Sun’s Up〙[Pre-Debut Release]

☼July 3rd☼
Miss T ║〘LEFT33RIGHT33 (ft. Mr BOOMBOX)〙[Release]

☼July 4th☼
LOCO x Lee SungKyung ║〘Love (prod. Rocoberry)〙[Release]
Coogie ║〘I Got A Feeling〙[Release]
JIN LONGGUO ║〘Our Place (Korean ver.)〙[Release]

☼July 5th☼
DAY6 [Even of Day] ║〘뚫고 지나가요 (Right Through Me)〙[Sub-Unit Comeback]
Soyeon [(G)I-DLE] ║〘BEAMBEAM〙[Solo Comeback]
BXK ║〘Excuse Me〙[Comeback]
SF9 ║〘Tear Drop〙[Comeback]
Onewe ║〘AuRoRa〙[Release]
NELL ║〘Glow in the dark〙[Release]
Kyuhyun [Super Junior] ║〘Together〙[Solo Release]
Insight Rookies ║〘I Like U Summer〙[Pre-Debut Release]

☼July 6th☼
Enhypen ║〘Given-Taken〙[Japanese Debut]
Taeyeon [SNSD] ║〘Weekend〙[Solo Comeback]
MIND U ║〘Hello, Summer (안녕, 여름밤)〙[Comeback]
ИРИНА КАЙРАТОВНА ║〘MVP (ft. Travoltah)〙[Comeback]
DECEMBER ║〘You mean everything (그댄 내사람이죠)〙[Comeback]

☼July 7th☼
Yebin [DIA] ║〘Yes I Know〙[Solo Debut]
GIRLKIND ║〘이 분위기에 취해 (Good Vibes Only)〙[Comeback]
Mad Monster ║〘Along Came Beautiful Nuna (다시 만난 누난 예뻐)〙[Comeback]
SE7EN ║〘Mona Lisa〙[Comeback]
Genic ║〘Shaky Shaky〙[Release]
OH SAEBOM ║〘Butterfly(美)〙[Release]
Baek Jiyoung and Lee Hongki [F.T. Island]║〘Can I Love Again (다시 사랑할 수 있을까)〙[Collab Release]

☼July 8th☼
Moon Jongup ║〘US〙[Release]
Peppertones ║〘FILM LOVE (ft. Stella Jang)〙[Release]
Choi WooShik ║〘Poom(품)(ft. Peakboy)〙[Release]
Jaeha ║〘Movie ii | 사랑했는데〙[Release]
Ian ║〘Vacation〙[Release]
859 ║〘Cannot〙[Release]
Kim Woojin ║〘Still Dream〙[Pre-Release]

☼July 9th☼
BTS ║〘Permission to Dance〙[Comeback]
John Park ║〘Here I Am〙[Comeback]
415 ║〘Summer Nostalgia (그저 안녕)〙[Comeback]
ASH ISLAND, GroovyRoom ║〘Carabiner (prod. GroovyRoom)〙[Release]

☼July 11th☼
Minzy ║〘Te Amo〙[Comeback]
Boyhood ║〘Rain (ft. Kisum)〙[Comeback]
THE BOYZ ║〘Drink It〙[Release]
ATEEZ ║〘Dreamers〙[Japanese Release]

☼July 12th☼
John Park ║〘now, us, here〙[Comeback]
Sonak Moon ║〘likes&hearts (ft. 도링 doring)〙[Comeback]
EunHo ║〘YOUR WORLD IS〙[Comeback]
EB ║〘깜빡 “Blink”〙[Comeback]
Punchnello ║〘Boy In The Mirror (ft. Kidd King)〙[Comeback]

☼July 13th☼
RYUJI IMAICHI [J SOUL BROTHERS from EXILE TRIBE] ║〘Highway to the moon〙[Solo Release]
Favor ║〘Get Lost〙[Comeback]

☼July 14th☼
Rumble.G ║〘Roopretelcham〙[Debut]
HA:TFELT ║〘Summertime〙[Comeback]
Kangta ║〘Free to fly 2021〙[Comeback]
Woodie Gochild ║〘Summertime〙[Comeback]
JUTO ║〘위기를 기회로〙[Comeback]
박세은 (Park Se Eun) ║〘이파이 (I.F.F.Y)〙[Comeback]
Hongjoong & Yunho [ATEEZ], Yujeong & Yuna [Brave Girls], Shownu, Hyungwon, & I.M [MONSTA X], and Rain ║〘Summer Taste〙[Collab Release]

☼July 15th☼
OnlyOneOf ║〘night flight | ? (questiOn mark) | cOy〙[Release]
E.SO ║〘Orgel〙[Release]
Rocket Punch ║〘Ring Ring (acoustic ver.)〙[Release]
WOODZ ║〘 There For You (Prod. Avin〙[Release]

☼July 16th☼
Justin ║〘U〙[Comeback]
Cold Bay ║〘LIP (Love Is Poison)〙[Comeback]
Anso ║〘Merry-Go-Round〙[Comeback]

☼July 17th☼
Li Wenhan ║〘Darllin〙[Comeback]

