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Ha Seokhee Profile and Facts

Ha Seokhee Profile and Facts

Ha Seokhee (하석희) is a South-Korean singer and former member of the project boy group KAIROS.

Official Fandom Name: HARIBO
Official Fandom Colors:

Birth Name: Ha Seokhee (하석희)
Birthday: August 16, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Weight: –
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: seokheearchive

Ha Seokhee Facts
– He is from Busan, South Korea.
– Seokhee is a former Stars Awakening and Fantasy Boys contestant.
– His nickname is Seoki (서키).
– He wanted to become a flight attendant if he wasn’t a singer.
– He can speak Korean, English, and a little French.
– His favorite color is black.
– He studied at Howon University of Music in the K-pop Department.
– His favorite sanrio character is Pochacco.
– He is good friends with Ciipher’s Hyunbin and NXD Jaemin.
– Seokhee is a big fan of Apink, BAEKHYUN, and Jeon Soyeon.
– He has two tattoos of his cats Buyoung and Sini.
– He dislikes seafood, eggplant, mushrooms, and exercising.
– He has a Kuromi photocard binder full of his photocards.
– He is close friends with former Fantasy Boys contestants Hayato, Yuma, Duhyun; former Stars Awakening contestants Park Gwanyoung, Park Mingeun; and former Boys Planet contestant Ollie.
– He used to train at SM Entertainment.
– Seokhee’s special skill is imitating the characteristics of people and characters.
– He started training in the middle of 2021.
– If he were to debut he wants to debut with a concept similar to WINNER.
– Seokhee has said he and FANTASY BOYS’ Gyurae have a father and son like friendship.
– His Boys Planet picks were Han Yujin, Kim Taerae, Sung Hanbin, Zhang Hao, and Kim Gyuvin but he liked all the contestants.

Stars Awakening Facts:
Introduction Video
– Preliminary Round: “불타오르네 (FIRE)” by BTS  (150 votes) (STAR PASS) (Video Link)
– First Round: “어느 날 머리에서 뿔이 자랐다 (Crown)” by TXT  (114 votes) (Opponents: “잠못드는 밤 비는 내리고 (Sleepless Rainy Night)” team and “라라라 (Lalala)” team: 3rd) (Video Link)
– Second Round: “DNA”  (156 votes) (Opponents: “환상 (Phantom)” team and “벚꽃 엔딩 (Cherry Blossom Ending)” team: 1st) (Video Link)
– Third Round: “Chewing Gum” by NCT DREAM  (Role: Leader, Vocalist) (Team Name: Gumball) (Opponent: “너에게 (To You)” team: Lost) (Video Link)

– Ranking(s): B (1R) -> #45 (2R) -> #36 & C (3R) -> #37 & C (3R)

Fantasy Boys Facts:
Introduction Video
– He was ranked in 1st Grade after his introduction stage but later was moved down to 2nd Grade.
Signal Song Fancam
– 1st Semester ranking: #20
– 2nd Semester ranking: #27 (-7)
– 3rd Semester Ranking: #19 (+8)
– 4th Semester Ranking: (Semifinal): #19 (=)
– Finale Ranking: #16 (+3) (Eliminated)
– Visual Mission: performed CROWN by TXT and ranked 2nd in his team.
Crown Fancam
– Major Field Mission: performed Monster by EXO and was ranked 3rd in the vocal category overall.
Monster Fancam (Fantasy Boys), Monster Fancam (MusicCore)
Monster Team MusicCore (Full Ver)
– Team Mission: performed Energetic by WANNA ONE and was ranked 3rd out of 5 teams.
Energetic Fancam
– In episode 8 he was to be eliminated but was chosen as Mentor Seungyoon’s revival pick. “(Seokhee) should be in the top ranks not struggling at the elimination zone.”
– Producer Song Mission (Mentor Jeon Soyeon): performed SPACEMAN (WIN) and ranked 5th in the SPACEMAN Team’s overall ranking.
SPACEMAN Fancam (Fantasy Boys), SPACEMAN Fancam (MusicCore)
SPACEMAN Team MusicCore (Full Ver)
– Final Team Mission: Performed Shut Off (WIN)(2282 to 1746), Seokhee received a 50K benefit in the finale with the rest of Shut Off team.
Shut Off Fancam (Fantasy Boys), Shut Off Fancam (MusicCore)
Shut Off Team Music Core (Full Ver)

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