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Daegal (NCT) Profile & Facts

Daegal (NCT) Profile & Facts

Daegal (대갈) is a member of NCT Zoo, first introduced on December 23, 2020 through a Weibo live.

Daegal Facts:
– She isn’t fond about wearing party hats
– She was featured on a TBS visual radio broadcast on December 29, 2020 with Chenle
– Her favorite toy is her kimbap plushie, but her favorite item are socks
– Renjun wants to kidnap Daegal
Family: Chenle (Father), Mark (Older brother)
– She can do multiple tricks (like sit and turn around) but Chenle has given up on teaching her any other
– She is a mini-bichon breed
– Haechan taught her how to dance to NCT 127’s Kick It
– Chenle said that she gave her the name Daegal because it seemed simple and fun
– Daegal is forbid from being around Jeno
– Some people believe Daegal looks quite like Albert Einstein, but Chenle thinks she looks like Shiro from Crayon Shin-chan
– Her birthday is September 23, 2020
– She isn’t scared easily
– She can understand Korean
– Renjun is like an uncle to Daegal
– Haechan and Daegal aren’t afraid to show affection on camera
– She likes to lick Chenle’s feet
– She is currently in a “relationship” with NCT’s Haechan as of January 21, 2021. The have 1 “daughter” together named Jisung
– Her traits consist of confidence and activeness
– Most of her toys are food-themed
– Chenle likes to buy her sweaters and jackets

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