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[List] Kpop Idols Born In 1996

Here are all the Kpop Idols that are born in 1996!

Kun from NCT U

AleXa (Soloist)

Yujin from The Ark

Ria from ALLS-GIRL

Hyeji from G-reyish

Yuem from HUB

Yuri from O21

Seungmin from Hashtag

Mwah from YJIG

Minnie from TINT

Kunwoo from MY.s.t

Ahyung from POP

Jvcki Wai (Soloist)

Z.Hera (Soloist)

Jiyoon from Bolbbalgan4

Yesol from RBW Girls

Haeyoon from Cherry Bullet

Bao from LUCENTE

Cheris from GBB

Hyebin from Momoland

U from Cherry on Top

Yoonseul from BEBE6

Jennie from Blackpink

Seongho from Beatwin

Jiyun from Bloomy

Wontak from RAINZ

Hyeongju from AQUA and SeeArt

Heyden from ATEEN

Jeil from M.Fect

Taevin from MYTEEN

Yeorin from YE-A

Yeoreum from Hello Venus

Seunghee from Oh My Girl

Jung Seunghwan (Soloist)

I.M from Monsta X

Woncheol from MY.s.t

Doyoung from NCT U

Youna from Marmello

Chungha from IOI (Soloist)

Jenny from SKARF

Gracie from HUB

Hady from YE-A

I (Soloist)

Seyeon from Midnight

Ten from NCT U

Longguo from JBJ and Longguo and Shihyun (Soloist)

Yunji from ARIAZ

Holland (Soloist)

Dongin from GreatGuys

Hyoin from Maywish

JinJin from Astro

Sunghyun from IN2IT and Unit Black

Won from BLITY

Changsun from 24K

Haneul from ARGON

Yeonjun from 2EYES

Yunsung from Romeo

Chahee from Melody Day

Seo Eunkyo from Co-Ed

Jinsub from IN2IT

Dahee from Awe5omeBaby

Handong from Dreamcatcher

Yeo One from Pentagon

Sunyul from Sha Sha and VIVIDIVA

Chulmin from HONEYST

Mingyu from Like A Movie

Hannah from GP Basic

Seo Seokjin from N.CUS

Dongwon from B.HEART

Zion from GP Basic

Dongsung from HONEYST

Siwon from UNI

J.Vin from MAP6

Johyun from Berry Good

Raychan from Limitless

Han Bitna from Year 7 Class 1

Mavin from Z-Boys

Sungjin from K-Tigers Zero

Heedo from B.I.G

Bomi from Girl Crush

Taejun from LUCENTE

Gyeom from ZPZG

Sebin from SNUPER

Ayno from VAV

Heyoon from Now United

Choiin from EBOYZ

Sejun from Victon

Hyeseong from VANNER

Heejun from KNK

Wooyoung from TST

Juju from GeeGu

Heejoo from Ho1iday and MyB

Kana from VIVIDIVA

Vanya from Z-Girls

Kogyeol from UP10TION

Woodie Gochild (Soloist)

Jaehwan from Wanna One

Heejae from Queendom

Jaeny from VIVA

Kim-Chan from ATEEN

Seoho from Oneus

Yeonji from Bloomy

Jihyun from A Train to Autumn

Inno from BLK

Jihyeok from Build Up

Wei from UP10TION

Ilkwon from AWEEK

Choongi from VOISPER

Celine from Pocket Girls

Kihoon fromm WeAreYoung

Jun from Seventeen

Ahxian from VANNER

Hyun from TARGET

Jin from Lovelyz

Jinhyuk from UP10TION

Roi from TARGET

Hoshi from Seventeen

Seoyeon from Bloomy

AO from BLK and LC9

Chanmi from AOA

Ian from Cherry on Top

Hyeon from AWEEK

Boun from TARGET

Euna from LoveUs

Sujin from WASSUP

Eunjae from 14U

Seonwoo from Chloris

Damon from VARSITY

Zuho from SF9

Wonwoo from Seventeen

I from BLK

A-Day from Seven O’Clock

Kiwon from Gidongdae and RAINZ

Daekwang from VOISPER

Daeun from Marmello

Hayoung from APink

Jooen from AFOS

Leah from GP Basic and Ye-A

Chai from YE-A

JoA from DAN and SeeArt

Yeonwoo from Momoland

Nayeon from Berry Good

Seungyoun from UNIQ and X1

Rowoon from SF9

Uhyeong from DIP.MX

Woojoo from WASSUP

Yujin from CLC

Byeongkwan from A.C.E

Yerin from GFriend

Milo from Romeo

Somin from APRIL and K.A.R.D

Bitto from UP10TION

Sejeong from Gugudan and IOI

Woolim from Playback

Hajin from PLATINUM

Dawon from ARIAZ

Yunsung from NOIR

SungA from ALiKE

Joy from Red Velvet

Woojoo from 14U

Jacob from VAV

Trinity from GP Basic

Chanhyuk from AKMU

Yunu from Midnight

Soohyun from MustB

Soobin from Cosmic Girls

Medic Jin from GIRLKIND

Jenny from DIA

Doeun from Marmello

June from PLT

Youngjae from GOT7

Hwalchan from GreatGuys

Kang Leo from Off the Cuff

JuA from Pocket Girls

Hwan from HONEYST

Lee Hi from Hi Suhyun (Soloist)

Roy from Z-Boys

Hangyeom from Seven O’Clock

Narachan from M.O.N.T

Jiwoo from K.A.R.D

Jooan from We In The Zone

NC.A from UNI.T (Soloist)

Euijin from SONAMOO and UNI.T

Lee Ae from Icia

Jin from TAHITI

Vaan from Seven O’Clock

Gaeun from Marmello

Amet from GP Basic

Zelo from B.A.P (Soloist)

Junghoon from TST

XiWeol from VARSITY

B.I from iKON

Sally from Gugudan

Uiyeon from GreatGuys

Jiwon from W24

Yanan from Pentagon

Sabrina from Lalary

Segun from ATEEN

Kang Xieon (Soloist)

Kangsan from VOISPER

Wooshin from UP10TION and X1

Jeongyeon from Twice

Seungbo from VARSITY

Sangyeon from The Boyz

Moti from PLT

Rie from OnlyOneOf

Seungyeon from CLC

Insoo from Off the Cuff

Seungho from The Man BLK

Sunyoul from UP10TION

Momo from Twice

Xin from VARSITY

Lenny from C-Real

Sorn from CLC

Junhui from Lusty

Soyee from Gugudan

Hyeji from 4TEN

Woozi from Seventeen

Gaga from GeeGu

Woojin from TARGET

Vivi from LOONA

Daniel from Wanna One (Soloist)

Jinhee from Lusty

Yonghyeon from TST

Jinwoo from PLT

High.D from SONAMOO

Lou from VAV

Chunjin from MYTEEN

Minsung from Romeo

Mui from GP Basic

Eson from We In The Zone

Woojin from The Man BLK

Chanwook from Maxxam

Sana from Twice

Yonghyun from Unit Black

Munch (Soloist)

A.M from Limitless

Loudi from 14U

Chaekyung from APRIL and IBI

Yuni from South Club

Woojin from MY.s.t

Danvvb from Midnight

Minseo (Soloist)

Saebyeol from Matilda

Dal from SIS

Roa from RAMISU

Kwangho from VOISPER

Taichi from BLANC7

Lana (Soloist)

Miso from POP

Aiden from AWEEK

Suhyun from IBI

Mooi from GP Basic

Sara from VIVIDIVA

Rachel from A.DE

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Which 96' liner is your favorite? (Pick 10)

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