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Kim Woojin Profile and Facts

Kim Woojin Profile and Facts
Stage Name: Woojin (우진)
Birth Name: Kim Woo Jin (김우진)
Birthday: April 8, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 176 cm (5’9″)
Blood Type: B
Twitter: @woooojinn
Spotify: Teddy Bear Woojin’s Playlist

Woojin Facts:
– He was born in Daejeon, South Korea.
– He has one older brother.
– Woojin graduated from SOPA.
– His nickname (according to his members): Bear.
– His specialty is kendo (modern Japanese martial arts).
– He is a former Fantagio trainee.
– He is a former SM trainee and used to train with NCT members.
– He thinks his charming point is his face when he laughs.
– He trained for 2 years.
– When Woojin was a trainee he continuously worked out to fulfill his role well (of a main vocalist). (Stray Kids show)
– He is very thorough with his self-care. (Stray Kids show)
– He can speak basic English.
– He can play the guitar well.
– His hobbies are listening to music and shopping (especially clothes).
– He really likes playing games. (Pops in Seoul)
– Woojin favorite movie genre is mellow. (Stray Kids Amigo TV ep 1)
– He also likes horror movies and action movies. (Twitter Live Q&A)
– His favorite season is autumn.
– His special talent is that he can guess fried chicken brands. (“Weekly Idol”)
– His favorite food is chicken with cheese on the top.
– He can’t eat Tom Yum Kkung.
– His shoe size is 270 mm.
– His perfume is Versace Dylan Blue.
– Woojin has the biggest hands among them. (Stray Kids Amigo TV ep 1)
– If he has time machine, Woojin would like to go back to his ten years old days.
– Woojin wants to fix his fast rice-eating habit.
– Woojin prefers sea/beach over mountain.
– Things he’d like doing during vacation: going to a valley
– Things he dislikes doing during vacation: water fight at a playground
– Woojin prefers pouring sauce rather than dipping sauce.
– Woojin’s best part (of his body) is his eyes. (Stray Kids Amigo TV ep 1)
– He wanted to become a singer because he liked singing since he was young.
– If he wasn’t in Stray Kids, he would be a vocal trainer or a music teacher. (vLive 180424)
– He is friends with Wanna One‘s Jihoon, who was also a former SM and Fantagio trainee.
– He is friends with NCT ‘s Jungwoo.
– His role at the dorm is to love and adore his brothers.
– Minho is his roommate. Their room is the cleanest.
– Update: In the new dorm Woojin, Changbin and Felix share a room.
– His motto: “Let’s not make things that we regret.”
– His role model is Bruno Mars.
– He left STRAY KIDS on October 27th, 2019 due to personal reasons and has terminated his contracts with JYP.
Woojin’s ideal type: “A charismatic person.”

(Special thanks to Yuki Hibari, Minho’s Bundles, Hanboy, Carla for providing additional info.)

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  • hanboy

    ‘chicken’ as woojin stan’s rival for woojin’s love (also chan’s rival lol)

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  • KProfiles

    Thank you for the info, it has been added! 🙂

  • Minho’s Bundles

    When Woojin was a trainee he continuously worked out to fulfill his role well (of a main vocalist). He is very thorough with his self-care. (said on an episode of Stray Kids)

  • KProfiles

    Thanks for the info and for providing the source! 🙂

  • Rachel

    Oml this boy needs more attention. His vocals are incredible, and his face is so cute and squishy! :3

  • Jenny Huynh

    those people on the poll who said he’s their least favorite
    who hurt you

  • A.M.

    In after school club episode 340, it was confirmed that Woojin went from pouring sauce to dipping sauce because with dipping sauce he can do both whereas pouring sauce he could only do one of the two 🙂

  • MiniJaeEun

    Woojin is the king of vocals along with Taeil, Taemin and Taehyung imo.

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    Does Woojin have Waardenburg syndrome? He looks like he might but there’s nothing online about it

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    With whom Woojin is the closest within a group/in industry as a whole?

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    i’m pretty sure he doesn’t because he doesn’t have the symptons of it.

  • baekhyun and eggs

    there’s something about him that i can’t quite put my finger on. he looks so manly and his eyes are so alluring i feel like i could get lost in them ahhh idk what’s happening but i just watched “i am you” and he’s officially my bias wrecker

  • Agatha Charm Mendoza

    Woojin was the strongest member in Stray Kids.

  • kay

    Woojin has amazing vocals and he isnt ugly per say. but for some reason i cant get myself to like him?? It disapoints me too.. and theres something about his face- i hate to sound bitchy and rude but something bothers me and i have no clue what it is. Whew there i said it dont atacc me

  • epic dn

    that’s rude lmao

  • honestly I have this problem to but uh he still looks hella good no matter what

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  • pokegamer617

    admin… please add this as another fact for woojin…

    He said in their unveil tour in manila…

    Woojin stayed in Iloilo,Philippines for 2 years when he was young. He studied english there and has been to boracay for 2 times.