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TEMPEST “ON and ON” Album Info

ON and ON” Album Info

ON and ON” is TEMPEST‘s 3rd Mini Album. It was released on Nov.22, 2022.
The title track is “DRAGON (飛上)“. The album consists of 4 tracks.

Artists: TEMPEST (Hanbin, Hyeongseop, Hyuk, LEW, Hwarang, Eunchan, Taerae)
Release Date: November 22, 2022 at 6PM KST.
Length: 13:05
Genre: Pop
Type: Mini Album
Label: Yuehua Entertainment
Producers: ARCΛDES, CHUNGYOON, Koo Jung Chan, Minit, OUOW, Will Not Fear, Woo Jae.
Writers: LEW, Hwarang, Will Not Fear, 72, Gabriel Brandes, Holynn,  Jo I Ah, JONGHAN, Jung Bi San, Lee Ji Won, Matt Thomson, Max Graham, YOUNG.
Composers: Will Not Fear, Alexander Karlsson, Billy Carvin, CALi, CHUNGYOON, James F Reynolds, Koo Jung Chan, Minit, OUOW, PULLIK, th!nk, Untell, Woo Jae, XLIMIT.

1. Taste The Feeling   – 3:20
2. DRAGON (飛上) *TITLE   – 3:34
3. Loving Number   – 2:54
4. Raise Me Up   – 3:15

MV Teaser
Highlight Medley
“Dragon (飛上)” MV
MV Reaction
Behind The Scenes; “Dragon (飛上)” MV
“Dragon (飛上)” Fan Chant
“Dragon (飛上)” Dance Practice
High School Ver.; “Dragon (飛上)” Dance Practice
“Taste The Feeling” Dance Practice
Visual Clips: Hanbin, Hyeongseop, Hyuk, LEW, Hwarang, Eunchan, Taerae.
“Dragon (飛上)” Showcase Stage Video
“Taste The Feeling” Showcase Stage Video
TongTong’s Showcase Stage; “Taste The Feeling”
TongTong’s Showcase Stage; “Dragon (飛上)”


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