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Stray Kids’ Pets : Petracha

Stray Kids’ Pets : Petracha

Stray kids love their pets and it’s not difficult to see why.

Lee Know’s Cats:

Soonie (순이)

– Soonie was adopted in 2011.
– Soonie was abandoned so Lee Know adopted Soonie.
– Difference from Doongie: Soonie has a white nose Doongie’s is orange.
– Soonie stays at home with Lee Know’s family.
– Soonie is male.

Doongie (둥이)

– Lee Know got Doongie 2-3 years after he got Soonie.
– That means Minho got Soonie in 2013/2014.
– Minho got Doongie from a friend’s cat that gave birth.
– Difference from Soonie: Doongie’s nose is orange unlike Soonie’s which is white.
– Doongie lives with Lee Know’s family.
– Doongie is male.

Dori (도리)

– Dori is “catracha’s” maknae.
– Dori’s birthday is 22 December 2019.
– Lee Know got Dori got from an abandoned cats website.
– Dori lives with Lee Know’s family along with Soonie and Doongie.
– Dori is male.

Hyunjin’s Dog:

– Kkami’s birthday is on 20 February 2015.
– Kkami is male.
– Kkami breed: Long- haired Chihuahua.
– Kkami isn’t very friendly (Hyunjin vlog).
– Hyunjin had another puppy named Kkomi who passed away when he was young. His song 꼬마별 (Little Star) was inspired by Kkomi.
– Kkami lives with Hyunjin’s Family.

Bang Chan’s Dog:

– Berry was born on 3 December 2015.
– Berry is female.
– Berry breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
– She was featured in Stray Kids music video for boxer.
– Berry lives with Bang Chan’s family back in Australia.

Han’s Dog:

– Han adopted Bbama in 2021.
– Bbama is the maknae of “dogracha”.
– Bbama means crimp in Korean. Han gave Bbama that name to describe Bbama’s fur.
– Bbama breed: Bichon Frise
– Bbama lives with Han’s family.

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Who is your favorite member of Petracha?

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