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Shuzo Ohira Facts and Profile

Shuzo Ohira Facts and Profile

Shuzo Ohira (大平修蔵), also known as Shuzo, is a Japanese actor, TikToker, DJ and model.

Birth Name: Shuzo Ohira (大平修蔵)
Birthday: March 12, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Snake
Height: 186 cm (6’1″)
Weight:  N/A
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Japanese
Instagram (personal account): @shuzo___3120
Instagram (DJ account with Yamato): @dj_shuzo_yamato.official
TikTok: @shuzo__3120
Soundcloud (with Yamato): SHUZO&YAMATO

Shuzo Ohira Facts:
– His hometown is Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.
– He has a younger brother (born 2005) and an older brother (born 1997)
– His parents both worked for Swissair.
– In 2013, when he visited Harajuku, he was scouted by an entertainment agency and he first accepted, but he couldn’t stand the acting lessons and left.
– In 2016 he went to New Zealand to study.
– He was scouted by Starray Production in 2020 when he came back to Japan. he currently belongs to it.
– He is also part of Donna Models Japan and Sunny Days 32.
– He began posting to Instagram in February 2018 and to TikTok in January 2020.
– He frequently posts updates from his travels and features his friends on his social networks.
– He made his modeling debut in Tokyo for the 2021 Spring/Summer men’s collection of Louis Vuitton, held on September 2020.
– During the 35th Men’s Non-no Model Audition in November 2020, he won the TikTok award and he was selected as an exclusive model.
– He modeled for the 2021 autumn/winter collection for Yoshiokubo in January 2021 during Paris Fashion Week.
– He’s part of Elite Models Paris.
– He was a visual model for Maybelline’s “Fit Me Primer” ad in September 2021.
– He DJ’d the Sunset Beach Club in 2022.
– He participated in lots of Fashion Weeks all around the world and posing for many brands.
– He currently lives in Tokyo, Japan.
– According to an interview with Rimowa in 2021, he said that he feels that he doesn’t know where would he be in the next 10 years, so he has to go to the “next level” and do an upgrade of himself (link).
– He usually posts videos and photos with DJ, TikToker, and model Yamato Inoue; there is a rumor about a relationship between them, but they never admitted it or published a statement regarding the truth.

Shuzo Ohira Radio Programmes:
PEACE with love (since 2022)

Shuzo Ohira Drama Series:
The 8.2 Seconds Rule (8.2秒の法則) (2022) – Amai Koichi
Sweat and Soap (あせとせっけん) (2022) – Suzumura Yuji
Guess by Associate Professor Takatsuki Akira (准教授・高槻彰良の推察) (2021) – Mitani Tsutomu
The Kiss of Blind Love (痴情の接吻) (2021) – Satoshima Atsushi
Don’t Cry! Seki Kazuki ( 泣くな!関和樹) (2021) – Seki Kazuki
Don’t Cry Doctor-In-Training (泣くな研修医) (2021) – Seki Kazuki

Shuzo Ohira Web Series:
A World Where Everything Definitely Becomes BL vs. the Man Who Definitely Doesn’t Want to be in a BL Season 2 (絶対BLになる世界vs絶対BLになりたくない男2) (2022) – Kakei

Shuzo Ohira TV Shows:
Another Sky Resurrection SP (アナザースカイ復活SP) (2022)
Don’t Be Fooled by Rainbows and Wolves Season 10 (虹とオオカミには騙されない10) (2021)
What’s So Wrong with Being Wily? (あざとくて何が悪いの?) (2020)

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