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Ivan (The KingDom) Profile

Ivan (The KingDom) Profile and Facts:

Ivan (아이반) is a member of The KingDom under GF Entertainment.

Stage Name: Ivan (아이반)
Birth Name: Park Yuseong (박유성)
Birthday: October 12, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 182 cm (5’11”)
Weight: 65 kg (145 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean
Kingdom: Kingdom of Snow
Representative Emoji:

Ivan Facts:
– He was born in Iksan-si, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea.
– He has an older sister, born in 2000.
– His special skills are are bowling and taekwondo.
– He was part of K-Tigers.
– His first audition was in 2017 and he sang the national anthem.
– Was 19 years old when KINGDOM debuted.
– Currently shares a room with Mujin and Hwon, with him sleeping in the lower bed and Hwon on the top and according to Mujin him and Hwon snore together harmonized every night.
– Ivan’s favorite songs in History of Kingdom : PartⅥ. Mujin are “바람의 노래 (Song of the Wind)” and “My Wave” (April 30, 2023 Weverse Live).
– Some of his nicknames are Prince, High-pitched Machine, and Positive King.
– Revealed that ”Dystopia (혼)” is really hard and that it wasn’t easy to record and that he thought ”Was I this handsome?” for the first time.
– The recipe he’s most confident in is Spaghetti.
– Is one of the most popular members when going oversees in terms of roommates because he takes a lot of stuff the members need and because he’s really quiet.
– Really wants to perform ”Last Flower” again.
– Chose a friend he clicks very well with but fights with often over a friend that he isn’t very close to and fights with often.
– A song that comforts him when he’s going through a hard time is ”Hug Me” by Jung Joonil.
– Something he remembers from his childhood is getting scolded after he snuck out at night to watch a movie.
– His answer to the question ”If your friend likes the girl you’re going out with do you give up or fight for her love” was ”I fight for her love.”
– His hobbies are gaming, listening to music, and playing Over watch.
– Ivan’s favorite drink is Lotte 2%.
– His favorite colors are black and sky blue.
– He was an SM Entertainment trainee, but left to study acting in college.
– Ivan enjoys spicy food and his favorite food is galbi.
– He wants to be in a web drama.
– Ivan began his acting career when he was a freshman in high school after being cast by a large agency.
– He joined KINGDOM after being cast by Louis.
– His role models are BTS and SEVENTEEN.
– Ivan snores in his sleep.
– He is camera shy.
– Ivan is Christian.
– Used to share a room with Chiwoo.
– According to Arthur, whenever Ivan asks for a favor, he does his best which makes Arthur want to teach him more (Arthur Weverse live February 13, 2023).
– He can score 980 points out of 1000 with his foot on the kicking machine and 820 with his hand. (May 20, 2023 Weverse DM)
– His workout routine is 100 push ups, 100 squats and 100 sit ups in 2 sets (do 50, 10s rest then 50 again) and added that back when he did taekwondo be did 200 each. (May 20, 2023 Weverse DM)
– Ivan can lift heavy things. (May 23, 2020 Weverse DM).
– Louis shared that a habit Ivan has is blacking out/falling asleep in 3 seconds while they’re talking due to schedules where they don’t get to sleep a lot/often.(After School Club)
– The members and himself chose Ivan when asked “Who would die first on a uninhabited island?”, his response/reasoning for it being: “If you were on an uninhabited island I think it’s conventional to give up on life” (Source).
– He is ranked #14 on Overwatch in all of Asia. He was even scouted by a pro team.
– In terms of his cover which he postponed a few times, is in the works and he said he’s working very hard on preparing it and is done choosing a song.
– Revealed that he saw some of Kingmakers deductions in terms of their lore that made him go ”Oh~~.”
– On the question which The KingDom member is his favorite he answered that Ivan is cute and handsome but he’ll exclude him and that’s its too hard to pick one because everyone has their own charm.
– Often watches Arthur’s lives because he gives spoilers a lot.
