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Japanese Artists That Have Performed at Download Festival

Japanese Artists That Have Performed at Download Festival

Download Festival is one of the UK’s largest music festival, and is primarily centered on rock and metal music. The event is held yearly in June at Donington Park, Leicestershire. Since its creation, some Japanese artists have already performed at the event, and even more will be performing in the future!

DIR EN GREY (Download 2009, Download 2013)

DIR EN GREY at Download 2009 (sorry for horrible quality here, I couldn’t find any other good pictures to use)

DIR EN GREY at Download in 2013
The Visual Kei band DIR EN GREY were the first Japanese act to perform at Download. In 2009, they performed at the Second Stage on June 12, alongside artists such as Bring Me the Horizon and Mötley Crüe. They returned to the festival in 2013, and performed at the Zippo Encore Stage on June 14, alongside EuropeDragonForce, and more.

BABYMETAL (Download 2016, Download 2018, Download 2024)

BABYMETAL at Download in 2016

BABYMETAL at Download in 2018
BABYMETAL are the Japanese act that have performed at Download the most, and are returning this year as well! In 2016, they performed at the Lemmy Stage on June 10, alongside large acts such as Rammstein and Korn. They were met with a lot of love from the large crowd, and later returned in 2018 performing at the Zippo Encore stage on June 9, alongside Parkway DriveL7Bury Tomorrow and more. Now, after almost 6 years, they will return to Download Festival on June 15, this time performing at the Main Stage alongside Fall Out BoyThe OffspringEnter ShikariWARGASM and more.

ONE OK ROCK (Download 2016, Download France 2016)

ONE OK ROCK at Download UK 2016

ONE OK ROCK at Download France 2016
ONE OK ROCK also performed at Download Festival in 2016 on June 12 at the Zippo Encore Stage, alongside Breaking BenjaminDon Broco and others. Additionally, they appeared in the line-up for Download Festival France, held at the Longchamp Racecourse. They performed at Stage 2 on June 11.

LOVEBITES (Download 2019, Download Madrid 2019)

LOVEBITES came to Download in 2019, and shook the crowd. They performed on June 15 at the Dogtooth Stage alongside CarcassThe HuBatushka and more. Alongside this, they also performed at Download Festival Madrid, held at Caja Magica. They performed on June 29 at Stage 4.

BAND-MAID (Download Japan 2022)

While they haven’t performed at Download Festival UK yet, they did perform at Download’s Japanese event on August 14, alongside Bullet for My ValentineCode OrangeDream Theater and more.

Crystal Lake (Download 2024)

Crystal Lake following their concert at LIQUIDROOM
Crystal Lake will perform at Download for the first time in their 22-year career this June. They will perform on June 16 at the Dogtooth Stage alongside artists like Fit for a KingThe Black Dahlia MurderPest Control and others.

HANABIE. (Download 2024)

HANABIE. performing at The Underworld in London
While HANABIE. are no strangers to Europe, having gone on a European tour just recently, this will be their first time performing at Download Festival. The band will be performing on June 14 at the Opus Stage, with artists like Bad Omens and Of Mice & Men also performing at that stage on the same day.

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Which artist that has performed/is performing at Download Festival is your favourite?