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Jewel (YGIG) Profile & Facts

Jewel (YGIG) Profile & Facts:
Jewel is a member of the Filipino girl group YGIG under SBTown and co-managed by Universal Records Inc. PH.

Stage Name: Jewel
Birth Name: Jewel Anacay
Birthday: July 28, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Nationality: Filipina-American
Representative Emoji: 🍔
Sub-unit: Team Youth (with Alexei and Maeg)
Instagram: @looj_jool
Twitter: @jool_looj

JEWEL Facts:
– Her hometown is San Diego, California, USA.
– She is ethnically Filipina.
– Her nickname is Jool(s).
– She’s dubbed as “the light” of the group.
– Jewel was introduced as the first trainee under the code name “J01”
– She is the longest trainee, she trained for 4 and a half years beginning in 2018.
– Her skills include dancing, singing, rapping, and speaking/writing Korean language.
– She is the 2nd to the eldest child in their family.
– She has an identical twin sister named Jade, who is currently a trainee of an upcoming P-pop group in a different company.
– Jewel and Jade was introduced in December 2018 at SB19‘s fanmeeting “Start of the Best” as a part of the pre-debut group “Twingel” (a wordplay for Twins + Angel)
– She and her twin sister were both trained alongside SB19 and YARA members in SBTalent Camp. However, Jewel’s twin sister chose not to continue her training.
– When SB19 debuted, and YARA and her twin left SBTalent Camp, Jewel was the only one who was left alone to continue her training.
– She learned to enhance her dancing skills from an old friend who was a backup dancer of BTS.
– In 2021, she transferred from ShowBT to their new company SBTown.
– She has been studying Korean language for 6 years now.
– She has a pet hamster named Pipsqueak.
– Jewel loves collecting stickers.
– When she’s bored, Jewel records and covers songs.
– There are times when she imagines herself as the lead in her own film… merely a rock at times.
– She wants to go busking in Seoul’s Hongdae neighborhood.
– Walking around in nature is Jool’s favorite weekend activity.
– Her favorite spot to go on a solo date is at home, watching movies.
– Michael Jackson is her role model.
– “Cooler Than Me” by Mike Posner (ft. Big Sean), “Far Away From Home” by EZ Mil, and “The Good, The Bad, and The Dirty” by Panic! At The Disco are three of her favorite songs.
– Burger is her comfort food.
– She is also good at writing stories.
– She is afraid of losing everything.
– White and blue are her favorite colors.
50 First Dates is her favorite movie.
Rick and Morty is her favorite show.
– She is a fan of ATEEZ, DEAN, and EZ Mil.
– Quokka is her favorite animal.
– Her favorite weather is a sunny afternoon.
– “Duuuude!” is her favorite expression.
– Her life saying is “Always find happiness, even in the darkest days.”

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