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GOMAK BOYS “고막소년단” Album Info

고막소년단” Album Info

고막소년단” is GOMAK BOYS‘ Debut Mini Album.
The album was released on Nov.22, 2022, and it consists of 2 tracks.

Artists: GOMAK BOYS (Ha Hyunsang, Paul Kim, Kim Minseok, Jung Seunghwan, BIG Naughty)
Release Date: November 22, 2022 at 6PM KST.
Length: 7:22
Genre: R&B, Pop.
Type: Double Single Album / Mini Album.
Label: Kakao Entertainment
Writers: JQ, Kim Eana.
Composers: AFTRSHOK, joseph k, Kim Hyun Joon, Kim Min Ki, MLC, MonoTree, San yoon.

1. 사이 (You and Me)   – 3:58
2. 단거 (Sweet Thing)   – 3:24

“단거 (Sweet Thing)” Teaser
“단거 (Sweet Thing)” MV
Behind; “단거 (Sweet Thing)” Recording
Behind; “사이 (You and Me)” Recording
MUSIC Preview
“사이 (You and Me)” Teaser
“사이 (You and Me)” MV


What's YOUR favorite song from 고막소년단?

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