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January 2021 Comebacks/Debuts/Releases

🎉If there’s any songs I’m missing please comment so I can add it to the list! 🙂 Any song releases from (V-pop/J-pop/K-Pop/C-pop/T-Pop etc.) (OST’s Not Included) (Always listed by Title Track & not album name).
🎉Happy New Year! <3🎉


December 20th
❅GRAY, 함유주 |〘주르륵 나 Tears All Over〙[Release]
❅Hanhae |〘Sick〙[Comeback]

December 21st
❅Enhypen |〘Let Me in (20 Cube)〙[Release]
❅Sohlhee |〘SUPERSiNGLE〙[Comeback]
❅HYENE |〘상상여행〙[Release]
❅Hyunjin [Stray Kids] |〘Baby Star〙[Release]
❅Moonbyul [MAMAMOO] |〘크리스마스이니까 (A miracle 3days ago)〙[Release]
❅Baekhyun [EXO]|〘놀이공원 (Amusement Park)〙[Solo Comeback]

December 22nd
❅Uhm Junghwa |〘호피무늬 (Hop In) Ft. Hwasa〙[Comeback]
❅HYUK [VIXX] x Jukjae |〘Camellia (동백꽃)〙[Release]
❅Golden |〘Another Sad Love Song〙[Release]

December 23rd
❅youra |〘하양 (RAL 9002) (Ft. Heize)〙[Comeback]

December 24th
❅Baek A Yeon |〘I Need You〙[Comeback]
❅Laboum |〘Cheese〙[Release]
❅Babysoul & Sujeong [LOVELYZ], TAG & Joochan [GoldenChild]  |〘순천의 하늘 아래에서〙[Release]

December 25th
❅V [BTS] |〘Snow Flower (Ft. Peakboy)〙[Release]

December 27th
❅Lee Haein |〘Santa Lullaby (We Used To Sing)〙[Release]
❅VERIVERY |〘소중력 (DIY M/V)〙[Release]

December 28th
❅Huh Gak |〘우린 어쩌다 헤어진 걸까〙[Release]

December 29th
❅P1Harmony |〘틀 (Breakthrough)〙[Release]

December 31st
❅RAIN X JYP |〘나로 바꾸자 (Switch to Me)〙[Collab Release]
❅ASTRO |〘We Still (Be With U)〙[Release]


January 1st
GroovyRoom x Hoody |〘Follow The Light〙[Collab Release]
DALsooobin |〘Eyes like Snow (눈 닮은 눈)〙[Release]

January 2nd
☆WILLOW |〘Let’s Just Sing〙[Release]
☆Woo!ah! |〘I Don’t Miss U〙[Release]

January 3rd
☆Pack PilKyu |〘스며든다 (Pervade)〙[Release]
☆Lee Ze |〘We don’t love anymore (우린 사랑하지 않아)〙[Release]
☆Woody |〘Just stay at home〙[Release]
☆Baekhyun [EXO] |〘Get You Alone〙[Comeback]

January 4th
☆i.C.E |〘OH MY GOD〙[Comeback]
☆IM SE JUN |〘The loved we had〙[Release]
☆Coogie, GRAY |〘POW〙[Release]
☆Lim JaeHyun |〘너밖에 안보여〙[Release]

January 5th
☆Eunki |〘On & On〙[Comeback]
☆CrazyBoy x SHOKICHI |〘GET IT ON〙[Release]
☆TREASURE |〘Beautiful〙[Japanese Release]
☆SWJA |〘동거 (in the bed)〙[Release]
☆Jung Joonil |〘First Love (Ft. SOLE)〙[Release]

January 6th
☆Jeong Sewoon |〘In The Dark〙[Comeback]
☆Minhyun [NU’EST] |〘Every Night For You〙[Release]
☆Raina, Junggigo |〘Can We Break Up?〙[Release]

January 7th
☆Jang Deokcheol |〘겨울잠〙[Release]
☆AB6IX |〘Fallin’ (Adrenaline) [AB6IX Remix]〙[Remix Release]

January 8th
☆MCND |〘우당탕 (Crush)〙[Comeback]
☆KEEMBO |〘Love Me 4 Me〙[Release]
☆Boyhood |〘Luxury big house〙[Comeback]
☆A.C.E |〘Favorite Boys (feat. Thutmose)(Steve Aoki Remix)〙[Project Release]

January 9th
☆Nam Seung Min |〘Roof (지붕)〙[Release]
☆SWAY |〘Go To The Beach〙[Release]
☆Wooks |〘JUST (Feat. Crucial Star)〙[Release]

January 11th
☆LEX [BIGFLO]  |〘SIP〙[Solo Debut]
☆Kim Woojin |〘Reflection 反映〙[Release]
☆TEEN1419  |〘아수라발발타 (ASURABALBALTA)〙[Debut]
☆(G)I-DLE |〘Hwaa (화(花火))〙[Comeback]
☆TREASURE |〘My Treasure〙[Comeback]
☆VICTON |〘What I Said〙[Comeback]
☆Hayeon |〘Walk Away〙[Comeback]
☆Muzie |〘생각 생각 생각 (Thinking about you) (Feat. 수민)〙[Release]
☆TEEN1419  |〘ASURABALBALTA〙[Japanese Release]

