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Jacob (The Boyz) Profile and Facts

Jacob (The Boyz) Profile: Jacob Facts

Stage Name:
Jacob (제이콥)
Birth Name: Jacob Bae (배제이콥)
Korean Name: Bae Joon Young (배준영)
Position: Vocalist
Birthday: May 30th, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 175 cm (5’9″)
Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Korean-Canadian
Representative Number: 30

Jacob Facts:
– Jacob was born in Toronto, Canada.
– He has an older brother named Jeff. (V-LIVE)
– Jacob’s name is Bae Jacob so his nickname is baecop (belly button) (from “Open The Boyz”).
– Jacob is the “mother” of the group (ASC).
– Jacob is also considered the angel of the group (Flower Snack).
– Jacob likes volleyball and basketball (Open The Boyz).
– Jacob was on the basketball team for 4 years and volleyball team for 6 years (Pops in Seoul).
– He got an MVP award for volleyball and was an honor student from elementary until Grade 11.
– When he played volleyball he had a setter position.
– His position for volleyball was setter (V-Live).
– Jacob is fluent in English.
– Jacob wrote, sang and composed the song in his DAZED profile video.
– He is a huge fan of Sam Kim (Flower Snack).
– One of his hobbies includes playing the guitar.
– Jacob really likes cereals (V-Live).
– He’s a coffee kind of guy (V-Live).
– His favorite animal is a dog. (vLive)
– Jacob’s favorite colours are olive and burgundy.
– His favorite superhero is Wolverine (V-Live)
– His favorite Pixar/Disney movie is “Mulan”, he watched it about 10 times as a kid (V-Live).
– Jacob can do the Elmo voice (Open The Boyz).
– He used to play piano when he was younger but started playing guitar and drums instead. (vLive)
– His special talents include beatboxing and playing the guitar at the same time and doing the earthworm move.
– Jacob said that if he had a younger sister, he wouldn’t introduce her to any of the members.
– Jacob and Kevin were chosen as hosts/MCs in the music show “Simply K-POP”.
– Jacob and Sangyeon used to be roommates (THE100).
– Update: In the dorm Jacob and Sangyeon share a room.
– Jacob’s ideal type: A good-hearted person.

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  • Sanajaff

    his bro name is jeff :-: my family name is jaff lol

  • K_heaven121

    You 2 who said he is your least favorite member come here and let’s have a battle! If you could beat Jacob at being an angel then i’ll let you go but if you can’t you have to beg for mercy from the angle and apologize for your mistake! Thank you and have a nice day!

  • suga.topia

    You can’t force someone to love Jacob. Yes, he’s an amazing person with a handsome face, but not everyone will like him.

  • Emily Jenkins


  • Kiyugare Monster

    Jacob has dogs. this was mentioned in his solo vlive broadcast

  • Kiyugare Monster

    Jacob also said that he learned Korean from a friend who spoke the language. He spoken in Korean to his friend even though he knew what he was saying was incorrect, his friend had helped him a lot. This was also from the solo vlive broadcast.

  • 천사

    Jacob’s favorite anime is “One Piece”.

  • hes so beautiful fml

    i know nothing about the boyz but when i was watching mcountdown and when no air came on…. this boy right here jusT STOLE MY HEART. he’s too beautiful, i feel compelled to learn more 😭😭powerful

  • Menmeong

    Jacob is easily scared and is the most vulnerable member when it comes to watching horror movies. (Come On! THE BOYZ)

  • Ryleigh

    jacob has 2 dogs (vLive)

  • Ryleigh

    theres actually just a few different facts in this vLive so
    heres the link: https://www.vlive.tv/video/117291

  • naeride

    im sorry but if people dosent like jacob… they arent good people

  • mandi

    Jacob is my everything. I love him with all my heart and soul.

  • Libin

    jacob went to stephen lewis secondary school in missisauga MY SCHOOL ASDFGHJK I CRIED you can check on there website or wikipeidia