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Jinsik (xikers) Profile

Jinsik (xikers) Profile and Facts
Jinsik (김민재) is a member of the boy group xikers, under KQ Entertainment.

Stage Name: Jinsik (진식)
Birth Name: Ham Jinsik (함진식)
Birthday: July 30, 2004
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Monkey
Height: –
Weight: –
Blood Type: A
MBTI Type: INFP (previously ISFJ)
Nationality: Korean
Representative Emoji: ⛄️
Fandom Name: Hamranghamdung

Jinsik Facts:
– He is one of the main vocalist of the group.
He was born in Gyeyang, Incheon, South Korea.
When he was little, he was moved by a friend’s voice after that he dreamt of becoming a singer since then.
– He grew up listening to a lot of EXO.
– He was always a very smart kid.
Jinsik was introduced as a KQ Fellaz trainee on August 16, 2022.
– He was shocked and confused after finding out he passed his audition, .
– His fear is not being able to improve his talent for monthly evaluations.
As a new trainee, he was really nervous and was worried he would adapt well.
He has an older sister and a brother.
– He is thankful to his family and friends for always supporting and comforting him.
– He’s good with mind puzzles.
– Jinsik is good at mental calculations.
– He can play the guitar.
– He draws in his free time.
– Hunter thinks he is good at drawing.
– He doesn’t eat too many snacks.
– He loves spicy food.
– Jinsik likes(food): Japchae, marinated ribs, (Hawaiian) steak, barbecue, chilli fries, clam chowder, lobster, pork belly, miso stew and udon.
– He likes(drink): Coca-Cola.
– His favorite color is Green.
– He loves singing, lifting weights and playing video games.
– He loves listening to music, mostly pop and electronic music.
– Jinsik likes to walk outside.
– He’s favorite Japanese song is Koi by Back Number.
– He likes action series.
– He prefers cats to dogs.
– Jinsik likes Steam Deck games.
– He likes to wear makeup on stage.
– He likes to have wet hair on stage.
– He’s favorite song from their latest album is ‘Break a leg’
– Jinsik hates the cold.
– He makes sure that his members always have enough to eat and will buy them food if not.
– The members he are closest to are Minjae and Sumin.
– He and Sumin became best friends at first sight.
– He took four months to become friends with the other members.
– Jinsik is the shyest member.
He’s the mood maker of the group and always starting conversations.
– He likes Yechan’s rap on Sunny Side the most.
– He often bites other members.
– Jinsik learned very early that Santa Claus did not exist, around the age of 4 or 5.
– He is one of those who fights the most with Seeun.
– He is the most good looking member.
– Jinsik is the member who cries the most while watching movies.
– He is the clumsiest member.
– Him and Sumin were in the same academy.
– The nickname that all the members use for him is Sik.
– The first time Yechan met Jinsik, he found that he had a very fine face and a soft voice.
– He helped Seeun a lot with the high notes.
Minjae thinks that what Jinsik has improved the most is his dancing.
– According to Seeun, Jinsik gets scared easily.
– According to Yechan, Jinsik might go buy him food after he asks.
– The ATEEZ member he seems closest with is Wooyoung.
– He was born with natural brown hair.
– He is currently learning English.
At first glance, Jinsik looks timid and may come off as blunt.
– When fans get to know him, he will be active and mischievous.
He believes that practicing and getting advice from others will help solve problems.
– If it was he’s last day on Earth he would like to do one last concert for his fans.
– He plays League Of Legends.
– He is emotional.
– Jinsik doesn’t have a defined fashion style but owns a lot hoodies.
– He chose the number 07 for Koong performence because it is a lucky number and he was born in July.
– He is Slytherin in Harry Potter.
– Jinsik is the one who most cherishes the trash he is supposed to throw away. He makes a collection of ramyun boxes.
– He’s skin reacts badly to water in Europe.
– He didn’t think he would be a dancer.
– His toothbrush is orange.
– According to Yechan the member who fits best for Break a leg is Jinsik.
– Jinsik would have liked to sing one of Seeun‘s parts in Supercalifragilistic.
He is friends with DAY6’s Young K.
-Role Model: NCT and WayV’s XiaoJun.

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