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Eunbi (Maka Maka) Profile & Facts

Eunbi (Maka Maka) Profile & Facts

Eunbi (은비) is a South Korean singer who debuted on August 4, 2020 in group Maka Maka.

Stage Name: Eunbi (은비)
Birth Name: Shin Eun-bi (신은비)
Birthday: September 17, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 159 cm (5’3″)
Weight: 40 kg (88 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: c_equal_b
YouTube: 행진뚜비들의 (with former fellow LIPBUBBLE member Hanbi, inactive)

EunB Facts:
— Her hometown is Mokpo, Jeollanam-do, South Korea.
— She was born at 7PM (19:00).
— She has a younger sister.
— Nicknames: Eunstar, C=B, Silver Rain (as her name Eunbi means “silver rain”, Byeori, Kid (given to her by fellow Maka Maka members and staff members), 은토끼 (Silver Rabbit), Shin Eunbyeol (her old stage name)
— Education: Hanlim Multi Art School (graduated on February 12, 2019), Dongduk Women’s University
— She was the president of her school’s Student Committee from grade 1 to 6.
— She was also a runner and took part in competitions.
— She was said to be very popular in middle school because of her dancing skills and her pretty face.
— She began dancing in order to “become taller” as she was too short, according to an acquaintance.
— She was a trainee for three years and a half before her first debut.
— She was a member of LIPBUBBLE under the stage name Eunbyeol. They debuted in March 2017 and disbanded in May 2019.
— Prior to debut, she and former fellow LIPBUBBLE member Ryua took part in a children’s song contest together.
— She, Ryua and another former fellow member, Hanbi, also did busking performances in Hongdae.
— She was a contestant of The Unit (rank #60).
— She and Heesu were models for the Moroccan Oil CF.
– Her designed color in Maka Maka is Green.
— Her main specialty is dancing to girl groups’ songs.
— She can imitate choreographies.
— Both her eyes can move independently from one another.
— She’s the group’s “positive friend”.
— She’s the group’s mood-maker.
— She likes watching horror movies.
— Her favorite colors are yellow and purple.
— Her role model are GFriend.
— Her MBTI personality type is ESFP.
— Even though she’s very busy, she’s still in touch with the other LIPBUBBLE members.
— She took part in the 2018 Ice Bucket Challenge after being nominated by Saebyeol (ex MATILDA). She in turn nominated SONAMOO‘s Euijin (formerly in UNI.T), Hyosun (ex H.U.B) and former fellow LIPBUBBLE member Hanbi.
— She once said she didn’t like her long front teeth, so she had them polished.
— Her ideal type: someone who can get along well and make other people laugh.
— She was born the same day as Yang Taeseon (ex TRCNG). The two of them are good friends.
— She also shares a birthday with CRAVITY‘s Minhee, OH MY GIRL‘s YooA, GOT7‘s Youngjae and AB6IX‘s Donghyun.

Eunbi Dramas:
최고의 한방 | 2017 / KBS 2 — *cameo* (with the other LIPBUBBLE members)
X-Garion | 2019 / Tooniverse — Shin To-ri / Egierie Warrior (ep. 27-44, took over from former Busters‘ member Hyeongseo)

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