– When The KingDom was asked “If you had a younger sister, which member would you introduce her to?,” he got two votes, so he said that if he would date a members younger sister he would do everything she wants.
– Admits to not knowing how to ski but being confident in sledding (December 28, 2022 Weverse Live).
– He would like to visit Jeju Island and by himself Guam (April 30, 2023 Weverse Live).
– He wants to try a concept like “CASE 143″ by Stray Kids.
– Thinks that ”Dystopia” is the best album after ”Black Crown”.
– Ivan met Jahan in 2015-2016 (May 17, 2023 Weverse Live).
– His favorite animals are puppies and rabbits (April 30, 2023 Weverse Live).
– Back when The KingDom was promoting for “Long Live The King“, he said “I was the most tired out of all the activities so far. I couldn’t say it, but there was a time when I felt like I was going to faint while practicing for this album. so as soon as I went to the hospital, I fainted, and I was sleeping with sap for about 2 hours but I got better quickly.” (December 28, 2022 Weverse Live)
– His ranking for who in The KingDom is the most angel like is: #2 Jahan #3 Louis and #4 Dann with the words “He’s enduring the weight of the leader well.” The reason for the 00z and Hwon being excluded from the ranking is that while he finds Hwon funny he’s to exited and for 00z he didn’t name a reason.
– The ranking for the most devilish member was #1 Arthur and #2 Hwon and added that if he would have put Hwon first, Hwon wouldn’t have talked to him because Hwon likes him so much.
– The ranking for who teases him the most in The KingDom are as follows; 1. Arthur, 2. Dann, 3. Louis, 4. Mujin and 6. Jahan. Added that he thinks Dann has a quiet image, but Dann is really good at teasing him (August 18, 2022 Weverse Live).
– Said that the choreography for “Long Live The King” was easier to memorize than the choreography for “Ascencion (승천)” although the technique for LLTK was hard to grasp at first (August 18, 2022 Weverse Live).
– He can kick backwards because he’s strong at kicking, the reason for that he doesn’t know but asked “Was I a rabbit in my past life?” (August 18, 2022 Weverse Live).
– Revealed that even he himself finds Kingdoms lore interesting and that he likes his characters worldview as well as characters with unexpected charm (August 18, 2022 Weverse Live).
– His first impression of Hwon was that he was really nice. He listens to the members well and follows them well and that he was able to talk to him comfortably because Hwon was comfortable with him (September 13, 2022 Weverse Live).
– He would like to visit Jeju Island and especially Guam (April 30, 2023 Weverse Live).
– There’s a lot of hair colors he wants to try, but he really wants to try sky blue and one with a gray bridge (September 13, 2022 Weverse Live).
– Because he played volleyball as a hobby in middle school and high school, he grew dramatically taller (September 13, 2022 Weverse Live).
– He admits to not knowing how to ski, but being confident in sledding (December 28, 2022 Weverse Live).
– Ivan prefers a 5 year old Hwon over 5 Hwons because if there were 5 Hwons, there would be more than an earthquake upstairs because of the fact that Hwon keeps shaking the bed above him (January 2, 2023 Weverse Live).
– He and Hwon have similar sleep patterns so it’s fun for them to go into each other’s chat when the other does a live.
– His subordinate police officer is Hwon.
– Hwon makes fun of him once a day these days an keeps hitting the bed hard when he comes down off it but if he would tease him back Hwon would cry.
– When asked about the member that bothers him the most, he answered Arthur.
– He has a black belt in taekwondo and once won first place in a province competition and even has a medal from it (February 12, 2023 Weverse Live).
– He did 100 sit-ups everyday to gain his abs.
– The reason behind him not coming on Weverse often from December 22 to January 23 was because he was wandering around a lot after what the company had told him in terms of his cover and that he get’s emotional thinking about that time (February 09, 2023 Weverse Live).
– Usually cries in hiding when he’s having a hard time and that he only cried once in 2022.

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