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Who is the best Main Rapper (Rookie Girl Group)?

Who is the best Main Rapper (Rookie Girl Group)?
Who is the best in your opinion?

Cherry Bullet’s Jiwon


fromis_9’s Seoyeon

(G) I-DLE’s Soyeon

GWSN’s Anne

ITZY’s Ryujin

IZ*ONE’s Yena

LOONA’s JinSoul

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(Special thanks to LizzieCorn)

Who is the best Main Rapper (Rookie Girl Group)?

Who is the best Main Rapper? (You can vote up to 3) Please let us know in comments. 🙂

  • Lily Perez

    Jiwon isn’t Chebul’s main rapper Yuju is

  • Heejinsoul

    It’s Fromis_9 Seoyeon not soyeon 😊

  • felipe grin§

    JiWon is the best rapper in the group

    JiWon is considered Main Rapper in Ping Pong

    and in which JiWon and YuJu have the same rap line

    JiWon is the Main Rapper of Cherry Bullet no YuJu

  • orbitzen

    hands down, (G)idle Soyeon.

  • ant0n

    Of course (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon. She is killing it on stage

  • K-larity

    first of all, Soyeon is the queen, no one can beat her
    and one thing I can’t agree that Ryujin is the 2nd best rapper because we don’t have many proofs about her rap, basically we knew her from Mixnine and a little bit part from “Dalla Dalla” and “Want It” so I disagree if she’s the 2nd best and we hope she will spit the rap soon!
    I think Yena or Jinsoul deserves more

  • Ahmed Sharif Mohammad Hamad

    Soyeon, Seoyeon and JinSoul are my picks!

  • Multifandom TRASH

    Soyeon, Yena and Ryujin are my picks
    Also Soyeon is the Rookie Queen in Rap

  • ɴɪᴋɪᴛᴀ

    Soyeon is the best female rookie rapper!!!

  • azam

    Soyeon is definitely the best. 2nd should be Anne. Others not much of a rapper.
    Eh I thought Chaeyoung is the main rapper of fromis_9

  • yeonjun pringles

    Seoyeon’s name is misspelled in the poll

  • KProfiles

    @seulgipringles:disqus Thanks a lot for the heads up, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    @trustedbin:disqus Thanks a lot for the heads up, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • Kobe Stafford

    Yall Ever hear irene rap ? My hands ate tied

  • Renee Salinas

    Soyeon is already considered one of the best female rappers period. Up there with senior artists like Moonbyul and LE. Being the best among her fellow rookies is a given

  • Lily Perez

    Imo Jinsoul is great she deserves to be in the top 3 and Seoyeon in the top 5

  • T______T

    in their official profile yuju is the main rapper lol

  • felipe grin§

    official profile? what are you talking about, Cherry Bullet still has no fixed positions and it has never been said at any time that YuJu is the group’s Main Rapper

    please don’t invite things

  • Nanda Rizky

    My Top 3 For Main Rapper for Rookie
    1. Jeon Soyeon (The Best Rapper for Rookie)
    2. Fromis_9 Seoyeon (She’s Underrated Main Rapper, But She’s 2nd Best Main Rapper for rookies)
    3. ITZY Ryujin (She should got more lines, but i like her rapper)


    i dont really understand why ryujin is in this poll. i love her but we don’t really know her full rapping potential as she didn’t really rap as much in mixnine and had very little lines in dalla dalla which can’t really be considered rapping tbh

  • Soyeon is my Wife but I cheat

    Agree. I also love her, but maybe they put her there bc of mixnine. She already show her rap skills

  • Soyeon is my Wife but I cheat

    Soyeon is the queen of Rookie rap. Nobody can be that Legend

  • Kuroishi

    Jeon Soyeon since P101 has shown that she’s carrying LE and Yezi’s torch as new gen’s best rapper

  • Aomi Molina

    Her official position in a main rapper, and this poll was for main rappers, so I think that’s why she was on the list. But I agree that she doesn’t do much rapping. Hopefully, their next comeback will give her more rap parts.

  • Soyeon is a cutiepie

    Soyeon, Ryujin n E:U the best next gen rappers <3

  • felipe grin§

    YiYeon from BVNDIT :”(
    YiYeon is the best

  • Chloe Russell (the superior se

    Why is anne so low some people have no taste smh

  • MiyusRibbons

    Irene is no rookie though, saying that i’d still rate Soyeon over her, there are only a few females rappers out there who could be considered better and most of them are 5+ years into their careers.

  • MiyusRibbons

    Jinsoul is tricky for a few reasons, she is a main rapper in fans eyes but the positions for loona have never been confirmed, as a 12 member group she has taken more singing roles and left the rapping to Go Won and Yeojin. The main issue with Jinsoul is she isn’t writing her own rhymes which is the number one thing to judge a rapper on.

  • Yejin

    Ryujin ❤

  • Soyeon is my Wife but I cheat

    Can you do the same Kpop poll for best rockies main dancer

  • Ahmed Sharif Mohammad Hamad

    The reason is JinSoul’s original position is a vocal. No one in Loona was trained to have a rap position and since no one in Loona was a rapper they decided to let JinSoul do the rapping since she’s the most capable in rapping out of all of them

  • heart_joy

    Soyeon, Jinsoul and Seoyeon for me.
    Yiyeon from BVNDIT is also pretty good and underrated, she isn’t on this list though.

  • Well I don’t know for JinSoul and Anne are writing their songs, but Soyeon is the only one who is a real rapper and not a fake/Idol rapper. It’s so good that people aren’t being biased

  • persona lockdown

    soyeon and jinsoul

  • Nao-chan✨

    You should make a poll like this about who is the best main dancer rookie girl group

  • Michiru

    i love yena so much but soyeon has it 🙂

  • SG Lopez

    I LOVE RYUJIN but we knew soyeon will win 😋

  • SG Lopez

    my bet : izone’s chaeyeon and itzy’s yeji and chaeryoung 💓