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G-EGG (Team B) Profile and Facts

G-EGG Team B Profile and Facts: G-EGG Team B Ideal Types:

G-EGG Team B
is 1/4 teams in the G-EGG project created by SUPERNOVA‘s Yoonhak. This team consists of: Gunmin, Yunsol, Ryo, Fumiya, and Taichi. They debuted on April 18th, 2020 with ‘Santa Monica’.

G-EGG Official Sites:
Instagram: @gegg_yna
YouTube: GEGG

G-EGG Team B Members:

Stage Name:
Gunmin (건민/ゴンミン)
Birth Name: Lee Gun Min (이건민/ゴンミン)
Possible Position: Vocalist, Dancer
Birthday: October 3rd, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 176 cm (5’9″)
Weight: 62 kg (136 cm lbs)
Blood Type: AB
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: @big_gunmin1003

Gunmin Facts:
Special Skill: Dancing and creating choreography.
Hobbies: Imagining, exercising, watching movies, and driving.
– He was born in Gangwon-do, South Korea.
– He is a B.I.G member.
Gunmin Introduction Video.


Stage Name:
Fumiya (史也)
Birth Name: Miura Fumiya (三浦 史也)
Possible Position: Dancer
Birthday: August 21st, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 170 cm (5’7″)
Weight: 62 kg (136 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Japanese
Instagram: @fumiyamiura_0821

Fumiya Facts:
Special Skill: Cleaning, dancing, creating choreography.
Hobbies: Watching movies, walking, and shopping.
– He was a backup dancer for SHINee, BTS, and more.
He has also appeared in the Kouhaku Uta Gassen as a backup dancer for Daichi Miura.
– He is p
roud of winning numerous dance contests.
Fumiya Introduction Video.


Stage Name:
Yunsol (윤솔)
Birth Name: Park Yun Sol (박윤솔)
Possible Position: Dancer
Birthday: October 21st, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 173 cm (5’8″)
Weight: 62 kg (136 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Korea
Instagram: @sol_s7ill

Yunsol Facts:
Special Skill: Dancing and Japanese.
Hobbies: Magic and watching YouTube.
He also participated in the Korean survival audition program ‘Produce X 101’.
He is fluent in Japanese.
– He was a backup dancer for BTS and HOTSHOT.
Yunsol Introduction Video.


Stage Name:
Ryo (瞭)
Birth Name: Mitsui Ryo (三井瞭)
Possible Position: Rapper, Dancer
Birthday: September 15th, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 170 cm (5’7″)
Weight: 55 kg (121 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Japanese
Instagram: @1_lupus

Ryo Facts:
Special Skill: Dancing, karate, and ball games.
Hobbies: Listening to music, freestyle dancing, seeing beautiful scenery, and strength training.
– He was a contestant on the surivial program Produce 101 Japan.
– He doesn’t have an introduction video.


Stage Name:
Taichi (石坂 太一)
Birth Name: Ishizaka Taichi (石坂 太一)
Possible Position: Rapping, Youngest
Birthday: September 27th, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 172 cm (5’8″)
Weight: 63 kg (138 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Japanese
Instagram: @_l4ve15_

Taichi Facts:
Special Skill: Rapping, soccer, impersonations, breaking the limit (?).
Hobbies: Listening to music, rapping, bowling, clothing store tours, going to hot springs (spa), eating delicious food, and making people laugh.
Won a special award with an original rap at an event sponsored by Avex Artist Academy.
Taichi Introduction Video.

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Latest Japanese Comeback:

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