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IAN (LUN8) Profile

IAN (LUN8) Profile and Facts:

IAN (이안) is a member of the South Korean boy group LUN8 under Fantagio Entertainment.

Stage Name: IAN (이안)
Birth Name: Noh Sungchul (노성철)
Position: Dancer
Birthday: December 11th, 2003
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 175 cm (5’8″)
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Korean
Representative Emoji: 🦌

IAN Facts:
– Born in Dongjak, Seoul, South Korea.
– He was introduced as Buzzer Beater. IAN was the 1st member to be revealed.
– He is a former I-LAND contestant.
– His favorite sport is soccer.
– He’s in charge of the choreography.
– If someone scares him, he can sometimes faint.
– Family: Parents, unknown if he has any siblings.
– IAN and DOHYUN both love decorating their room.
– He participated in Mnet’s survival show I-LAND.
– Hobbies: Shopping, and taking a walk.
– Specialties: Playing soccer, and hand flute.
– IAN was moved by ASTRO‘s MOONBIN & SANHA‘s concert.
– Ian’s motivation is the amazing performances of his seniors.
– His role model is BTS‘ V.
– He picks him as his role model because of his expressions when performing on stage are great.
– Ian wants to be an ambassador for Bottega Veneta.
– He likes to dance, the smell of Korean food, and he likes clothes.
– He dreamed of being a football player since he was 8 to 16 years old.
– The sentence he wants to hear from fans is, “You’re mine∼ ♥“.
– He’s in charge of the choreography.
– IAN’s motivation is the amazing performances of his seniors.
– IAN uses JINSU‘s medince and bandaids the most.
– His charming points are his soft soothing voice and distinctive features.
– His resolution as an LUN8 member is to do his best in making LUN8 the best.
– On May 24, 2023 LUN8 uploaded their 8th and last “What’s in – bag?” video onto their YouTube channel.
– He likes wearing hats and beanies, he has lots of them.
– He love listening to music, especially when he walks around Han River.
– The songs he recommends listening to is all the songs by Lauv, when taking a walk.
– The music genres he likes listening to is emotional pop songs.
– He is a big fan of Lauv.
– Him and DOHYUN has sensitive sense of smell.
– He hadn’t been to a market since elementary school before filming Real! LUN8 : Strange Journey.
– He was part of an after-school football club.
– Him and DOHYUN easily gets lost when they’re talking and walking at the same time.
– A food he likes is Hotteok (Hoeddeok (Filled pancakes)).
– He shares birthday with HYOLYN and PENTAGON‘s SHINWON.
IAN’s Motto:What matters the most is the direction, not the speed“.

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