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AdamLilith Members Profile

AdamLilith Members Profile

AdamLilith (アダムリリス), also known as Adamth (アダムス), is a 4-member Japanese girl group under imaginate.inc and part of the combined group HEROINES.
The members are Otoha Rizu, Yayoi Yamu, Miki Ray, and Miyako Yuna. They made their live debut on October 25th 2022.

AdamLilith Fandom Name: –
AdamLilith Official Colors: –

Official Accounts:
Twitter: @Adamth_official
YouTube: AdamLilith official【アダムリリス】
Instagram: @adamlilith_official

Members Profile
Otaha Rizu

Stage Name: Otoha Rizu (響羽リズ)
Position: Leader
Birthday: September 26, –
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Weight: –
Blood Type:
Twitter: rizu_adamth
Instagram: rizu_adamth
TikTok: rizu_adamth

Otoha Rizu Facts:
– Her member color is red
– She was a concurrent founding member of Blk Liliy up until their disbandment of current members on May 9th 2023
– Rizu choreographs all of AdamLilith and Blk Liliy songs
– She’s a temporary support member in iLiFE! from May 22nd 2023, where her representative color is black

Yayoi Yamu

Stage Name: Yamu Yayoi (夜宵やむ)
Birthday: December 26, –
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 158 cm (5’2”)
Weight: –
Blood Type:
Twitter: yamu_adamth
Instagram: yamu_yayoi
YouTube: 夜宵やむ Yamu Yayoi, 夜めあ連合 Yoru Mea Rengou (Inactive, channel with Herosyn member Kagano Mea)

Yayoi Yamu Facts:
– Her member color is purple
– She is a former member of Higeki no Heroine Syndrome up until their disbandment in April 2021
– She was the first member of AdamLilith to be announced and was the face of the idol audition project called KODO that would later become AdamLilith
– Between Herosyn’s disbandment and debuting in AdamLilith she was active as a solo performer and model
– Her nickname is Yamu-sama
– Her favorite Sanrio character is Kuromi
– Her birthplace is Tokyo, Japan
– She has a pet snake

Miki Ray

Stage Name: Miki Ray (三木零)
Birthday: October 30th, –
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Weight: –
Blood Type:
Twitter: ray_adamth
Instagram: ray_adamth

Miki Ray Facts:
– Her member color is blue
– Her nicknames are Ray-chan and Ray-chama

Stage Name: Miyako Yuna (都ユナ)
Position: Youngest
Birthday: November 19, 2004
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 169 cm (5’7”)
Weight: –
Blood Type: A
Twitter: yuna_adamth
Instagram: yuna_adamth

Miyako Yuna Facts:
– Her member color is white
– She is a former member of SKE48 (2018), Iroha Sakura (2018-2021), and Culumi (2019-2021) where she had the name Kozuma Honoka (上妻ほの香)
– She is from Aichi prefecture, Japan
– Her favorite Sanrio character is Hangyodon
– She has modeled for KRY Clothing
– She is a fan of K-pop
– She is in charge of MC
– She is friends with Nagi from TENRIN

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