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Mujin (The KingDom) Profile

Mujin (The KingDom) Profile and Facts:

Mujin (무진) is a member of The KingDom under GF Entertainment.

Stage Name: Mujin (무진)
Birth Name: Ko Sungho (고성호)
Birthday: November 20, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 176 cm (5’9”)
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean
Representative Emoji: 🐊
Kingdom: Kingdom of Cherry Blossoms (Sakura).
SoundCloud: MUJIN

Mujin Facts:
– He was born in Seoul, South Korea.
– He has a younger brother, born in 2004.
– His favorite colors are black and gray.
– Nicknames: Ko Mujin, Ryu Junyeol, Flat fish and DongDong.
– His favorite sports are soccer and swimming.
– He likes mint chocolate.
– Mujin is a night owl.
– He currently shares a room with Ivan and Hwon.
– His specialties include cooking and composing new music.
– Mujin’s favorite seasons are autumn and winter. He thinks summer is too hot.
– He wrote and composed the song ”My Wave” from the album History of Kingdom Part. VI. Mujin in about a week.
– Mujin studied English in Los Angeles, California, USA for 6 months and in Vietnam for 4 months.
– After leaving his previous company, Mujin told Arthur (who he met at that company) that he left, so Arthur suggested that he come to GF Entertainment.
– Mujin doesn’t like scary things.
– He understands English, but struggles with expressing himself fully.
– His charming point is his smile.
– The members said that while he is nice and lovely to fans, he’s not like that to them.
– Mujin claims that the maknae line of The KingDom plays a lot of pranks on them and that he can’t control them.
– He can’t sleep well when he’s hungry.
– His hobby is listening to music and playing the piano.
– He got into JYP Entertainment but his phone broke, so he found out about his acceptance when it was too late.
– Mujin has a cat named Gyeowool.
– He plays League of Legends.
– Mujin prefers having short hair over longer hair.
– He likes cooking at home, decorating his room and collecting props.
– Mujin learned how to cook by watching cook offs and making recipes for his mother.
– He is Christian.
– Mujin sings and snores in his sleep.
– His role model is G-Dragon and he wants to collaborate with him.
– He has a habit of bobbing his head.
– According to Ivan, Mujin resolves his anger easily and adapts well to situations.
– His favorite singer is B.I.
– Mujin would rather keep a python than a crow as a pet.
– The feature he likes most on his face is his jawline.
– A trot song he likes to perform is ”Love Battery” by Hong Jinyoung.
– When asked about what he absolutely can’t give up on whenever going out between his hairstyle or outfit, he chose outfit.
– Mujin was good at math when he was in school.
– He’s planning to grow his hair longer than the length he had during ”Excalibur” promotions.
– A hair color he wants to try is platinum blond.
– He said he used to like dogs more and the story of how he got Gyeowool is as follows: ”I raised my younger brother’s friend’s cat for about a month, but after he went back, my parents felt the absence of a cat so they adopted Gyeowool. A few days after adopting his he got sick and went to a big hospital, and the doctor said he was infected with Feline Panleukopenia. My mother stubbornly wanted to treat him so she did, and fortunately he came back healthy. My father and I are still grateful to my mother.”
– Mujin said Indian food is delicious but it’s different from his taste.
– He sleeps with his hands behind his head and Hwon said he sees him like that every morning.
– His favorite song from History Of Kingdom: Pt. Ⅵ. Mujin is “Song of the Wind (바람의 노래)”.
– Mujin is learning Japanese these days but pretends he doesn’t understand to his family.
– He prefers rapping over singing because he raps better and is more confident in it.
– Amongst all the foods he ate in Japan, he found wagyu the most delicious.
– He doesn’t recognize when he’s having a hard time, only when he looks back on it.
– He started composing in his second year of high school.
– He likes works with a sad or open ending because they are more affectionate.
– Revealed that their song ”Period” from History Of Kingdom: Pt. V.  Louis was actually originally called ”Satellite” which is why there are many references to night, star and space.
– Shared that he only found out about featuring in Seo In-Guk’s AAA stage right before going to Japan and that he wrote the lyrics for the performance during the activities in Japan but couldn’t write lyrics well so he cried alone in the studio.
– Revealed that The KingDom actually practiced their Thunderous cover (original Stray Kids) in the middle of practicing ”Last Flower”.
– Said that he’s thinking of giving his song ”낭만” to another artist.
– Edited the highlight medley for their album History Of Kingdom: Pt. Ⅵ. Mujin.
He and the other members talked a lot about the feedback they received on ‘Peak Time’ and they practiced live singing a lot.
– Revealed that the snake accessory he had on his nose during the ”Dystopia (혼)” Music Video was a actually a big ring cut into a snake shape.
– Once said that there is no one amongst the members who will receive his love during a Weverse Live.
– Wants to do NEW JEANS’ ”OMG” Challange with all the members.
– Said that he watches Kingamkers vlogs and that they automatically get recommended to him.
– Feels like ”Dystopia” is a mix of ”Karma” and ”Black Crown.”

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