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Hyunjin (Loossemble/LOONA) Profile

Hyunjin (Loossemble/LOONA) Profile and Facts:

Hyunjin (현진) is a member of the project girl group Loossemble. She is also a LOONA member, although the group is currently inactive.

Stage Name: Hyunjin (현진)
Birth Name: Kim Hyunjin (김현진)
Birthday: November 15, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Birthplace: Jeonju, South Korea
Blood Type: AB
MBTI Type: ESFP (Her previous result was INTJ)
Sub-Unit: LOONA 1/3
Instagram: @hyunjinab

Hyunjin Facts:
– Hyunjin debuted November 16, 2016 under LOONA with the song “Around You”.
– Her color is yellow and her animal is a cat.
– Her hair gets frizzy after it rains.
– She’s always wanted to become a singer.
– She prefers other drinks over coffee.
– Hyunjin wants to film a commercial for sports shoes and earrings.
– Hyunjin’s favorite facial feature are her lips.
– She listens to “Love Fictions” by Ulala Sessions a lot.
– She likes to exercise.
– Hyunjin prefers girl crush concept over lovely concept.
– Hyunjin can break an apple with her bare hands.
– She experienced a one-sided love in elementary school so it helped her act in LOONA webdrama.
– She has two older brothers (one of her brothers is a main vocalist and composer for the band ‘Bi-o-ne’, her other older brother is in acting school preparing for debut.)
– Some of Hyunjin’s nicknames are BreadJin, Meow Jin and Kim Jini.
– Hyunjin’s arms and hands are huge big like a man’s.
– Hyunjin is ambidextrous and can sign with her left hand.
– Hyunjin’s special talent is making dog noises (happy dog, alert dog, hurt dog and much more).
– Hyunjin can speak Hyunjinese (her own language) and she is from Hyunjinland.
– Hyunjin can play the piano.
– Hyunjin loves bread so much, she calls herself a breadholic.
– She rejected expensive sushi from the CEO for bread.
– Hyunjin likes rye bread the best.
– She eats a lot. She can eat up to 3 bowls of rice. She loves the side dish squid pickled with salt.
– Hyunjin is very athletic. In school, she was a member of a soccer club, a basketball club, a table tennis club, and a tennis/badminton club.(loona tv #95 🙂
– Hyunjin says her charming point is her diversity (4D!).
– Hyunjin’s hobbies are exercising and creating choreographies.
– Hyunjin likes Russian blue cats, pillows and games.
– Hyunjin hates when people touch her bed, eggplants and the sound of motorbikes.
– Hyunjin’s biggest interest at the moment is pets.
– Hyunjin is known to look like Tzuyu from Twice.
– Netizens say that Hyunjin is a combination of Naeun (APink), Seolhyun (AOA) and Tzuyu (Twice).
– Hyunjin appeared in TVN’s “Three Idiots” back in 2013.
– She was a trainee for 3 years.
– Hyunjin isn’t timid, she is outgoing.
– Hyunjin is friends with Jueun of DIA.
– Hyunjin about her charm point: “My vocal teacher told me I had a very good tone.”
– She describe herself a monkey with long arms and hands. (MIXNINE PROFILE)
– Hyunjin was a participant in YG’s survival show MIXNINE.
– Hyunjin ended #11 on MIXNINE.
– Hyunjin prefers Hi High over Favorite.
– Hyunjin loves the summer, 3 things she likes about it are the air conditioning, more easier to wear clothes, and the outdoors on a summer night
– Hyunjin: Prefers sneakers over heels.
– Hyunjin likes hot coffee more then cold coffee.
– Hyunjin wants to film a hamburger CF or, if with the whole group, a shoe CF.
– Her idol is Bread & King Donkatsu.
– On June 11, 2023 it was reported that Hyunjin has signed an exclusive contract with agency CTD E&M.

Hyunjin updated her MBTI type to ESFJ on June 29, 2022. (Source)

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