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Mixed Predictions #1 [by midgehitsthrice]

Mixed Predictions #1

This is a set of miscellaneous predictions about K-Pop, K-Dramas, Korean shows and possibly more as of July 6, 2022

1. BLACKPINK’s upcoming release might be a full-length album and could even have a repackage version

2. At least two or three more groups containing former Girls Planet 999 contestants might debut by the end of 2022

3. Some ex LOUD contestants might apply to be contestants of Boys Planet OR My Teenage Boy

4. Some ex GP999 contestants might appear in I-LAND 2

5. Another ex I-LAND contestant might debut in 2022

6. A boy group might release their second UNIVERSE song soon

7. Chances of Kingdom 2 being produced: 30% (it depends on whether Mnet manages to find groups that suit the show and actually recruit them)

8. Another collaboration with Street Woman Fighter crews

9. MNH Entertainment might decide to rush preparation for a boy group debut to stop being dependent solely on Chungha

10. At least one more artist might join P NATION by 2022

11. Big Planet Made might launch auditions for trainees

12. If and when Highline Entertainment gets merged into Starship Entertainment, chances that Wonho leaves to join a completely different company might be up to 50%

13. Another veteran idol might found their own company

14. Chances that aespa’s upcoming EP sells 1M+ copies: 20-25% (it depends mainly on the general public’s response and demand)

15. Platforms such as Netflix and Disney+ might consider acquiring the drama Dear.M for international broadcasting

16. One or more Korean trainees might debut in a Japanese group

17. Another serial anti might be sent to court for online hate crimes and punished accordingly to law (as it happened with a hater of IU)

18. A popular GL drama might have a Korean adaptation

19. An acting role for a NCT member (not counting Doyoung, Jaehyun and Haechan)

20. Half of the groups still under discussion for contract renewal in 2023 might choose to stick together regardless of their contracts

Note: These are only my own predictions. They’re not bound to be true. You don’t necessarily have to believe them, but please be respectful and don’t send hate comments or cause fanwars

made by midgehitsthrice

(Credit to luviefromis for the original idea)

Do you believe any of these predictions will come true?

Do you agree with any of these predictions? Do you have your own instead? Feel free to comment down below. Enjoy!

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Hello everybody! You can call me Midge here. I've been an author on KProfiles since November 2019.

I like finding nugu (=super underrated) K-Pop artists. I think I've found some of the nuguest artists I could come across.

Unfortunately, I tend to be extremely forgetful and a master procrastinator, so I apologize for that.

I have a long-*ss bias list, so I don't think it can fit here.

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