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이지승 (HBK Lee) Profile & Facts

이지승 (HBK Lee) Profile: 이지승 (HBK Lee) Facts

이지승 a.k.a HBK Lee is a South Korean rapper and YouTuber.

이지승 (HBK Lee) Fandom Name: Jiseung Crew (지승크루)

Name: HBK Lee
Birth Name: Lee Ji-seung (이지승)
Birthday: December 23, 1993
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Instagram: @hbkjiseung
Facebook: leejiseung1223
YouTube: 이지승 HBK Lee

이지승, HBK Lee Facts:
– His hometown is Daegu, South Korea.
– He lived in Seoul when he was 25 years old, but now lives in Bucheon.
– He usually uploads rap cover videos on his YouTube channel.
– He likes to rap since he was young.
– In addition to rap cover contents,  he sometimes releases his own rap songs.
– Besides rapping, he can sing very well.
– Since he grew up in Daegu, he can speak in the Daegu dialect.
– His favorite singer is Min Kyunghoon and sometimes imitates his voice.
– His favorite colors are black and red.
– He’s good at impersonating rappers. In particular, the impersonation of The Quiett is excellent.
– He is interested in men. [facebook]
– It is said that he hates fighting and is bad at it.
– His favorite character is Crayon Shin-chan, and likes the character of SpongeBob Squarepants as well.
– He appeared in the rapper evaluation competition at SHOW ME THE MONEY 777. But it was edited out, the rap wasn’t aired, and it hasn’t been shown since. Probably, he dropped out or voluntarily left the program.
– The first video that he uploaded on his YouTube channel was an impersonation of Min Kyunghoon in 2015.
– He appeared in Show Me the Player 2 and showed Mad Clown‘s rap in front of Mommy Seung (마미승).
– He has received an offer from Mnet to participate in Show Me the Money 9 but didn’t accept it.
– His name HBK Lee stands for Heart Break Kid Lee.
– He released his first official single on August 28, 2020, titled “Dragonfly”.
– He releases music under his birth name.
– His cover of SMTM9’s “VVS” with YouTuber Dalzi reached over 1,5 million views. [youtube]
– HBK Lee’s Ideal Type: A person who manages himself well. [YT QnA 2019]

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