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Who has the best Vocal Line (Rookie Girl Group)

Who has the best Vocal Line (Rookie Girl Group)
Who is the best in your opinion?

Cherry Bullet’s Vocal Line

Main Vocalists: Bora, Haeyoon, Mirae
Lead Vocalists: Yuju, Jiwon, Kokoro

EVERGLOW’s Vocal Line

Main Vocalist: Mia
Lead Vocalists: Sihyeon, Onda

fromis_9’s Vocal Line

Main Vocalists: Jiwon, Hayoung
Lead Vocalists: Gyuri, Seoyeon, Nagyung

(G) I-DLE’s Vocal Line

Main Vocalists: Miyeon, Minnie
Lead Vocalists: YuQi

GWSN’s Vocal Line

Main Vocalists: Seoryoung, Lena
Lead Vocalist: Minju

ITZY’s Vocal Line

Main Vocalist: Lia
Lead Vocalist: Yeji

IZ*ONE’s Vocal Line

Main Vocalist: Yuri
Lead Vocalists: Chaewon, Eunbi, Yena, Chaeyeon, Yujin

LOONA’s Vocal Line

Main Vocalists: Chuu, HaSeul
Lead Vocalists: Yves, JinSoul, Heejin, Kim Lip

Made by: Soul Emperor19

Who has the best Vocal Line (Rookie Girl Group)

Who is the best Vocal Line? (You can vote up to 3)

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  • heart_joy

    Fromis_9’s vocal line is perhaps my favourite. I really like LOONA and (G)I-DLE’s as well.
    Why is BVNDIT not featured on any of the rookie group polls though? They’re really good.
    I believe the Soyeon in fromis_9 is meant to be Seoyeon btw.

  • Michiru


  • heart_joy

    Fromis_9 is my favourite as well as Loona and (G)I-DLE.
    Why isn’t BVNDIT included in any of the rookie group polls?
    Also, Soyeon in Fromis_9 is supposed to be Seoyeon.

  • ChuuPenguin

    LOONA and IZ*ONE ftw

  • Heejinsoul

    once again it’s seoyeon from fromis 🙂

  • loona, izone & cherry bullet. no other answer is allowed.

  • Amelia

    Cherry bullet at last. I would highly suggest you to watch their live performances. Even established girl groups like blackpink, twice etc. lipsynced during their debut years but they have been singing their songs on stages ever since their debut.

  • Mai Winter

    Btw the vocal line is more like.. Yuri > Chaewon > Chaeyeon/Eunbi.
    Chaewon, Chaeyeon and Eunbi are main vocal level. Yuri is one of the best vocals rn.

  • Lily Perez

    The fact that Fromis_9 is under Itzy and (g)idle… speechless

  • Lily Perez

    I love all of these groups but the top 4 are obv Loona Fromis Izone and Chebul

  • Gabby René

    stan cherry bullet their vocals are no joke!! my choices were loona, cherrybullet, and izone. the superiors

  • JinSoul19


    1. LOONA
    2. fromis_9
    3. IZ*ONE
    4. Cherry Bullet

  • orbitzen

    Loona & Fromis_9

  • yueying_neverland_

    G idle is the best

  • Imen Khichi

    if you want to be objective then Cherry Bullet has the best vocals , listen to their individuals voices especially Park Haeyoon her high note is not a joke !, i want from people to be objective
    All of those groups have amazing vocals and they can reach high notes but Cherry Bullet are the best

  • K-larity

    actually this thread is very very subjective because it’s based on which vocal lines you like the best based on your reference haha, everyone has their opinions basically it’s just based on how many fandom visit this thread

  • K-larity

    I think best vocal lines are not based on how many people can take high notes only, but the timbre of the vocals that the groups want to bring is the most important thing. this is subjective but I think IZ*ONE definitely one of the best group that has different vocal timbre which Yuri, Chaewon, Yena, and Yujin show. But I also consider how awesome Cherry Bullet’s Main Vocal especially Haeyoon and Mirae because how powerful they show their characters are very good. But honestly if this is not about *main vocals line* , LOONA and ITZY are the best and stable vocals for every members they have. IZ*ONE is lacked on the equality of skills on their members but definitely every members has their own charms while I think LOONA and ITZY have the best members and they are very cohesive from their skills and talents!