☼July 18th☼
Zhou Yixuan ║〘Pride of M1ne〙[Release]
Soovi ║〘Lazy (ft. JAEHA)〙[Comeback]
SPARKY, TAKUWA ║〘Lemon Drop〙[Comeback]
WOO JEEWON║〘Heroine〙[Debut]

☼July 19th☼
DINDIN, Min Kyung Hoon ║〘사랑하지 말걸 그랬나 봐요 (I Should Not Have Loved You)〙[Release]
BLEE ║〘여름길 (Summer’s Way)〙[Release]

☼July 20th☼
YANU ║〘UPPERSIDE (ft. lIlBOI)〙[Release]
Rohann (이로한), EUROKO PIZZA (유로코피자) ║〘Smile (Prod. by Loky Beatz)〙[Release]

☼July 21st☼
BlooDye ║〘Hug me Hug you | LOVE or DIE〙[Comeback]
SURAN ║〘Blanket (ft. Wonstein)〙[Comeback]
MONNI ║〘뭐, 그냥 (Just so-so)〙[Release]
SPACEBOY ║〘FNR (ft. TABLO (EPIK HIGH), Kim JongWan (NELL))〙[Release]
AKMU ║〘전쟁터 (Hey kid, Close your eyes) (with Lee Sun Hee)〙[Release]
Colde ║〘When Dawn Comes Again (ft. Baekhyun)〙[Comeback]

☼July 22nd☼
sb19 ║〘Pagsibol〙[Comeback]
DJ ELLIA ║〘Weekend〙[Comeback]
coco ║〘19(NANA)〙[Comeback]
Fred x John Doe ║〘Gyopo’s Paradise〙[Release]
Kang Seungyeon ║〘BBiyong Bbiyong〙[Comeback]

☼July 23rd☼
Sejeong ║〘Baby I Love u〙[Comeback]
Kyung Dasom ║〘MY WAY (내 맘대로 할래)〙[Comeback]
Hwasa [MAMAMOO] ║〘Dingga (draft ver.)〙[Release]
Ailee ║〘Snowflower (눈의 꽃)〙[Remake Release]
DPR Live ║〘Hula Hoops (ft. BEENZINO, HWASA)〙[Release]

☼July 24th☼
Hanlim ║〘여름밤에(ft. LASI)〙[Comeback]
AleXa, Daedo ║〘나만 없어, 여름 (Summer Breeze)〙[Release]

☼July 25th☼
Sunwoo JungA ║〘Buffalo (ft. Dami (DREAMCATCHER), Song Eunyi, Yoo Seungwoo, Yoon Jiyoung and Jeong Sewoon)〙[Comeback]
Lim Sanghyun ║〘비가 오던 밤(Rainy night)〙[Debut]
2Z ║〘Over the Rainbow〙[Comeback]
Peakboy ║〘GYOPO HAIRSTYLE〙[Release]
SEONGRI ║〘데이트 할까요 (DATE)〙[Release]

☼July 26th☼
D.O [EXO] ║〘Rose〙[Solo Debut]
AKMU ║〘Next Episode〙[Comeback]
Bumkey ║〘All Of My Life (ft. Babylon)〙[Comeback]
Chic Angel x ICU ║〘Chic Summer〙[Collab Release]
FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE ║〘Summer drops〙[Comeback]

☼July 27th☼
Kwon Jinah ║〘Knock〙[Comeback]
FL1X ║〘It’s Fine〙[Debut]
BIBI║〘WHY Y (ft. Tiger Jk)〙[Release]
꼴라 (CCOLA) ║〘THE ROSE〙[Release]
JSIN ║〘I’ll Find You (ft. 숀 Shaun)〙[Release]
San E x Yuju [GFriend] ║〘So Silly (눈치없긴)〙[Collab Release]

☼July 28th☼
Sole ║〘Stay With Me (ft. Wonstein)〙[Comeback]
Vital Degree ║〘cog〙[Comeback]
Kangta ║〘Christmas in July〙[Comeback]
Yenjamin ║〘Palm Tree〙[Comeback]
Jannabi ║〘외딴섬 로맨틱 (I Know Where The Rainbow Has Fallen)〙[Comeback]
Hannah Jang ║〘Take Your Time〙[Release]
AboutU ║〘Thinking of You〙[Release]
Moonbyul, Solar [MAMAMOO] ║〘Promise U〙[Release]

☼July 29th☼
Tiger JK ║〘Love Peace〙[Release]
LØREN ║〘NEED (ooo-eee)〙[Comeback]
Jackson Wang [GOT7] x Internet Money║〘Drive You Home〙[Release]
Vital Degree ║〘cog〙[Comeback]
JAYDEN ║〘26〙[Comeback]
ENHYPEN x TAYO ║〘HEY TAYO〙[Collab Release]

☼July 30th☼
Dreamcatcher ║〘Because〙[Comeback]
BewhY ║〘Celebration〙[Comeback]
Lim Kim ║〘FALLING (prod. DPR CREAM)〙[Comeback]

☼July 31st☼
Nada ║〘Spicy〙[Comeback]
CherryB ║〘OOTD〙[Comeback]

Credit: R.O.S.E (STARL1GHT)

Are you excited about any of the July Comebacks/Releases?

Are you excited for any July comebacks? Any releases missed? Feel free to comment below! 🙂