January 12th
☆Haeri |〘POP SONG (ft. Hanhae)〙[Release]
☆Dvwn |〘Free Light (자유비행)〙[Release]
☆Hannah Jang |〘playing no games〙[Release]
☆E’LAST |〘Dangerous〙[Release]
☆Kimfeelsun |〘Mama〙[Release]
☆Jung In |〘어떻게 해야 할까요 (Unspeakable)〙[Release]
Kim YoungGeun |〘추억눈 (Memories in the snow)〙[Release]

January 13th
☆N.O.M |〘I Can’t Wait〙[Comeback]
☆Yubin  |〘PERFUME (향수)〙[Comeback]
☆YOUHA |〘Abittipsy〙[Release]
☆JIN JUNWOO |〘취해서〙[Release]
☆Motte |〘점점 더 가까워져요 (Close To You)〙[Release]

January 14th
☆AleXa  |〘Never Let You Go〙[Comeback]
☆Kim Jeonguk |〘Write A Letter〙[Comeback]
☆Jang Hanbyul |〘Used To This〙[Comeback]

January 15th
Kang Daniel, Inverness, Anthony Russo |〘State of Wonder〙[Collab Release]
☆Kangta |〘Cough Syrup〙[Comeback]
☆I.N [Stray Kids] |〘막내온탑 (ft. Bangchan and Changbin)〙[Release]

January 16th
☆Hong Yubin |〘Dive into Night〙[Debut]

January 17th
☆Dark Moon |〘The petals of my heart〙[Release]
☆HoneyG |〘랜선 Party〙[Release]

January 18th
☆AB6IX |〘Stay Young〙[Comeback]
☆Yunho [TVXQ] |〘Thank U〙[Solo Comeback]
☆Epik High |〘ROSARIO (Ft. Zico & CL)〙[Comeback]

January 19th
☆CRAVITY |〘My Turn〙[Comeback]
☆ONEUS |〘No diggity (반박불가)〙[Comeback]
☆Chungha |〘X〙[Pre-Release]
☆Berry Good |〘할래 (Time For Me)〙[Comeback]

January 20th
☆DA iCE |〘SIX〙[Comeback]
☆TXT |〘Still Dreaming (5時53分の空で見つけた君と僕)〙[Japanese Release]
☆Cherry Bullet |〘Love So Sweet〙[Comeback]
☆Hoppipolla |〘너의 바다〙[Comeback]
☆OWV |〘Ready Set Go〙[Comeback]
☆One N’ Only |〘l.o.c.a〙[Release]

January 21st
☆Pink Fantasy |〘레몬사탕 (Lemon Candy)〙[Comeback]
☆HYNN |〘그대 없이 그대와〙[Comeback]
☆O.V [D-CRUNCH] |〘Life goes on (With Jungseung, Dylan)〙[Release]

January 22nd
☆Saturday |〘Only You〙[Comeback]
☆ITZY |〘Not Shy (English Ver.)〙[Release]
☆Yang Da Il |〘our joys and sadnesses〙[Release]

January 23rd
☆KROM |〘STEP (Ft. EK)〙[Release]

January 24th
☆Minseo |〘나랑 놀 사람〙[Comeback]
☆We Are The Night |〘Illusion of Dreams〙[Release]

January 25th
☆Golden Child |〘안아줄게 (Burn It)〙[Comeback]
☆Colde |〘미술관에서 (The Museum)〙[Comeback]
☆Yunho [TVXQ] |〘Eeny Meeny〙[Release]
☆Yozoh |〘Quince Tree〙[Comeback]
☆Bobby [iKON] |〘야 우냐 (U MAD)〙[Solo Comeback]

January 26th
☆IZ*ONE |〘D-D-DANCE〙[Release]
☆Kyuhyun [Super Junior] |〘Moving On〙[Release]
☆DALsooobin [DalShabet] |〘Sign〙[Release]
☆MAMAMOO |〘AYA〙[Japanese Release]
☆Dreamcatcher |〘Odd Eye〙[Comeback]
☆EXO Baekhyun, CHANGMO, DJ Raiden |〘Runner〙[Collab Release]

January 27th
☆Soohyun & Hoon [U-KISS] |〘I Wish〙[Unit Release]
☆IU |〘Celebrity〙[Pre-Release]

January 28th
☆HyunA |〘I’m Not Cool〙[Comeback]
☆N.CUS |〘Shining Star (빛나는 별)〙[Comeback]
☆Daehwi [AB6IX] |〘21〙[Release]
☆STOPES (Hyunwook & Jungseung) [D-Crunch] |〘128√e980〙[Release]

January 29th
☆Kisu |〘BOY〙[Release]
☆Jackson [GOT7] |〘一个人 Alone〙[Release]
☆Bananalaemon |〘Take a Pic〙[Release]
☆Han [Stray Kids] |〘Alien〙[Release]

January 30th
☆Woohee [DalShabet] |〘Round & Round〙[Release]


Credit: R.O.S.E (STARL1GHT)

Are you excited about any of the January Comebacks/Releases?

Are you excited for any January comebacks? Any releases missed? Feel free to comment below! 🙂