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JO1: Who is Who?

JO1: Who is Who

Need help learning the members? Here is who is who in JO1’s music videos!

[February 16 2020] 無限大(INFINITY)

[August 25, 2020] OH-EH-OH

[November 9, 2020] Shine A Light

[March 24, 2021] Born To Be Wild

[July 30 2021] REAL

[November 24 2021] 僕らの季節 (Bokura no Kisetsu)

Note: Since Kinjo Sukai is on hiatus he is not visible in the music video for Bokura no Kisetsu but participated in the album recording and jacket photoshoot

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Which MV had your favorite looks? What member caught your eye in these music videos? Feel free to comment down below!