  • Imen Khichi

    people want to be subjective , the article title is “best-vocal-line-rookie-girl-group” it’s not called “your-favorite-best-vocal-line-rookie-girl-group”

  • ♥️Lalalisa_Queen♥️

    Loona’s vocal line is no joke!!!🔥😍

  • ♥️Lalalisa_Queen♥️

    Loona is the best
    I am not biased I am seriously

  • Imma fans’ antis

    listen to one of IZ*ONE’s song: Really Like You. then you will realize how amazing their vocal lines

  • mereee

    i would consider putting in shuhua as well for (g)i-dles vocal line, yes i get she hasnt gotten much that allows her to show her talent, but shes not just in idle for no reason

  • Jaca Faca

    lmao itzy vocal line is the weakest so far

  • heart_joy

    This is how it should really be (in my opinion and only from what/how much I’ve heard):
    1) Fromis_9
    2) LOONA
    3) (G)-IDLE
    4) BVNDIT (although they are not here, they should be)
    5) IZ*ONE
    6) Cherry Bullet
    7) Everglow
    8) GWSN
    9) ITZY

  • emily

    shuhua doesn’t have lines because her korean is weak but cube still let her debut.

  • Minju and Hangyul Supremacist

    GWSN is in last place…. 🙁
    GWSN are a pretty dance focused group but honestly Seoryoung can beat basically 95% of the vocalist shown here

    Overall the ranking is like this imo:
    1. Loona
    2. Cherry Bullet & IZ*ONE
    3. (G)I-DLE & Fromis_9
    4. GWSN
    5. Everglow
    6. ITZY

    I know some of you will say fromis_9 is much better than idle and the ones above but I disagree. Jiwon is a good vocalist, but I would consider her tone pretty generic (I’m not ranking the groups only based on their range and stability), Gyuri is good, but she cracks a lot, Hayoung is just a lil bit above average and I wouldn’t consider Nagyung lead vocal material at all.

    Loona has 2 top tier vocalist, if you take in count their experience. You can’t deny that Jiwoo is the most capable vocalist out of everyone here and Haseul isn’t bad too. Every Loona vocalist has a distinctive tone which I appreciate.
    I put CheBul and IZ*1 on the same level, because that’s how I see them. Some great vocals, some average and some above average.
    I still don’t know if I should put Idle higher or not. All of them have really different colors. Miyeon and Minnie are obviously capable vocalists. One thing that really puts Idle up there for vocals is that even their main rapper can sing well.
    GWSN is 4th for obvious reasons. Seoryoung is incredible. Minju is honestly average, but her speciality is dance after all. Lena is really good for her age and there is room for improvement.
    Everglow and Itzy just like GWSN have shown they focus more on the intense choreo. They have good vocalists but not top tier ones.

    If we made tiers to each girl it should be

    S – Bora, Haeyoon, Seoryoung, Yuri, Chuu, Haseul
    A – Mirae, Mia, Jinsoul, Eunbi, Miyeon, Jiwon (F9), Chaewon, Minnie
    B – Hayoung, Kim Lip, Heejin, Yves, Yena, Chaeyeon, Yujin, Lia, Lena, Yuqi, Gyuri
    C – Yeji, Sihyeon, Seoyeon, Jiwon (CheBul), Kokoro, Yuju
    D – Minju, Nagyung, Onda

    Remember that the low tiers don’t mean they can’t sing but more like “are less main vocal material” imo
    I’ve never heard CheBul’s lead vocalists sing something challenging so I can be wrong about them

  • Not everyone likes the same types of voices.

  • IZ*ONE definitely have some great vocals, makes sense that they’re in first

  • Bucky

    this is so cute you made tiers like it was Produce Vocal Line lol XD

  • JinSoul19

    LOONA def deserves more than second……

  • Seif Haddad

    tbh , i prefer G-idle’s voices , miyeon’s and minnie sweet and powerful voices attracts me and yuqi’s deep voice is really good , but overall . iz’one and loona wins

  • maconwriter

    JinSoul and Chuu just can’t be beat when it comes to rookie vocals. They’ve got an incredible blend of power and range.

  • ChuuPenguin

    LOONA is the best followed by Cherry Bullet then IZ*ONE….